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POSTED 04 September 2017

In 2000, respected sports broadcaster Craig Hamilton was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, challenging himself, his family and employer. He believes there are two types of people, those who think they will never be affected by mental illness, and those struggling in the midst of it. Craig has been in both groups. He has written two biographies documenting his journey and spoken across Australia, discussing the depths of his illness, depression, suicide and men’s health. Craig's campaigning for increased support for those suffering has led him to become one of the nation’s leading mental health advocates.

In this article, the Mental Health speaker shares his insight and personal experience to becoming mentally stronger.

POSTED 01 August 2017

Rhiannon Tracey is not just a woman in a wheelchair, but the woman who has turned the impossible into ‘I’m-Possible’. Rhiannon believes that she started her life again after she hit her head on the bottom of a swimming pool in Bali. Once diagnosed a quadriplegic, Rhiannon has dedicated herself to recovery with a focus on being able to walk down the aisle at her own wedding. Rhiannon helps her audience to identify their struggles and use them as motivation for self-improvement and ultimately move past toxic barriers. “I encourage my audience to focus on the “What’s Next”, as opposed to the “What If’s”, because opportunity is all about having the right perspective".

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares the challenges she faced leading up to her wedding day.

POSTED 04 July 2017

Radek Sali is an accomplished leader of international business, having made his mark in his early thirties as CEO of household name Swisse. Radek’s leadership style was acknowledged with Swisse being named the ‘Most Successful Business of the Year’ of 2012 by BRW’s Private Business Awards. Radek was also recognised as GQ Businessman of the Year and the CEO Magazine Pharmaceutical Executive of 2012. In 2015 and 2016 Swisse was named a top 25 employer of choice. Radek is an impressive and highly motivated leader who hasn’t lost sight of his ethics, his people and the impact on the environment. He encourages people to tread gently and aim high, we could all learn from that motto.

The Leadership Speaker shares his vast expertise and vital tips on how to be not just a great leader, but the best leader there is. 

POSTED 20 June 2017

In 2000, respected sports broadcaster Craig Hamilton was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, challenging himself, his family and his employer.Since then Craig has written two biographies documenting his journey and spoken across Australia, discussing the depths of his illness, depression, suicide and men’s health. Craig has been campaigning for increased support for those suffering and has become one of the nation’s leading mental health advocates.

Here the mental illness and health speaker shares his thoughts and experience into why our community must reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

POSTED 07 April 2017

Ky Furneaux is an Australian born adventure and survival expert. With a career in performing extreme movie stunts in more than 50 film and TV shows, you have undoubtedly seen her work. Her journey to success has been challenging but Ky has taken charge, dreamed big and conquered. Ky’s impressive career exemplifies how fierce she is physically and mentally with a list of fearless feats requiring strength and resilience on set, in the jungle, deserted islands, and Hollywood. Ky tells her audience the secret to her success, not letting anyone’s words of doubt get in the way. 

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares her expertise on re-assessing situations when things go wrong or mistakes happen.

POSTED 15 December 2016

Craig Hamilton is one of Australia’s leading mental health advocates, sharing his journey from the depths of hell to regaining his health and happiness. Star of the documentary Broken Open, Craig has used his privileged position in the public eye to challenge perceptions, calling for increased support for suffers and providing health and wellbeing advice across Australia. Craig is a powerful speaker, who can educate any audience with his honest insight which is shared with great passion and conviction. No one walks away from Craig's presentations without being thoroughly inspired. 

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker shares his insight to help people reduce the negative impacts of anxiety and depression.

POSTED 09 November 2016

He’s never been a stuntman or trained in circus acrobatics, but Michael Crossland’s death-defying feats have landed him a spot on MTV’s hot show ‘Ridiculousness’.

You could say that a TV series showing crazy stunt videos with millions of American fans is not Michael’s average audience, however, there is nothing average about this 32 year old Australian, or his life’s journey to this point.

