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Key Points for Pauline Nguyen

  • Pauline Nguyen is the owner and co-founder of Red Lantern, the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world.
  • Notably, Pauline Nguyen has previously been awarded the Telstra Australia Business Award for Medium Business, is an original Rare Bird (Australia’s Top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs) and is included in Blackwell Hobday’s Global Recognition of ‘200 Women who will change the way you see the world'.
  • Pauline Nguyen is the bestselling author of Secrets of the Red Lantern, which won her the Debut Writer of the Year Award at the Australian Book Industry Awards.
  • Following on from her success with Secrets of the Red Lantern, Pauline Nguyen has penned The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, a no bones, honest and forthright methodology of business, life and spiritual practice designed to disrupt standard ways of thinking, bring the unconscious into the conscious.
  • Pauline was the 2019 Winner of Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book of the Year at the Australian Business Book Awards for The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Topics for Pauline Nguyen

  • The war chest of a modern leader
    For the life of a modern entrepreneur, the highly competitive business environment is a battlefield. And as resolute, strong and prepared as you are as a warrior, without an adequate war chest, you don’t stand a chance against the en emy.
    Pauline explains the necessity in our day and age to utilise The War Chest of a Modern Leader in entrepreneurial battle. The War Chest of a Modern Leader is full of powerfully practical and sustainable ways we can not only improve as leaders, but also win the entrepreneurial battle against our adversaries. From utilising the power of nature to rejuvenate, regain energy and heal, to realising true leaders are in their core compassionate as well as assertive, Pauline breaks down the seven weapons in The War Chest of a Modern Leader.
    In this keynote, Pauline merges modern scientific methods for leadership excellence, including breathwork, nature’s medicine and the importance of resting, with ancient modalities of being conscious, protecting your inner peace and being radically transparent. Audiences learn:
    • How to take radical personal responsibility for your own personal and professional development.
    • How to positively influence your nervous system, in order to remain calm and intelligent in the face of adversity.
    • How to lead with vulnerability, compassion, and competence – with Power and not Force.
    • How rest is a weapon and how to utilise it effectively.
    • The importance of a wise counsel to a warrior.
    • Why the best offense is a good defense.
    • Who should be in your phalanx.
  • It’s time to disrupt the disruption
    These last of couple years have proved one certainty - there is no certainty.
    COVID-19 has shown itself to be a black swan - an unseeable anomaly that has changed the way we conduct ourselves as a society, as people and as businesses. But, as Charles Darwin famously noted, “It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”
    The recent business disruption the world over has been rife; upending industries, creating tailwinds and forcing entrepreneurs to rapidly adapt to the new normal. Pauline explains the ways your business can pivot and adapt to business disruption, starting with the most important foundation in your business - you.
    As a working CEO herself, Pauline has been right there in the trenches for two decades. Since 2020, she has pivoted multiple businesses to not only survive during the uncertainty of the global pandemic, but to thrive. As Pauline says, “Business development cannot happen without business disruption first.” Audiences learn:
    • How to deal with crisis and using it as an opportunity.
    • How to master the process, not the outcome.
    • That people don’t have business problems, they have personal problems that reflect in their business.
    • How to navigate the seemingly un-navigable future.
    • Actionable strategies and takeaways for the new business paradigm.
  • Leading the new paradigm of work
    The pandemic has ensured that the way we work will never be the same again. It has accelerated a trend that has slowly been developing - a new, hybrid workspace consisting of both remote working and in-person traditional work.
    However, this new paradigm has come with its own unique set of challenges. Lockdowns, isolation and at-home work have contributed significantly to mental health problems, which aren’t just terrible in their own right, but adversely affect our working capacity. Stress and anxiety have become commonplace, with the difficulty to disconnect work and personal life being one of the leading problems with current employees.
    So, how do we approach work in this new paradigm? Pauline explains how the new zeitgeist is developing and how you and your workforce can take advantage of it. Pauline distils twenty years of human management into actionable takeaways on the new world of work. Audiences learn:
    • How to lead teams effectively in the new work paradigm with calm courage, resonating resilience and tacit grit.
    • How to disconnect and reconnect to and from work and personal life.
    • How to manage feelings of displacement, confusion and trauma.
    • Scientifically proven strategies to deal with stress.
    • How to curate the optimal work environment for physical and mental harmony.
  • Post traumatic healing and growth
    We’ve all heard of post-traumatic stress. Pauline herself knew it first-hand, her father suffering from PTSD due to his involvement in the Vietnam War. Coming to Australia as a refugee and living in a refugee camp provided many opportunities for Pauline’s trauma to overcome her, too - but she took a different path.
    In this keynote, Pauline teaches the ability to channel post-traumatic healing and growth. This is the ability to turn traditionally perceived trauma and cultivate a therapeutic learning and growth opportunity from it, with unbridled flow on effects including personally, with relationships and in business.
    Using her own experience in the field of trauma, Pauline explains in layman's terms how to take your past hardships and use them to make yourself a more powerful, learned and savvy person - with direct impact on your professional life. Audiences learn:
    • The Four R’s of Healing.
    • How to develop actionable mechanisms for dealing with past trauma.
    • Why “self-care” isn’t sufficient for personal growth.
    • How to turn traumatic happenings into strength.
  • The four pivotal components of evolving leadership
    Diversity & inclusion, vulnerable leadership, self-mastery, self-leadership
    A broad and dynamic keynote, in this powerful experience Pauline explains four of the most pivotal components in becoming a successful leader. This isn’t your regular business coaching speech - dive into deep, controversial and complex topics, distilled eloquently for execution today.
    Pauline explains the importance of self-mastery, required before mastering anything else in life. Drawing on learnings from running the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern, she imparts why true leaders hold others accountable whilst being ‘compassionately assertive’. That those who want to be part of the new future of leaders must walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
    From her experience coming to Australia as a refugee and eventually garnering accolades including being one of Australia’s Top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs, and worldwide recognition as one of 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You View the World, Pauline explains why the greatest leaders of our time lead with diversity and inclusion not as just social responsibilities, but as powerful weapons for business.
    Find out why The Huffington Post described Pauline as “the most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet”. Audiences learn:
    • Diversity and Inclusion – How embracing multiple perspectives leads to more powerfully effective problem-solving skills.
    • Vulnerable Leadership – How to lead with power and not force.
    • Self-Mastery – How to manage your energy and your emotions to become a calm, and composed Leader.
    • Self-Leadership - What do Leaders Do? They go first. How to scientifically increase your intuition and awareness to intelligently lead your team with competence, courage and charisma.




