ICMI presents Breakfast Bites

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ICMI presents Breakfast Bites - 08 August 2022

ICMI presents Breakfast Bites

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ICMI is hosting a weekly online series to kickstart your Wednesdays. It’s jam-packed with generous helpings of knowledge and morsels of motivation. 


Every Wednesday we will feature two speakers, each presenting for 5 minutes, followed by a live Q&A session. The series runs via Zoom and is facilitated by a professional host. All up, the event runs for 30 minutes, maximum. 


Created to be short, sharp and light, Breakfast Bites is the perfect way to start you on your day.  


We invite you to tune into ICMI’s Breakfast Bites, airing every Wednesday at 9:00am AEST


So far, we've had the pleasure of starting our morning with:


This coming week we will be featuring:


  • Henry Olonga - Henry’s life has taken him from national sporting champion to political exile from his homeland, Zimbabwe, for protesting against the policies of the Mugabe government. Interesting, inspiring and entertaining, this now Opera Singer is a wonderful mix of conviction and charm.  

  • Dr Gemma Munro - Founder and CEO of Inkling Women, Gemma is an award winning business leader, performance coach, spiritual mentor and author. She runs one of Australia’s leading training and development organisations for women leaders.

  • Jess Adamson - Award winning journalist and news presenter, Jessica was part of the Seven News team for 17 years. She has covered some of the country’s biggest news stories including the Boxing Day tsunami, Bali nine drug trials, Beaconsfield Mine disaster and two Olympic Games.





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