Build your team’s curiosity


Curiosity and play are not only incredibly important for improving business outcomes, research shows us they also help us to be happier, more connected and can even improve mental health. In fact, the research suggests that play is actually a critical part of mental wellbeing.


Teambuilding activities that get our hands moving & the right side of our brain warmed up also makes us more adaptable to evolving situations and develops advanced problem-solving skills.

Cookalong with your favourite celebrity chef


We’ve all had a crack at baking Sourdough over the past year, but let’s be honest- keeping up with MasterChef was never on the cards. Until now.


With recipes arriving in your inbox before the sessions, cooking virtually alongside some of the show’s most inspired, creative (master)chefs has never been more accessible.


Live walkthroughs paired with insightful Q&A’s, these virtual sessions bring motivation and culinary training to make sure your event brings joy in the kitchen for years to come.

Dazzle & delight with a quiz like no other


Rockwiz, The Bachelor, Australian Idol, The Project – need we go on? The celebrity media icons below bring a whole other level of excitement (and head-scratching) to a team quiz.


Highly customised, these guys do their research. Expect questions about individuals in the company on top of the range of questions around their area of expertise.


Trust us when we say a session with any of these names will be one you won’t forget- the quiz that Brian from accounts made last year can’t compete with the likes of Osher Gunsberg. Sorry Brian.

Learn the art of being grounded


No, we’re not talking about cancelled flights. Mindfulness meditation is one of the highest-yield practices for personal wellbeing & productivity, yet for many of us, it feels impossible to access.


Having a wellbeing professional introduce your team to meditation can spark a lifelong practice of awareness, as well as mitigating the shorter-term stress associated with restrictions.

Whether you think your team would benefit from any of the above event ideas or if you have something else in mind, get in contact with us today and we’ll make sure your next virtual event will be one to remember.

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