Testimonials for Pauline Nguyen

Pauline was highly responsive to the audience, enthralling and capturing their creative minds. We highly recommend Pauline as a speaker who succeeds in exposing leaders to the limitless landscapes of leadership.
WA Secondary School Executives Association

Pauline was captivating, arresting our 600-strong audience the second she took the stage. Her compelling message comes from the right place, her powerful art of delivery is nothing I've seen before, and her authenticity came through from her personal narrative and passion. Pauline displayed a generosity of spirit from brief to prep to execution, making our partnership a real privilege and pleasure. She's simply one of a kind.
VP Channel APAC (Foundry, formerly IDG Communications)

Pauline Nguyen is an energising breath of fresh air. I love her story. I love the way she thinks. I loved everything she said. She took us on a journey, she made us laugh, she made us cry and she inspired us to improve ourselves. Pauline connected with us, touched us all and left us forever changed.
Women in Digital Programs Lead
Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

Pauline was electric. She controlled the room. I was captivated from the very start.
Sales Manager

Pauline's Keynote was so personalized that it literally felt she was looking each one of us in the eye and speaking. No one fidgeted. I looked around and no one moved.
Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2021

Pauline is one of the most powerful, engaging, and inspiring speakers I’ve had the pleasure ever to see. The feedback that I received was amazing to the point that we had one of our most successful months in October, which, I feel was not a coincidence.
Life Force Asia Pacific

Pauline is one of the most powerful, engaging, and inspiring speakers I’ve had the pleasure ever to see. Her compelling and heartfelt story filled with courage, innovation and self-mastery is one all leaders should hear.
Lorriane Lea

Real Raw and Relevant. Pauline gave us so much to think about through her life story, sprinkled with experience and wisdom.
The Juice Plus Company

Pauline’s presentation was breathtaking, mind blowing and one of the best leadership keynote speakers I have ever heard. She was raw, vulnerable, generous, open and so insightful. I am truly blown away. If anyone hasn’t heard her speak, they need to!
Managing Director
Modere Australia

Pauline was beyond incredible. Not one person dropped offline during her keynote – the entire audience was riveted by her story – We definitely hit the jackpot with Pauline! Today on LinkedIn people are still posting about her presentation.
Executive Director
Diversity Alliance for Science

Pauline combines an honesty and vulnerability with a confidence that is engaging to listen to. The audience was captivated. Without a doubt one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.
Director, Senior Marketing and Business Leader

Pauline captured the attention and hearts of everybody in the room as she told her story of her life - one of the best professional speakers I have seen.
Capability Project Manager

Pauline’s story of inspiration and honesty was one of the most impressive presentations I have ever seen. Pauline’s impeccable delivery with lessons from both a personal and business perspective were on-point and whole-heartedly engaging - and kept the entire audience engaged and wanting to hear more.
Investment Adviser
Crestone Wealth Management

Thank you so much for inspiring us all with your world class presentation. You listened to my brief and came up with exactly what I asked for.

Pauline manages to create a connection with every person in the room and draw them into her presence. It's palpable. She shares wisdom intertwined with practical applications and business-mindedness. She had us 100% in her zone.
Tiny Hunter Branding Agency

I was utterly enthralled. Pauline’s impeccable delivery with lessons from both a personal and business perspective were on-point and whole-heartedly engaging. Pauline kept the entire audience engaged and wanting to hear more.
Crestone Wealth Management

The best OBM presentation I have been to. Beautifully delivered, packed with genuine business insights and wrapped in a highly personal, inspiring story.

I have heard so many amazing stories throughout my career in the event industry but Pauline’s is up there as one of the most inspiring and powerfully delivered ones I have ever had the grace to hear.
Doltone House

Pauline completely embraced my team and they fell in love with her. She has completely changed and touched my entire business.
McKenzie Partners

Pauline was fantastic! She appealed to all delegates in our very diverse audience. There were moments in her presentation where you literally could have heard a pin drop!
Hardware and Building Traders