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Key Points for Dr Alan D. Thompson

  • Dr Alan D. Thompson is an AI consultant whose experiments with Leta AI and Aurora AI have been viewed over 5 million times.
  • He is the former Chairman, Mensa International (gifted families), sharing best practice in applied intelligence research among 54 countries.
  • Alan is a former Consultant to Sir James Dyson’s family office, PwC, Glencore, and has significant international experience at board level.
  • He is the author of six books, including Connected: Intuition and Resonance in Smart People (featuring Dr Rupert Sheldrake). Alan's third book, Bright, is being sent to the moon aboard the Peregrine lunar lander.
  • Alan’s applied AI research and visualizations are featured across major international media, including citations in the University of Oxford’s debate on AI Ethics in December 2021. His 2021-2022 experiments with Leta AI and Aurora AI have been viewed over 2 million times.
  • Alan provides AI consulting and advisory to intergovernmental organizations including member states of the European Union, the Commonwealth, and the World Trade Organization.
  • Alan completed his Bachelor of Science (Computer Science, AI, and Psychology) at Edith Cowan University, 2004; studied Gifted Education at Flinders University, 2017; became a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching affiliated with Harvard Medical School, 2017; and received his doctorate from Emerson, 2021. Alan’s dissertation was adapted into a book featuring Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Connected: Intuition and Resonance in Smart People.
  • Alan was a major contributor to human intelligence research and practice. As chairman for Mensa International’s gifted families committee, Alan served two consecutive terms sharing best practice among 54 countries, and his work on gifted education was referenced in the Department of Education’s High Potential policy.
  • A copy of Alan's best-selling book, Bright, was made available to families at Elon Musk's gifted school. The Peregrine lunar lander will carry a copy of the book to the moon.

Topics for Dr Alan D. Thompson

  • Artificial intelligence and your business
    This year has brought about an explosion in the world of artificial intelligence. The impact on the business landscape—and beyond—is completely transformative. This keynote explores the current trajectory of AI, its use cases in your industry, and the effects of such a revolution.
  • Genius, prodigy, artificial intelligence
    As the former chairman to Mensa International's gifted families committee, Dr Thompson worked with the smartest children in the world. Find out why he moved to working with AI models, their capabilities, and their beyond-human performance.
  • Brain-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence
    It is only a matter of time until we have integrated AI and superintelligence as the rising tide lifting all boats. Learn how the latest BMIs work, compare invasive vs non-invasive, and look at the superhuman performance of current AI models.
  • Image generation using the latest artificial intelligence
    Explore the magic of AI as we generate images from your suggestions. Features the latest artificial intelligence models from USA, China, and other countries, with exceptional high resolution.
  • AI + spirituality: The soul in the machine
    AI pioneers from Dr Alan Turing to Professor Marvin Minsky have spoken of artificial intelligence being like a child, and one day having a soul. What did they know that we don't? How did they explore this hidden world of intelligence? And what does it mean for humanity?
  • AI co-presents with Alan
    Using GPT-4 (or a newer AI model) linked with the most cutting-edge human-like avatar, Alan co-presents this seminar with content tailored to your organization. Experience the model that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt called 'miraculous', and inspire your team to catch up with the AI revolution!

Testimonials for Dr Alan D. Thompson

Phenomenal. Alan has an awesomely infectious presentation style and in a domain that is just too cool. 
Johnson & Johnson 

Your session was amazing! You’ve simultaneously got people both nervous and excited about the sheer magnitude of change and development that’s happening in the world of AI and you did it all in plain English and in a way that was simple and powerful! Thanks so much again.

A one-man powerhouse of AI knowledge and analyses.

A force of nature. I highly recommend Alan as a keynote speaker in any venue where AI is of interest.

Sensational. When it comes to AI, Alan is not just AN expert, he is THE expert.
Kimberly-Clark Professional


The most brilliant keynote speaker. Set the conference aflame with enthusiasm and excitement.
Bond University

Alan changed the course of the entire conference with his presentation. His insights were thought-provoking and proved to be conversation starters.

Very engaging and really interesting content.
Informa Australia

There are talks and there are talks. The artificial intelligence keynote at Devoxx by Alan D. Thompson is mind-blowing.
Steven De Groote

One of the most engrossing, exciting, and inspiring presentations I’ve seen.
Miner W.

Mindblowing keynote talk from Dr Alan D. Thompson about the current state of AI.
Oliver Geisser