21 Feb 2024

Celebrate Your Office Heroes This Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals

Thank the important people in your organisation that work tirelessly behind the scenes this Friday 3rd of May 2024 on Administrative Professionals Day. It’s a great time to celebrate some of the more unsung heroes around the office, from assistants to secretaries, receptionists and office managers. While support staff can slip under the radar, we’d all be lost without them. Here at ICMI, we know firsthand how important these people are to deliver great services to both our speakers and clients. 

Without our proactive and organised admin folk, our workplaces would be chaos, from unscheduled meetings and appointments to buried emails, lost records and endless paperwork. So this Administrative Professionals Day, why not celebrate with an event featuring one of our inspiring guest speakers.


How to Celebrate Your Admin Staff


Thanking and celebrating your admin staff is a big part of Administrative Professionals Day. This can come in the form of gift giving, speeches showing gratitude to particular individuals and celebrating with a special lunch or drinks. The celebration helps foster a more positive work environment, where every team member feels valued and motivated to excel in their roles.

However, another important aspect to the day is listening to their perspectives and giving them a chance to share their views on the ups and downs of their careers. Depending on the industry, it’s also a great time to offer these team members professional development and networking opportunities.


Inspire Your Team With an ICMI Guest Speaker


At ICMI, there’s no shortage of great business and leadership speakers who can reinforce the importance of admin staff to the success of their enterprises. After all, administrative professionals act as an extension of the executive team, often functioning as business partners to executives, departments and company leaders they support.


Daniel Flynn


Who better to say thank you than Daniel Flynn, the co-founder of Thankyou. Known for succeeding through unconventional approaches, Daniel is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has raised over $17 million through Thankyou to help end extreme poverty. He’ll be the first to tell you the important role every member of the team plays in great problem solving. A fantastic thought leader and storyteller, Daniel is great for any event where you’re looking for entertainment and inspiration in equal measures. 

Simon Griffiths


Who Gives A Crap about admin staff? Simon Griffiths certainly does. A shared vision and a passionate team with focused purpose has helped transform Who Gives A Crap into the famous, high-growth toilet paper start-up we all know today. With tens of millions already raised to build toilets in the developing world, Simon and his team are now on a mission to change the world for good, aiming to provide everyone in the world access to safe drinking water and toilets by 2050. Hear about the journey and the importance of admin staff in making this vision come to life by inviting Simon to your Administrative Professionals Day event.

These two individuals are just a fraction of the great speakers we have on offer here at ICMI. Browse our full range of business speakers here.


Interested in booking one of our speakers for Administrative Professionals Day? Call us now on 1800 334 625 or make an enquiry online.



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