04 Apr 2024

ICMI Speakers Book Club


Here at ICMI, our roster of keynote and guest speakers include best-selling authors who’ve captured their unique insights and fascinating stories on the page. In this Book Club blog, we’re highlighting some of the wonderful books written by speakers on our roster.


Jelena Dokic – Fearless

Unbreakable, Jelena Dokic’s first bestselling book, told an incredible story about overcoming adversity, poverty and violence to rise to the top of the tennis world. Fearless is a book that focuses on how to reclaim life when all feels lost. How to reach out for help. How to heal. The power of speaking up and sharing our stories. Jelena opens up on her survival journey to establish herself as a leading tennis commentator and motivational speaker.


Radek Sali – How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business

Discover insights, stories and real-world strategies on building successful businesses while finding passion and purpose in work. In How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business, former Swisse CEO Radek Sali details his unique approach to building a $2.1 billion brand, from building a culture of innovation, loyalty, openness and trust to making a real social and environmental impact with your business. 


Dr Alan D. Thompson – Bright

Children today are more intelligent, sensitive and capable. This high capacity doesn’t always translate to higher performance. In his book, Bright, Dr Alan D. Thompson examines what parents, educators and professionals can do to nurture brilliance and not get in its way. He answers these questions through personal and professional experience along with the latest research and insights.


Mimi Kwa – House of Kwa

This enchanting, personal and heart breaking story by Mimi Kwa offers a deep look into her rich family history with a drama spanning four generations. House of Kwa offers a riveting tale about a woman finding the courage to stand up for her independence and freedom, focusing on a conflict over Mimi’s beloved Aunt Theresa’s estate as well as the seeds sown long ago to lead to it. It’s a remarkable story about empathy, compassion and forgiveness.


Hannah Moloney – The Good Life: How To Grow A Better World

Full of inspiration, hope and practical wisdom, The Good Life is the ultimate guide on how to live a good life built around sustainability and community. From growing food and composting to building a DIY water tank, co-housing and carpooling, Hannah Moloney is an endless source of wisdom for anyone looking to build permaculture skills and better contribute to countering the climate emergency. 


Olivia Carr – Self Made

Discover the blueprint to build your own business, informed by years of hard-won knowledge from Olivia Carr, founder of Shhh Silk. Self-Made is a must read for anyone looking to change their life and build a brighter business future. At its core is an inspirational and practical guide that empowers you to grow a profitable and successful business no matter what stage of life you’re in.


Kon Karapanagiotidis – A Seat at My Table: Philoxenia

In this cookbook Kon Karapanagiotidis co-wrote with his mother Sia, they showcase vegetarian and vegan Greek classics. It also explores the importance of food in upholding our connection to culture, community and identity. “Philoxenia” means ‘to show generosity to a stranger’ in Greek. It’s the perfect representation of Kon as a passionate advocate of human rights and founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).


Michael Sheldrick – From Ideas to Impact

In his book, From Ideas to Impact, Michael Sheldrick explores the key characteristics of successful policy entrepreneurs. How these visionaries bridge the gap between ideas and practical, real-world outcomes. It’s an uplifting examination into how diverse coalitions can make a real impact. A look at how we can all play a part in driving important systemic policy change through united voices, cooperation and solidarity.


Dr Peter Larkins – The Healthy Hundred

Get the latest facts of how to live a healthier, happier, longer life in Dr Peter Larkins‘ new book The Healthy Hundred. Here, he examines the ways we can control our own future health and slow down the impact of ageing, looking at everything from sleep and exercise to socialising, productivity, environment, gut health, immunity, caffeine, sunscreen, red wine, a great attitude and more.


Mark Wales – Outrider

The new forthcoming book by Mark Wales, Outrider, is a lightning-paced action thriller set in an occupied Australia in 2034. Mark’s memoir “Survivor: Life in the SAS” showcased Mark’s writing talent as a popular best seller. Now he explores the themes of hope, resistance and rebellion in his exciting fiction debut which features a touching father-son relationship at its heart.


Jelena Dokic – Unbreakable

Read the incredible, moving story of Jelena Dokic in her own words. How she survived as a refugee, twice. Her journey to become world No. 4 on the tennis court. And most importantly, how she survived her father, Damir Dokic. Jelena was a prodigy on the court, while enduring huge challenges off it. Her awe inspiring journey to the top, her heartbreaking downfall and fight back from the darkness is uplifting and awe-inspiring. 


Pauline Nguyen – The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

In The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen offers 7 tips on how to enjoy greater peace, harmony, joy, fulfilment and lasting happiness, without sacrificing your business, health or relationships. Pauline argues that it’s possible to be spiritual, happy, fulfilled and wealthy all at the same time. That it’s something every business leader and entrepreneur should aspire to. In this book, she presents the secrets to achieving this.


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