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POSTED 10 April 2018

Steve Sammartino is a business technologist who will blow your mind with his keynote. Uniquely combining anthropology and technology, Steve demystifies the rapidly changing rules of business. Your audience will leave inspired knowing exactly what they need to do next.

Here the Futurist Speaker talks us through Blockchain and explains what you need to know (in a very simple, non-techy way). 

POSTED 27 March 2018

Jordana Borensztajn is a social media strategist, presentation skills coach, author and humourist. Jordana inspires, educates and entertains audiences with action-packed and high-energy keynotes and workshops. 

Jordana is the author of Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, which is a complete guide to creating online content that will attract attention and make you stand out from your competitors. She has kindly shared Chapter 6: Creativity: The Core Ingredients so you can enjoy a snippet of this highly entertaining and engaging book. 

POSTED 23 March 2018

As CEO of the Internet Industry Association from 1997-2011, Peter Coroneos championed best practice across a range of issues, from privacy to cybersecurity to child protection. He served six years alongside the current privacy commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, on the Privacy Advisory Committee, a ministerial panel which advised government and industry on emerging social and technological threats to privacy. Peter was a prime mover in the passage of Australia’s anti-spam laws, heralded as the strongest in the world, which removed us from the top 20 list of spamming nations. He also helped secure changes to the Privacy Act which brought the private sector under its remit. He twice represented Australian industry at APEC on standards for privacy protection throughout the Asia Pacific. He is now Regional Head for the global Cybersecurity Advisors Network. 

Here the Digital Disruption speaker talks about the recent breach and shares his thoughts on moving forward after the revelation.

POSTED 16 February 2018

Jessica Trengove is a champion marathon runner who represented Australia at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Following a period of injury in 2014, she competed in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, where through her strength and determination, she passed the third-placed runner in the final of the 5km of the marathon to win a bronze medal. She speaks passionately on the positive impact physical activity holds on mental and physical health.

Here the Olympic Speaker reflects on her first steps to the Olympic Marathon start line.

POSTED 25 January 2018

In 2000, respected sports broadcaster Craig Hamilton was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, challenging himself, his family and employer. Since then Craig has become one of the nation’s leading mental health advocates and has written two biographies documenting his journey. Craig has spoken across Australia about the depths of his illness, depression, suicide and men’s health whilst campaigning for increasing support for those suffering from mental illness.

Here the Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Speaker discusses the effect social media can have on people’s mental health.

POSTED 18 January 2018

On and off the tennis court, Jelena Dokic is truly remarkable and is one of Australia’s most successful tennis stars. However, Jelena's time in the world elite was beset by dark and traumatic off-court struggles. Jelena recently penned the best-selling autobiography 'Unbreakable', a book which details her career and her life. She writes of the struggles of being a refugee, dealing with poverty, bullying, discrimination, injury, depression, and the physical and emotional abuse she suffered for over 20 years at the hands of her father and coach.

The Inspirational Speaker has kindly shared an excerpt from her book 'Unbreakable'.

POSTED 30 November 2017

Al Jeffery is a gift to many teams. Having launched a series of successful social enterprises from the age of 12! Today, Al is an international speaker and facilitator, working with people and organisations to help them discover their creative potential through mindfulness, community-building and integrating purpose into work.

Here the business speaker shares his insight and experience into mindfulness being critical in leading intergenerational teams.

POSTED 16 November 2017

Dana Vulin faced a tragic turn of events that changed her life forever when she experienced a violent and unprovoked attack. Dana’s attacker had been stalking her, motivated by a false belief that Dana was involved with her estranged husband. The attacker broke into Dana’s apartment doused Dana with methylated spirits and set her on fire causing horrendous third-degree burns to 64% of her body and face. Within seconds, Dana’s former life, her physical functioning, her independence and her goals and dreams were ripped away.

The inspirational speaker has kindly shared an extract from her new book to give you insight into the day her life changed as she knew it.

