16 Jan 2024

Find Keynote Speakers for International Women’s Day 2024

Find Keynote Speakers for International Women’s Day 2024

Held annually on 8 March, International Women’s Day (IWD) is one of the biggest events on the corporate calendar.  It’s a great opportunity to engage a female leadership speaker at ICMI so your audience can hear stories about their journeys along with the everyday challenges women face and how organisations can help make a positive impact.


Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress 


Dating back to 1928 in Australia, International Women’s Day celebrates the progress of women’s rights movements while highlighting further steps needed to achieve gender equality. Each year, the conversation focuses on a particular theme.

In 2024, the official IWD theme is “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.  

One of the most significant ongoing challenges in achieving gender equality is a lack of financing into measures that help prevent poverty and drive progress for women. Investing in women is a crucial human rights imperative and key to building inclusive societies that benefit us all. 

The pandemic, economic turmoil, climate disasters and geopolitical conflicts have resulted in an additional 75 million people experiencing severe poverty since 2020. By 2030, over 342 million women and girls could potentially be living below the poverty line. Immediate action is crucial to prevent this. 


Finding the Right Speaker for Your Event 


Business and leadership speakers are in high demand for IWD this year. To find the perfect local or virtual IWD speaker to bring insight and impact to your event, we have curated a selection of speakers with relevant experiences around this year’s theme. 

This includes speakers with experience managing gender-responsive financing, shifting to a green economy and care based society, as well as feminist thought-leaders and change-makers.


Leadership Speakers 


Find new perspectives in female leadership from our engaging, insightful and educational speakers. Susan Alberti AC is a pioneer in terms of forging new opportunities for women in Australia and succeeding in areas traditionally dominated by men. This includes co-founding and managing a large building company, being the Chairman of her own medical research foundation and playing an instrumental role in the formation of a National Women’s Football League.

Maree Davenport has championed gender equality, diversity and inclusion throughout her diverse career in politics and the building industry. She seeks to empower government, departmental, for-purpose, not-for-profit and industry leaders to model genuine gender equality. As Chair of Endometriosis Australia, Board Director of Tradeswomen Australia, and Member of Chief Executive Women, she is a strong advocate for gender equality.

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Sustainability Speakers 


Looking for inspiration on building a greener economy and ideas around sustainability? Dr Dianne McGrath is a leading sustainability expert in Australia who champions the idea that individuals, organisations and communities can have a positive impact across the three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social. 

Professor Veena Sahajwalla is an internationally recognised engineer, materials scientist and inventor that has helped revolutionise recycling science. She’s an endless resource of insights, both in terms of sustainability and succeeding as a female in business.

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Pioneers in Equality 


Founder of the Auburn Giants Australian Football Club, Amna Karra-Hassan has pioneered programs for women of minority communities in Western Sydney. The adversity she has experienced as a female Muslim living in Australia has shaped her insights and position as an active community leader specialising in intersectionality and social justice. This includes a number of roles on government boards and community organisations as well as working for the Australian Federal Police.

With 25 years of experience, Div Pillay is a highly respected diversity and inclusion practitioner, leader, researcher and advocate specialising in gender, race and cultural inclusion. As the founder of MindTribes, Div works with boards, executive teams and HR leaders from the private, public and large not for profit sector as a diversity and inclusion management consultant. Helping organisations of all types make progress towards gender equality and investment in women.


Influential and Inspirational Speakers


Molly Benjamin empowers women with engaging financial education and humour. With 60,000 followers, she guides financial freedom through unique events like drag queen gatherings at the ASX. Featured in ABC News and The Financial Review, Molly is a Women in Finance Awards winner and the author of “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.

Looking for someone who has inspired millions of people? Briony Benjamin, a Keynote Speaker and Author, creates engaging digital content with viral videos viewed by 200 million. Her journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery, documented in videos like ‘You Only Get One Life,’ inspired her book ‘Life Is Tough But So Are You.’ Beyond speaking, Briony helps leaders craft compelling stories for a kinder world.


The ICMI speakers featured in this article represent only a small fraction of the inspiring, knowledgeable and engaging female speakers on our roster. Browse our full directory of female speakers today to find the perfect person for your IWD event.


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