Get to know Communication Expert Jordana Borensztajn | MC & Keynote Speaker

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Get to know Communication Expert Jordana Borensztajn | MC & Keynote Speaker - 20 August 2019

Get to know Communication Expert Jordana Borensztajn | MC & Keynote Speaker

Jordana Borensztajn is a communication expert and MC who uses comedy and engaging storytelling to connect with audiences. The author of two books: 21 Steps to Become an Awesome Public Speaker and Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, she certainly knows how to harness powerful connections. In her high-energy keynotes and workshops, she captivates each individual with her authentic, unique and inspiring style.

Why is it essential for people to take charge of their personal brand?

Whether we consciously create it or not, we all have personal brands. And if we’re not controlling our public narrative, that means other people are doing it for us. 

Have you ever searched for a company’s website or social media profile only to discover it doesn’t exist? Yikes. What does this do? It shows that either they’re not legitimate, or they’re still not fully convinced the “internet” will catch on.

The same rules apply in the business world. We Google everyone from prospective clients to a prospective date. Have you ever stopped to think that they’re also Googling you as well? You exist online just as much as you do in person. Given we have a seven-second window to make a positive first impression, people will judge you in a flash by what they see – and by what they don’t see. Both are equally as important.

That means you’re in charge of creating a personal brand online that accurately reflects your passions, values, skills and expertise. Even if you only use social media occasionally, the content you create and share builds your public narrative. So, take charge of your personal brand so that you’re in control of your story.

Can you share a tip for people to become more powerful public speakers? 

Yes! Have fun on stage. We’re attracted to good energy, so show your audience you’re enjoying yourself. A lot of speakers take themselves far too seriously and have ‘Serious Face’ when they’re presenting. I’m not saying you need to look like The Joker but show your audience you’re enjoying the privilege of sharing your message with them. Even if your topic is serious, you don’t have to be.

Also, view your time on stage as an opportunity. Remember that speaking isn’t about you; it’s about what you give to your audience. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our nerves, our content and our wording, that we focus on ourselves – instead of focusing on our audience – which is wrong. 

Your audience is hoping to learn something new; to take away inspiration, motivation or ideas that they can apply to their life to create change. If you shift the focus from you as the presenter, to the value you can bring to your audience, it changes absolutely everything.

What key mistakes are businesses making when trying to create a thriving workplace?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses are making is expecting all generations to behave in the same way, and want the same things. Every generation has unique characteristics which influence their behaviour in the workplace; their expectations, their motivation and drivers, their approach to work, and most importantly, their communication style. 

Baby Boomers are extremely hard-working, respect authority and value face-to-face communication, Gen Xers are resourceful, self-sufficient and value responsibility, Millennials – well, we expect rewards and applause just for showing up to work on time – and Gen Zs are very independent digital natives who thrive in digital environments.

I know it feels like we act differently, look completely different, speak different languages, and it goes without saying, we dance differently! But the truth is, we all have the same goals: to be successful and to work in harmony, and we can work together as a team with mutual respect.

The key to unlocking the communication breakdowns is understanding what makes us all different, learning how to bridge the communication gaps and above all, showing appreciation and respect for one another. No matter what generation we’re in, we all work better when we’re appreciated.

How did you get into comedy?

I love this question! As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. For me, a horrible date pushed me into a career in comedy. I was approaching 30 and most of my friends were married with kids so, naturally, I started to panic about the possibility of turning into a lonely old cat lady.

The date was awful and I was so upset. I tried to explain the disaster to my best friend and as I started going through the details, she was laughing hysterically. By the end of our phone call, I felt better. So I called another friend and this time, added in extra enthusiasm and exaggeration, and by the end, we were both crying with laughter.

At that moment I realised comedy is way cheaper than therapy so I started studying comedy theory, rules and methods, and applied it to my writing. What began as a therapeutic tool to manage everything that upset me turned into an unexpected and fulfilling career.

It’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world to make people laugh and bring joy to others and it’s one of my favourite things to do. When I’m delivering a keynote presentation, I use comedy to connect with audiences and deliver my educational messages in an entertaining way. If we’re laughing while we’re learning, we’re enjoying the process more and retaining the information better. So it’s a win-win for all!

In the digital era, what can organisations be doing to strengthen client connections?

We’re becoming so reliant on social media and technology that we’re forgetting how to connect face to face. We spend most of our working days communicating our key business messages from behind a screen. And we think that’s completely normal. (Whaaaat?)

 In reality, we’ve lost touch with the foundation of what creates authentic client relationships. In this chaotic digital era, now more than ever, we’re craving human-to-human connections.

To strengthen our relationships, we need to focus on the elements that lie at the heart of meaningful connections and go back to basics; get curious, actively listen, ask questions, develop a rapport with one another, and most importantly, be present and make time for our clients.

Because ultimately business is not about your products and services; it’s about people. It’s about you and what you individually offer your clients. Going offline in an online world has become incredibly powerful.

So, this is going to sound crazy… but to build trust, stand out from our competitors, and create meaningful relationships with our clients, we need to (gasp!) put down our mobile phones, step away from our computers and make eye contact.


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Watch Jordana in action as she shares her expert tips to powerfully engage with your audience. 


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