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POSTED 16 February 2018

Jessica Trengove is a champion marathon runner who represented Australia at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Following a period of injury in 2014, she competed in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, where through her strength and determination, she passed the third-placed runner in the final of the 5km of the marathon to win a bronze medal. She speaks passionately on the positive impact physical activity holds on mental and physical health.

Here the Olympic Speaker reflects on her first steps to the Olympic Marathon start line.

POSTED 18 January 2018

On and off the tennis court, Jelena Dokic is truly remarkable and is one of Australia’s most successful tennis stars. However, Jelena's time in the world elite was beset by dark and traumatic off-court struggles. Jelena recently penned the best-selling autobiography 'Unbreakable', a book which details her career and her life. She writes of the struggles of being a refugee, dealing with poverty, bullying, discrimination, injury, depression, and the physical and emotional abuse she suffered for over 20 years at the hands of her father and coach.

The Inspirational Speaker has kindly shared an excerpt from her book 'Unbreakable'.

POSTED 20 September 2016

William Pike prides himself as being an ordinary kiwi bloke. However, those who have heard him speak have undoubtedly thought the opposite. As an accomplished motivational speaker, author, 2015 Young New Zealander of the year finalist and an international role model, and amputee, William is a leader and achiever who displays passion and success without limits. He motivates audiences to be passionate, resilient, embrace challenges and ensures there are no limits placed on what you and your team can achieve.

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing speaker tells the story of his toughest challenge...recovering from a volcanic eruption and shares tips on how you can overcome any challenge you face.

POSTED 19 September 2016

Mike Rolls is a survivor of one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. At the age of 18, he contracted meningococcal septicaemia while on a football trip. His injuries were extensive; he suffered multiple amputations, severe internal injuries as well as the mental trauma of the 3-year ordeal. With mental health issues soaring, Mike believes now more than ever, the importance of strengthening our resilience and he is passionate about adding value to people's lives through the power of his story and the lessons he has learned.

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares his journey about reaching his lowest ebb and how this strengthened his resilience to achieve great new heights. He also gives insight into how you can use his tactics in your own lives. 

POSTED 21 July 2016

Lauren Burns created sporting history by winning the first-ever Olympic medal for Taekwondo when the sport made its debut at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Her amazing performance was achieved against the odds and with an enormous amount of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Since the Sydney Olympics, Lauren has become a highly-sought-after speaker and a successful entrepreneur.

Here the Olympic Speaker shares her experience and background into how you can transform your mindset to be more positive on a daily basis.

POSTED 24 June 2016

Lisa Tamati has been an International sports competitor for over 25 years and is one of New Zealand's toughest athletes. In July 2008, she was the first New Zealand or Australasian woman to complete the gruelling Badwater ultramarathon a 217 km non-stop race through the hottest desert on earth, Death Valley, in an exceptional time of 38 hours 24 minutes. Lisa is inspiring and motivating, leaving her audiences with the skills and mindset to follow their own personal dreams, to conquer their own Death Valley.

Here the Business Speaker shares her expertise so you can achieve your goals without letting your mind sabotage you.

POSTED 24 June 2016

Brant Garvey is an elite athlete who is currently preparing for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics as part of the Australian Paratriathlon team. Brant is an open and generous person, sharing many memories and experiences with his audience of the challenges he's faced and the achievements he's won throughout his life. He is truly an inspiration. 

Here the Olympic Speaker shares his experience of losing an important race, even though he had already been selected for Rio, and how that has shaped his thinking and determination on his road to the upcoming Olympic Games.

POSTED 21 June 2016


Jessica Trengove is a champion marathon runner who represented Australia at the 2012 Olympic Games. Following a period of injury in 2014, she competed in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, where through her strength and determination, she won a bronze medal after passing the third-placed runner in the final 5km of the marathon race. Jessica speaks passionately on the positive impact physical activity holds on mental and physical health. Here the Olympic Speaker shares why it is her firm belief that determination can make you a winner.

