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Key Points for Radek Sali

  • Radek Sali is the former CEO of Swisse, whose role in the organisation was imperative in Swisse becoming one of Australia’s most recognisable and fastest growing companies.
  • Under his guidance, Swisse's revenue went from $13 Million to $650 Million and profit rose from $500,000 to $250 Million. He also assisted the sale of Swisse to Chinese Interests for $1.67 Billion in 2015.
  • During Radek Sali’s 10-year leadership period, Swisse was awarded the most successful business of the year in 2012.
  • Radek Sali is now the Executive Chairman of Light Warrior Group, a team of young, highly successful business people, who are wanting investments driven by socioeconomic outcomes, rather than purely financial gains.
  • Radek Sali can be credited with generating in excess of $10M of charitable donations for the Lightfolk Foundation and the Swisse Celebrate Life Foundation.
  • He is Chairman of Food and Wine Victoria, 2018.

Topics for Radek Sali

  • Swisse – A great Australian success story
  • Mindful leadership
  • Growth 
  • Culture
  • Reinvention
  • Challenge yourself to be an elite executive
  • Learning most from failure

Testimonials for Radek Sali

Radek Sali is down to earth, and knows how to connect with the everyday person.
Australian Retailers Association

Radek Sali was a guest at our annual Business Retreat-titled the NEW & The Next. Held in Port Douglas, the theme this year was focused on how to build your brand. Radek shared his journey at Swisse Wellness with over 100 of our clients and guests-all high performing business owners and entrepreneurs. Listening to Radek, it was easy to understand what has led him to the success he has had as the CEO of one of Australia’s most successful companies. His presentation was the perfect mix of warmth, wit and wisdom, a refreshing change to the traditional speakers at similar events. His vision for company culture was thought provoking and inspiring. I can see why he has lead Swisse to become the Australian success story that is has. In a post event survey, our guests rated Radek as one of the most popular speakers. I would recommend Radek to any company that is looking to lead their field and challenge the norm in their own organisation. Absolutely brilliant.