03 Apr 2024

Tips for planning your 2024 EOFY team event

End of Financial Year Tips




While the End of the Financial Year (EOFY) is a busy time for many businesses, it’s also an excellent opportunity to bring teams together and celebrate their hard work over the past year. With many companies continuing to operate with a blend of onsite and remote teams, taking the opportunity to bring employees together is invaluable. Together, you can celebrate achievements, reflect on challenges and help set up the year ahead.

Holding EOFY celebrations can help to boost team morale, strengthen relationships, and create a sense of community within the workplace. EOFY is also a chance to recognise specific accomplishments from individuals and teams in you organisation that have made a difference.

ICMI has a range of fantastic EOFY keynote speakers to inspire, motivate and celebrate with your team, from notable Australian finance guest speakers to inspiring female business speakers and entertaining MCs. Here are some tips for holding successful EOFY celebrations to bring teams together:

Choose the Right Venue

The venue you choose for your EOFY celebrations can make all the difference. Depending on your budget, preferences and whether you choose to invite along EOFY guest speakers, you can choose a restaurant, bar, private function space or event space that offers food, drinks, and entertainment. Consider selecting a convenient venue for everyone, with plenty of room for your team and guests to gather and socialise.

Create memorable experiences with professional speakers

Book a finance speaker to elevate your EOFY celebrations with professional insights. Learn and grow as a team as you set goals for the proceeding year. You might also consider a Master of Ceremonies(MC) to help engage employees and facilitate event proceedings. Laughter and humour are often great ways to create a shared experience that creates a talking point well after the event has concluded. Motivational speakers are also a great way to provide powerful life experiences and positive messages that inspire your teams to bring their best selves to the workplace. 

Professional business and economist speakers can provide a unique insight into forecasted trends and market disruptions for more structured EOFY events that include planning, budgeting, and strategy. EOFY keynote speakers with a track record of innovation can encourage team members at your organisation to think outside the box. This can make a huge tangible difference for your team’s future success by inspiring new approaches and ways of thinking that motivate and drive new solutions and pathways to growth. 

Whatever the EOFY event type, it is essential to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that encourages team members to interact and get to know each other better. Bring your team together and build a sense of community with an event that encouraging greater collaboration, productivity and positivity in the workplace. EOFY guest speakers can play a role in fostering an environment where everyone feels a connection and gratitude to one another. This can be through highlighting the importance of teamwork and uplifting one another or simply by adding fun to the event to make it a more memorable shared experience. 

Provide Food and Drinks

No celebration is complete without food and drinks! Consider providing a range of snacks, appetisers, and beverages for your team to enjoy throughout the event. You can arrange a set menu or drinks package if you’re hosting the celebration at a restaurant or bar. 

Recognise Achievements

EOFY celebrations are an excellent opportunity to recognise your team’s achievements over the last financial year. Consider taking the time to acknowledge specific individual and team accomplishments. Thank everyone for their hard work and contributions. This helps promote team morale and create a sense of pride, belonging and accomplishment among team members. By inviting inspiration female guest speakers along, you can help empower and inspire the women in your workplace. Having someone share first hand stories about their accomplishments in business as a woman helps your female workers feel valued and respected while reinforcing your organisation’s commitment to equality. 

Encourage Networking

Finally, EOFY celebrations are an excellent opportunity to encourage networking and relationship-building among team members. Consider seating people at different tables or encouraging team members to mix with other teams throughout the event. By creating a relaxed and social atmosphere, you’ll help to foster new connections and strengthen existing relationships within your team.

Holding EOFY celebrations is a great way to unite teams and celebrate their hard work over the past year. If you want to make your event memorable with professional finance guest speakers who can enhance the experience for all guests, contact the ICMI team. We can help select suitable speakers to meet your event and budget needs.

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