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POSTED 22 October 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year so far. The Coronavirus has changed the world and therefore had a significant impact on everyone on the planet. Even if we haven’t contracted the virus and don’t know anyone who has, the way we live and our day to day lives have changed.

Covid-19 has created fear, uncertainty, and a loss of control in many aspects of our daily lives.

POSTED 21 October 2020

Work as we know it will never be the same. While working from home was initially new and exciting, the novelty of remote meetings has mostly faded, and many of us are experiencing Zoom and Microsoft Teams fatigue.

We were therefore thrilled to host some of our lovely clients last week in a one-off complimentary session on this very topic with ICMI speaker, public speaking trainer, humourist and author Jordana Borensztajn.

POSTED 14 October 2020

Known for the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience and productivity, Clare Desira builds audience connections quickly. Clare has worked across 40 countries with clients including Apple, IBM, Red Cross, Australia Post, Intrepid, QBE and Harcourts. With years of virtual delivery experience and her influential style, Clare has a rebooking rate of 91% and audiences rate the likelihood to use her tools at 9.1/10.

POSTED 28 April 2020

Anna Meares is the only Australian to win a medal in an individual event at four Olympic Games. She was Australia’s flag bearer at the Rio Olympics. But Anna’s life since Rio has not been easy, as she struggled to come to terms with retirement, a divorce, the death of her much loved coach Gary West, and the realisation that, for all her greatness, the world of elite cycling was carrying on without her. In her new book, Anna Meares: Now, Anna describes the impact all this loss had on her, as she found herself feeling despondent and alone, and questioning if all she’d achieved was truly worth it. 

‘There were times when going to sleep was the hardest part of my entire day,’ she writes. ‘I just wanted to stay asleep, if I ever got there.’

Happily, Anna was able to turn her life around. She is in a new relationship and recently gave birth to a daughter, Evelyn. In this exclusive extract, she recalls the depths of her despair after she retired and when things started to improve …

POSTED 12 December 2019

Dr Ross Walker is an eminent practising cardiologist with a passion for people and health, boasting 40 years’ experience as a clinician. For the past 20 years he has been focusing on preventative cardiology and is one of Australia’s leading preventative health experts. Considered one of the world’s best keynote speakers and life coaches, Dr Walker is the author of seven best-selling books and a regular health presenter in the Australian Media. He also appears weekly on the national Macquarie Radio network and the Super Radio network. 

POSTED 30 October 2019

In 2000, respected sports broadcaster Craig Hamilton was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, challenging himself, his family and employer. The experience was traumatic but encouraged Craig to speak up and challenge the stigma associated with mental illness. Read on as Craig shares his personal journey with mental illness.

POSTED 25 June 2019

Michele Chevalley Hedge is a qualified nutritionist, health author and an expert in nutritional medicine, including mental health. She is a CureCancer ambassador, Heart Research Institute ambassador, Mental Health Award of Australia finalist and ATMS Practitioner of the Year. Michele has several degrees, an Adv.Dip Nutritional Medicine and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Michele recognises that mental health is just as important as physical health, and her presentations are a must for anyone looking to be a leader in workplace health and productivity.

POSTED 31 January 2019

Michele Chevalley Hedge is a qualified nutritionist, health author and an expert in nutritional medicine, including mental health. She is the author of Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies and her current book, The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet, is on the list of best-selling health books internationally. She is also an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Cure Cancer and The Heart Research Institute.

Here Michele shares her expertise about the role of nutrition for strong mental health and how you can get started improving your own wellbeing with her fabulous tips and advice.

POSTED 17 January 2019

Can't lose weight? Moody? Sleep deprivation? STOP beating yourself up! Maybe your hormones need a bit of nutritional tweaking. In only a few short pages you will see yourself, family members and friends in the REAL case studies and stories of change in this easy to follow and very ‘do-able’ book. This book is based on true stories of busy, time poor clients of Michele’s. Get inspired by David, 51, IT executive who gets a shock when he finds out his blood pressure is rocketing along with cholesterol and waistline and how he fixes it in 4 weeks! Read about Stephanie whos stressful job contributed to her grab-and-go food choices and poor sleep patterns – a risk factor in insulin resistance. Relate to Barbara's hormonal roller coaster with cortisol and why that created a big muffin top. Real people, real stories, amazing changes. 

POSTED 15 January 2019

Ambassador for The Gidget Foundation and R u OK?, Chelsea Pottenger is known for her great audience connection, warm energy and outstanding content as a thought leader in Mindfulness and productivity for the corporate world. An internationally accredited mindfulness and meditation practitioner, Chelsea has worked with big brands such as eBay, Uber, GrainCorp, Cook Medical, AON, Dexus Property and Mercedes-Benz.

POSTED 12 December 2018

Jason T. Smith is the Founder and Group Director of Australia's largest and fastest growing Physiotherapy network, the Back in Motion Health Group. He leads a team of over 500 staff in over 110 locations. Jason is the author of the best-selling book 'Get Yourself Back In Motion' and 'Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership: 50 insights from a true story of remarkable organisational change'. He regularly appears in the media as a popular contributor and presenter on leadership excellence, entrepreneurial business, and health and wellness.

Here the Leadership Speaker gives us insight into his background and business expertise.

POSTED 06 December 2018

Michael Crossland defied the odds of not only life-threatening cancer but was the sole survivor of a horrific cancer drug trial. He has shared his inspiring journey, speaking across 22 countries, with audiences now exceeding 500,000. His autobiography, 'Kids Don’t Get Cancer', is a number one bestseller. Michael shares with audiences his insight and experience on topics such as overcoming extreme adversity, embracing change and the power of optimism and resilience.

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares his thoughts on doing away with the 'To Do' list and replacing it with a 'To Stop' list, for one good reason - investing in yourself.

POSTED 23 November 2018

Dylan Alcott OAM has never let his disability get in the way of what he wants to achieve. A three-time Paralympic gold medallist, a four-time grand slam tennis champion, a presenter on triple j and also regularly appearing on Channel Ten’s The Project and Channel 7 Sports. His achievements are endless. But Dylan's biggest passion is to inspire people and to change the way people with disabilities are perceived. In 2017 he launched the Dylan Alcott Foundation, which he created to help young Australians come to terms with their disabilities.

Dylan shares his story in his new book 'Able' and he has kindly given us a sneak peek of the prologue and chapter one.

POSTED 30 October 2018

Samantha Jackson has lived a life of bravery. From surviving a life-threatening illness aged 15 and then going on to complete year 12 the same year, to rising through a successful corporate career to the height of CEO, without ever stepping foot on a university campus. Sam has transitioned from leading multi-million dollar corporate entities to coaching people in their health and nutrition. She has kept with the theme of bravery, enlisting Braveheart Mel Gibson himself as one of her most recent clients.

Here Samantha talks to us about transitioning from CEO to Health Coach, being truly healthy and working with Mel Gibson.

POSTED 16 February 2018

Jessica Trengove is a champion marathon runner who represented Australia at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Following a period of injury in 2014, she competed in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, where through her strength and determination, she passed the third-placed runner in the final of the 5km of the marathon to win a bronze medal. She speaks passionately on the positive impact physical activity holds on mental and physical health.

Here the Olympic Speaker reflects on her first steps to the Olympic Marathon start line.

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