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Key Points for Aunty Munya Andrews & Carla Rogers

  • Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers are co-directors of Evolve Communities: Australia’s trusted authority for cultural awareness training and Ally Accreditation - renowned for their no guilt, no blame, no shame philosophy.
  • They are winners of the 2024 National Telstra Best of Business Award for Building Communities. The judges were impressed by the scale of their business and their ability to make the world a kinder place.
  • An Aboriginal Elder and non-Indigenous Community Engagement specialist, working together with a goal of inspiring 10 million Allies to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia.
  • Aunty Munya and Carla are co-authors of the acclaimed book, “Practical Reconciliation: Strengthening Relationships for All Australians in 7 Easy Steps”.
  • They are training and employing Indigenous educators and non-Indigenous Allies to facilitate their Yarning Circle Workshops across Australia.
  • Aunty Munya and Carla partner with hundreds of organisations, including govt departments, not-for-profits and some of Australia’s largest employers, including Woolworths Group, Google, AGL and NOVA Entertainment.

Topics for Aunty Munya Andrews & Carla Rogers

  • Reconciliation and Allyship
    Why do we need Reconciliation and why is it relevant to your and your organisation? What role do you have to play and what does it mean to be an Ally? Drawing on the 7 Steps to Reconciliation and Allyship™, you'll walk away enlightened, inspired and empowered to take action.
  • Diversity, identity and stereotypes
    Indigenous cultural diversity in Australia, along with the many nations and language groups. We explore the concepts of Indigeneity and Identity. We take a closer look at some themes of commonality and differences between these nations and break down common stereotypes.
  • Our shared history and truth telling
    It’s crucial that we acknowledge the events in our shared history that impact on all Australians. More specifically, we explore the hard yarn of “TruthTelling”, the effect of the Stolen Generation, and the ongoing impact of intergenerational trauma on Australia’s First People.
  • Communication, cultural baggage and unconscious bias
    Take a closer look at the concept of ‘cultural baggage’ as a form of unconscious bias. We discuss strategies for maintaining awareness of this bias and working constructively with it. We also explore cultural differences in communication, including body language and the uniqueness of Aboriginal English.
  • Family and kinship, sorry business and cultural leave
    Explore the complexity, ingenuity, and sense of belonging that family and kinship systems provide – and workshop some situations where this might be relevant today in the workplace.
  • Closing the gap and privilege
    It’s time to unpack the government’s Closing the Gap initiative: what it is and what it means for Australia. We also take a look at the concept of privilege and the role it plays in creating a gap, this includes both the hard yarns of privilege and racism.
  • Acknowledging Country
    Learn about the importance of this protocol, the significance of Country and how to confidently deliver your own authentic acknowledgement.
  • Significant Indigenous dates
    Acknowledge important dates, such as January 26th, National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week, with Aunty Munya and Carla.



Testimonials for Aunty Munya Andrews & Carla Rogers

Aunty Munya and Carla facilitated an incredible Yarning Circle Session which I attended through my workplace. I learned a significant amount about how to best be an Ally for Indigenous people and communities. I particularly liked the privilege walk exercise, and the discussions it sparked around recognising the lens of privilege
Community Coordinator
Cancer Council NSW

I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you from the start, and want to appreciate your agility and flexibility to create a unique session for our organisation's needs. We walked away with a deeper understanding of honouring Country, and what it means to Acknowledge Country in an authentic way.
Allied Collective (formerly Community Lead at Lululemon)

I appreciated the simple, straightforward, friendly approach and the examples Aunty Munya and Carla gave from their own experience. I now feel confident that I can work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a way that is supportive and effective.
Counsellor & Therapist

Thank you Aunty Munya and Carla, for your hospitality and generosity in yarning with me. I felt both humbled by how little I knew, and inspired by the wisdom. It is my privilege to learn from you.
Woolworths Limited