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Best-selling autobiography: Anything Is Possible - Cosentino (Magician) - 12 June 2018

Best-selling autobiography: Anything Is Possible - Cosentino (Magician)

The Cosentino stage show is world-class entertainment and part of the reason why he was recently awarded the title of 'International Magician of the Year'. Mirroring his award-winning theatrical performances, it features Cosentino's iconic illusions and magic demonstrations, coupled with cutting-edge dance routines, heart-stopping escapes, audience participation, mentalism, humour and many surprising twists and turns. A stage show from Cosentino is guaranteed to give the attendees a function they won't forget.

The Magician has kindly shared an excerpt from his best-selling autobiography ‘Anything Is Possible’.

Anything Is Possible

Trapped underwater in agonising pain, shackled and sinking and desperately trying not to give in to the urgent need to breathe, I really thought maybe I had pushed myself too far this time.

The scar was still fresh from my most recent near miss, when a razor-sharp knife had carved into my chin in a stunt gone wrong, but at least I’d lived through that one. The situation I was in now was exactly the kind where one small problem starts a chain reaction that ends in serious injury or even worse and it was all of my own making. Scrabbling for the chains, I knew I had only seconds before water started to fill my lungs ...

When I am moments away from disaster as I was then and have been too many other times for comfort, the world takes on a deadly simplicity. When things are dangerously out of control I focus on my fingers, praying they don’t slip on the locks, I focus on the air I have left so I can tell myself to ignore the bursting pressure in my chest, and I focus on the numbers ticking relentlessly down to the point of no return. If I can focus hard enough I’ll keep at bay the panic waiting to flood over me.

Why do I do this? Why do I, again and again, put myself in harm’s way performing these wonderfully elaborate, wickedly complicated, wildly dangerous stunts? The simple answer is that I am compelled to push myself as far as I can go and then keep on pushing — and that’s the way it’s been since I was a little boy.

Magic has changed my life and shaped my world. When I was young my path was altered forever by a magic book. I’m a believer in destiny and stumbling upon that book felt like the first step in unlocking my true destiny. The book was about magic but its power was much greater than the information it contained. The way I felt about it worked a deep and unexpected spell on me, opening up endless possibilities. Being able to perform magic took that shy, struggling boy who had been written off by many and put him on the path to my life today, travelling the world to appear before thousands of people and astounding, shocking, delighting and entertaining them.

It’s impossible to overstate what magic means to me. It’s my life, my work, my purpose and my passion. I commit everything to it, and risk everything for it. Stage magic has an elemental power and not just on the audience. When you learn to make a dove appear you feel you are controlling life. When you have an audience in the palm of your hand you feel you’ve been given a remarkable gift.

The best magicians have an impact that lasts far beyond the final curtain. The power Houdini achieved through magic spoke to the people of his time, telling them that nothing can stop you, nothing can hold you back as long as you really believe in yourself. Looking at him and what he had created they could see the truth that we are all free to be extraordinary, in whatever form that might take. It’s an incredibly powerful message.

I hope that my life in magic speaks to people in a similar way. I’ve lost count of the number of things I was told were impossible before I did them. If I’d listened to the doubters and the self-proclaimed experts I wouldn’t have achieved anything. Instead I listened to my heart and to the believers who were always there for me. With their support and my own stubborn determination to succeed I found I could do anything I set my mind to. Trust me, anything is possible if you just believe.

So come with me and let me tell you my magical story ...

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Anything Is Possible by Cosentino

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