POSTED 21 June 2016


Kerri Pottharst is Australia's single most decorated Indoor and Beach Volleyball player having represented Australia for over 22 years, she’s won two Olympic medals and other numerous competitive medals. Kerri is a dynamic and humorous presenter who is able to captivate her audiences and leave them with the skills and tools to improve their business and personal life. Here the Olympic Speaker takes us on an exciting journey and shares what it is really like to win an Olympic medal.

POSTED 27 May 2016


Steve Moneghetti represented Australia at four Commonwealth Games, winning the complete set of marathon medals, culminating gold at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Canada. Steve has also competed in the marathon at four Olympic Games; 1988 in Seoul, 1992 in Barcelona, 1996 in Atlanta and 2000 in Sydney. He was appointed Mayor of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Village and Chef de Mission in New Delhi. In 2014, Steve was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for 'significant service to athletics as a marathon runner, administrator, and mentor to young athletes.'

Here the Olympic Speaker shares with us his thought process and how he overcame the challenges when he was competing in the marathon race at the Seoul Olympic Games.

POSTED 03 March 2016

Lisa Tamati is an extreme ultra runner who has been running ultramarathon events for the past 20 years. Running over 2000km through different parts of the Sahara, from Morocco to the Libyan Desert, from Niger to Jordan, as well as countless other races in Europe, NZ and America. She has run the equivalent of over two and half times around the entire earth in training and races, despite having broken her back aged 21 and fighting with asthma all her life. She was the first kiwi woman to complete the Badwater ultramarathon through Death Valley – 217km in 38 hrs 24 mins the first time and her second attempt was 37 hrs 15 mins.

Here the Sport Speaker shares what running over 70,000kms has taught her about resilience.

POSTED 19 January 2016

John Shackleton is a sports psychologist with an amazing power to transform an audience’s thinking. As New Zealand’s top inspirational speaker John is a world leader in performance improvement. He’s been motivating CEO’s and top sales people from numerous industries for more than 30 years and coached Olympians and World Champions, helping them to change their thinking, change their habits and dramatically improve their results.

As we all set off into the New Year it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate our goals, here the Business Speaker shares his expertise on getting goal setting right.

POSTED 11 November 2015

In his youth, John Shackleton failed to succeed as a sportsman. He never quite reached international standard, however this failure led him to study Sports Psychology and become an International Sports Coach. John went on to coach Olympians and World Champions plus CEO’s and top Sales People from numerous industries. John has won the prestigious Speaker of the Year award from NSANZ and was also awarded his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) from NSAA. He’s also a best-selling author and has now published two books. His unique background and experience has made him a powerful motivational speaker with a story borne out of life experience, not text book theory.

Here the Sports Speaker shares with us his top tips for living in the present moment, which in turn can increase our happiness, reduce stress and avoid burnout.

POSTED 06 October 2015

Christophe Barriere-Varju has represented Australia four times in the toughest and most dangerous race on earth, the infamous Dakar Rally. The Dakar Rally is a 10,000 km race on motorbikes and Christophe has captured this in a film called DREAM RACER, which has won multiple awards worldwide.

In this article the Education Speaker who thinks of himself as just a regular guy explains how the sports challenges and failures have helped him develop 'his ways'.

POSTED 24 September 2015

With over 25 years as an elite sports coach, Mick Miller has provided the essential support and vision for athletes on all levels to achieve their goals. Mick has developed and is the Director of Mynds Performance Application – an online app that measures and benchmarks a person's mental state. He has also been involved in six Olympic campaigns in sailing and rowing & has travelled Australia, blogging the experience on Myndstravel, which followed his circumnavigation in a 1968 sky blue VW Beetle named The Rocket.

Here the Sports Speaker shares with us why it is vital to surround yourself with the right people when you’re building a team to reach a desired outcome.

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