POSTED 28 September 2017

Anjali Rao is a multi-award-winning journalist, who has spent 20 years in the top tiers of broadcast news and current affairs, including 6 years as an anchor for CNN. She has interviewed some of the world's highest-profile personalities such as Al Gore, John Travolta, Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Rhianna and Roger Federer.

In this article, the World Affairs speaker takes us back in time on one of her most terrifying assignments.

POSTED 13 September 2017

ICMI and Karstens are hosting a Speaker Showcase Thursday 19th October. This free event is ideal for conference and event organisers.

POSTED 04 September 2017

In 2000, respected sports broadcaster Craig Hamilton was hospitalised after suffering a public psychotic episode. He was later diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, challenging himself, his family and employer. He believes there are two types of people, those who think they will never be affected by mental illness, and those struggling in the midst of it. Craig has been in both groups. He has written two biographies documenting his journey and spoken across Australia, discussing the depths of his illness, depression, suicide and men’s health. Craig's campaigning for increased support for those suffering has led him to become one of the nation’s leading mental health advocates.

In this article, the Mental Health speaker shares his insight and personal experience to becoming mentally stronger.

POSTED 01 August 2017

Rhiannon Tracey is not just a woman in a wheelchair, but the woman who has turned the impossible into ‘I’m-Possible’. Rhiannon believes that she started her life again after she hit her head on the bottom of a swimming pool in Bali. Once diagnosed a quadriplegic, Rhiannon has dedicated herself to recovery with a focus on being able to walk down the aisle at her own wedding. Rhiannon helps her audience to identify their struggles and use them as motivation for self-improvement and ultimately move past toxic barriers. “I encourage my audience to focus on the “What’s Next”, as opposed to the “What If’s”, because opportunity is all about having the right perspective".

Here the Inspirational Speaker shares the challenges she faced leading up to her wedding day.

POSTED 30 July 2017

For over 20 years Andrew Klein has been a highly respected and hugely entertaining MC and Presentation Skills trainer and speaker. He has worked around the world at countless conferences for a wide variety of companies and associations, including Aon, McDonalds, Macquarie Bank, BT Financial Group, Hotondo Homes and ANZ. This former litigation lawyer has gone on to become one of Australia’s most sought after MC’s and authorities on Presenting and Pitching. Most of his clients use him year after year. He is impeccably well-researched, tailors intricately for each event, is skilled at engaging with all types of audiences and adds incredible humour and energy to every event. From all his years of experience as an MC and Presentation Skills trainer, in this post Andrew provides some wisdom on the importance of being an authentic presenter.

POSTED 14 July 2017

For the last fourteen years, Bradley Brown has been at the helm of Fletchers Real Estate, growing the business from 3 to 20 offices, and securing numerous industry awards for what is one of the most successful real estate companies in Australia. He has consulted to many of the top companies in Australasia and is an accomplished conference speaker in several areas including Accounting, Law and Real Estate. Bradley is an American CPA and an Australian Chartered Accountant. He is also an author of A Good Man, a Great Dad and a Loving Husband: Every Man’s Guide for a Brilliant Life.

Here the Business Speaker shares his insight into identifying and recognising the wisdom around you, in order to help you create a brilliant life.

POSTED 04 July 2017

Radek Sali is an accomplished leader of international business, having made his mark in his early thirties as CEO of household name Swisse. Radek’s leadership style was acknowledged with Swisse being named the ‘Most Successful Business of the Year’ of 2012 by BRW’s Private Business Awards. Radek was also recognised as GQ Businessman of the Year and the CEO Magazine Pharmaceutical Executive of 2012. In 2015 and 2016 Swisse was named a top 25 employer of choice. Radek is an impressive and highly motivated leader who hasn’t lost sight of his ethics, his people and the impact on the environment. He encourages people to tread gently and aim high, we could all learn from that motto.

The Leadership Speaker shares his vast expertise and vital tips on how to be not just a great leader, but the best leader there is. 

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