POSTED 27 October 2016

Cynthia Morton is the Founder of the Emotional Fitness Program, a best-selling author, and hope masseuse. Cynthia is a skilled specialist in Emotional Fitness, where she gently, sympathises and helps in the healing process of wounded hearts in need of understanding. She speaks on the association between an abusive and dysfunctional upbringing and addiction later in life.

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker invites you to rate your own 'Emotional Fitness' level, whilst she shares the journey from her days of being 'Unemotionally Fit' to where she is now.

POSTED 06 October 2016

John Shackleton is a sports psychologist with an amazing power to transform an audience's thinking.  As New Zealand's top inspirational speaker John is a world leader in performance improvement. He's been motivating business owners and sales people for more than 30 years, making audiences laugh and cry, helping them to change their thinking, change their habits and dramatically improve their results through many forms including mindfulness.

Here the Mindfulness Speaker discusses the facts and benefits of mindfulness training and why using this approach within businesses can be more productive than “stress management”.

POSTED 23 September 2016

Amanda Gore spent 8 years speaking in the US where she quickly became one of the US's top 3 speakers as voted by America's top Speakers Bureaus. Amanda is a catalyst for change. She helps business leaders achieve results by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about, and aligned with corporate goals and vision. She does this through extremely energising and interactive presentations. Amanda will entertain and facilitate changes in behaviour, and move your team to action.

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker shares some practical tips that you can incorporate into your own life so you can ensure your mindset is ready to take on anything.

POSTED 22 September 2016

Meiron Lees is an international author, facilitator, and speaker. He is passionate about enabling others to better manage stress through the application of resilience. Meiron wrote his award-winning book D-Stress: Building Resilience in Challenging Times in 2009, in which he highlights key resilience techniques to better manage stress. In 2010, D-Stress was the No 1 best self-help publication in the US in the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Meiron facilitates bespoke resilience programs. 

For most, the workplace is a place of stress with relentless demands, problematic dynamics, egos, and politics. The Motivational Speaker wrote this article to enable its readers to feel a sense of calm in the midst of a tumultuous working environment.

POSTED 20 September 2016

William Pike prides himself as being an ordinary kiwi bloke. However, those who have heard him speak have undoubtedly thought the opposite. As an accomplished motivational speaker, author, 2015 Young New Zealander of the year finalist and an international role model, and amputee, William is a leader and achiever who displays passion and success without limits. He motivates audiences to be passionate, resilient, embrace challenges and ensures there are no limits placed on what you and your team can achieve.

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing speaker tells the story of his toughest challenge...recovering from a volcanic eruption and shares tips on how you can overcome any challenge you face.

POSTED 19 September 2016

Mike Rolls is a survivor of one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. At the age of 18, he contracted meningococcal septicaemia while on a football trip. His injuries were extensive; he suffered multiple amputations, severe internal injuries as well as the mental trauma of the 3-year ordeal. With mental health issues soaring, Mike believes now more than ever, the importance of strengthening our resilience and he is passionate about adding value to people's lives through the power of his story and the lessons he has learned.

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares his journey about reaching his lowest ebb and how this strengthened his resilience to achieve great new heights. He also gives insight into how you can use his tactics in your own lives. 

POSTED 05 September 2016

Graeme Cowan delivers keynote presentations and workshops that help leaders build their own resilience as well as the resilience, of their tribes. The outcome is a team with happier, healthier moods, and greater, more productive performances. An expert in helping others thrive through the stresses of the modern world, his presentations are aimed at helping individuals reinforce the positive and minimise the negatives for businesses. He is a board member of R U OK?, and was instrumental in helping Gavin Larkin and a small team, create and grow this extraordinary success story.

Here the Leadership Speaker shares the 3 must haves an organisation needs to build a mentally resilient culture.

POSTED 11 July 2016

Mark McKeon helps create organisational change by boosting personal productivity and resilience. His innovative Go Zone Program, which combines the effective use of time and prioritisation with business and personal discipline, has assisted senior leaders, business owners and sales professionals. Mark’s vision is to help 50,000 people embrace change and achieve true well-being through the Go Zone each year via his speaking, writing and online reach.

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker shares some lessons so you can achieve a work / life balance.

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