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Key Points for Camilla Thompson

  • Camilla Thompson is the co-founder of Select Wellness, a company who specialise in the design and delivery of bespoke strategic mental health and wellbeing programs.
  • Camilla has worked with Canva, Atlassian, PwC, Woolworths, Wesfarmers, Westpac, Optus, Hermes, Unilever, Sydney Metro and Microsoft to name a few of her clients. She has coached many high profile executives and leaders across these varying industries.
  • Camilla's media includes radio interviews and her business Select Wellness has been featured in the SMH, AFR, The Australian, Mumbrella, Ad News, Mediaweek and HR Daily.
  • Camilla has been a wellbeing coach for over 10 years and her brand The Wellness Coach was a first of its kind 11 years ago. Camilla is currently studying to be a nutritionist.
  • Camilla is an executive wellbeing coach, certified health coach, mental health first aider and has studied epigenetics and neuroplasticity.
  • She regularly delivers her talk at health retreats like Elysia and to corporates across Australia & NZ, and MCs events also.
  • She has founded and managed several businesses and worked in media as a leader prior to founding Select Wellness.
  • In her personal life, she wrangles two teenage boys, loves to keep fit, is passionate about cooking healthy food, grows her own veggies, is an ocean lover and can be seen practicing yoga at the local surf club as well having a few drinks there on a Friday (life's all about balance right and keeping it real).

Topics for Camilla Thompson

  • Supercharge your life. Elevate your health. One biohack at a time
    What if we could defy the traditional limitations of ageing, by unraveling the secrets of longevity through the lens of biohacking?
    In a world inundated with information about health and wellness, biohacking emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a personalised approach to optimising human potential, backed by science.
    Join expert wellbeing coach and behaviour change specialist, Camilla Thompson for a transformative talk. As she delves into the concept of biohacking; where each small daily adjustment has the power to supercharge your life and elevate your health.
    Drawing on cutting-edge research in genetics, health sciences and holistic wellness practices, Camilla, shares her inspiring journey through biohacking to achieve better health, happiness, and longevity.
    Having lived with a debilitating mysterious illness for almost a decade, Camilla became a dedicated biohacker. Seeking innovative strategies to optimise her health and support her immune system.
    What will the audience gain?
    This talk explores the evolution of biohacking, positioning it as the future of living and ageing well by shifting your perspective on lifespan to healthspan.
    Camilla fuses ancient therapies with evidence-based modern biohacking technologies, revealing how this incredible synergy can transform your quality of life and support longevity and pro-ageing.
    With practical insights into specific biohacking strategies and technologies, drawing from Camilla's personal experiences and the latest global research.
    It’s impossible not to walk away from this session motivated to supercharge at least one area of your sleep, environment, relationships or diet; one biohack at a time.
    • WTF is Biohacking?
      • A global phenomenon. Making a significant impact on personalised health and longevity. This is attributed to advancements in technology, increased access to health data, research and a growing interest in how people can live longer, healthier lives.
      • The future paradigm of health and pro-ageing. Being pioneered by some of the top doctors and researchers all over the world.
      • A biohacker's mindset: Embracing curiosity, experimentation, self-responsibility, and a proactive approach to personal wellbeing.
      • Understanding epigenetics. And its impact on healthspan through lifestyle choices to influence gene expression.
      • The concept of bio-individuality: Embracing tailored approaches to individual characteristics, needs, gender, ages, demographics and diversity.
      • A Structured Framework: Key lifestyle pillars include nutrition, sleep, mood, relationships, brain, stress management, exercise, and environmental factors.
    • How biohacks become habits
      • Understanding why we need to make a lifestyle change, and what we can do day-to-day to increase our healthspan, is only one part of the equation.
      • The real power of Camilla’s talk lies in how we can make change happen: How biohacks can become habits.
      • Camilla shares insights into her Behaviour Change Model. The model Camilla has used for many years, to help people apply behaviour change principles and create sustainable biohacking practices and positive lifestyle transformations.
      • This talk holds the answer to the question we all ask as we age: What can I do today and tomorrow, to make sure I live a vibrant, healthy life for decades to come?
  • I am Superwoman
    77% of women believe they have experienced burnout over the last 2 years due to work, family or something else - women's agenda report 2023
    “It’s selfish to put myself first”
    “I can handle it all”
    ‘I don’t have time for self-care”
    “My needs don’t matter’
    “I can’t slow down, even when I try”
    I Am Superwoman is for any woman who has ever felt this way.
    It’s for women who do too much, rushing from one thing to another and pushing themselves to their limit. It's for women who are overachievers, survivors, multi-taskers and have a constant need to prove themselves.
    The I am SuperWoman keynote talk empowers women to take responsibility for their health & happiness.
    Encouraging us all to start prioritising our wellbeing, slow down, self-regulate, reconnect, treat ourselves better and acknowledge the superwoman within.
    In I am Superwoman, Camilla shares how her personal stories of adversity that allowed her to break through to find the superhuman strength to keep showing up drawing on the philosophy ‘We Can Do Hard Things’.
    Find out what she did to overcome challenges such as debilitating postnatal depression, near-death burnout and living with a chronic illness - while remaining standing, laughing and relatively sane!
    After I Am Superwoman, you’ll walk away with…
    • Strategies to regulate and soothe your nervous system, so you can transition from a state of surviving, to thriving.
    • Empowered resolve to treat yourself better, put yourself at the top of your priority list and stop comparing yourself to others.
    • The ability to reduce your daily micro stresses, giving yourself permission to slow down to become calmer, happier and more present.
    • Tools for keeping clear boundaries around your time and energy and identifying your invisible mental, emotional and physical loads.
    • Knowledge about rituals, habits, and creating moments that contribute to your wellbeing with self-compassion and gratitude.

Testimonials for Camilla Thompson

Recognising that the challenging times we have been finding ourselves in have a real impact on our team we invited Camilla in to speak to the team at our annual Tribal on managing better mental health and wellbeing. Camilla engaged the team right from the beginning, she was real, relatable and shared holistic solutions backed by science. I have had so much positive feedback from the team on Camilla’s presentation, it just keeps coming! We look forward to continuing to build on this partnership with Select Wellness, as do our team!
Head of Sales

Thank you Camilla, for sharing your ‘A better Me journey with our team. Personal and impactful - many valuable learnings shared.
Stanford Brown
(Best place to work Australia 2022, under 100 employees)

A Better Me’ is a real and relatable talk. Thank you Camilla for sharing your personal story, insights into Betterment and practical tips we can all easily build into our day. We have received so much positive feedback from the team. You are awesome!
Stanford Brown

Camilla - loved hearing your stories and I know so many more will benefit from it as you share it with the world. A real gift to mental health.
Wellbeing Lead
Stanford Brown

Thank so much for sharing your story and providing insight on the new #betterment wellbeing movement.
Director of Insurance & Benefits
Stanford Brown

Camilla is incredibly knowledgeable, supporting and most importantly realistic about wellbeing and the tools she recommends. Her passion and genuine desire to take others on the wellbeing journey is contagious.
Manager Employee Experience

Camilla is highly recommended as a keynote speaker and coach. Her natural skills and ability to frame ideas makes them immediately approachable and applicable. She has a wealth of knowledge to share!
Great Talk

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Camilla Thompson from Select Wellness Australia. She shared her own experiences with mental health challenges, as well as tips in the theme of 'A Better Me’. Her talk was an insightful mid-week session, that left us all feeling inspired to refocus on our own mental health and wellbeing, and continue working towards our betterment.
GM, People & Culture
Wavelength International