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Key Points for Alex Wadelton

  • Alex Wadelton is the co-creator (with business visionary Russel Howcroft) of The Right-brain Workout, which includes two best-selling books, a podcast, and a corporate training course.
  • He was one of the masterminds behind a statue honouring indigenous footballer Nicky Winmar’s iconic stance against racism, which now stands on Noongar land at Perth’s Optus Stadium.
  • Alex has appeared regularly on Channel Ten’s The Project for a range of projects, all focussed around using creativity to change the world for good.
  • During his twenty year advertising career he won more than one hundred advertising awards for clients such as McDonald’s, Lipton, Nike, Melbourne University, Virgin, AFL, Cricket Australia and many more.
  • Recently Alex co-founded start-up for-purpose advertising agency Silver Lining, which aims to help charities and big business to impact the world positively.
  • In his spare time Alex has used his creative skills to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a range of charities.

Topics for Alex Wadelton

  • Re-train your brain to be more creative in under an hour
    Developed by Alex with Russel Howcroft, The Right-brain Workout keynote is designed to help businesses, schools, and organisations harness their creative thinking skills as individuals and as a collective.
  • We are all born creative geniuses, but have creativity taught out of us
    Here Alex explores fascinating research that shows how we are born with creativity, and what are the factors that see our creativity lessen as we grow older. More importantly, he shows that all is not lost, and that, with a little nurturing, we can all re-ignite the inner creative genius inside all of us.
  • What do all the most successful businesses and individuals have in common? Creativity
    Look around: Google, Tesla, Apple, Samsung, Canva, Alibaba, Amazon… they’re all creative businesses at their very core, often run by a visionary who just wanted to do something different. It’s this creative thinking that we all need to harness. Alex can help you do just that.
  • Being creative isn’t a “nice-to-have”. It’s a necessity for the future
    Robots and AI are coming for many current day jobs. If you’re not able to think creatively, you (and your business) will be left behind. Alex will show you can harness creativity to thrive.
  • How you can use creativity to change the world, and make yourself happier in the process
    Here Alex runs through how he was able to get a statue of Nicky Winmar made, get supermarkets to re-think their short-term plastic promotions, and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a range of charities. And he details the positive effect that helping people has had on his mental health, and how it’s important for everyone to act with compassion too.

Testimonials for Alex Wadelton

Alex is the originator of The Right-brain Workout idea. He presented it to me in order to seek my assistance. My response was forget assistance - I want in! Alex's passion for the role creativity plays in a better world is not just about words, it's about action. Alex makes creativity happen.
Russel Howcroft
3AW breakfast radio, star of Gruen, chairman of AFTRS (Australian Film and Television Radio School), board member/advisor for Sayers, co-author with Alex of The Right-brain Workout

Alex is not only a master creative, but an exceptionally clear communicator about how we can upgrade our own creative quotient.
CEO and Founder of Future Fit
Author of “Future Fit: How to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Future of Work”- business book of the year 2019

The Right-brain Workshop couldn’t have reared its head at a better time for us. We were part way into the second lockdown. I realised pretty quickly in lockdown most things could be done remotely and to the same caliber however creativity became harder. Losing creative mojo for a marketing and communications team could be quite catastrophic. Alex joined our regular quarterly all-in marketing session and delivered The Right-brain Workshop (based on the hugely successful book) and gave our marketing engine the creative reset and reboot we were all craving. The time flew by, but the impact sustained the entire year and more. We started looking at things through a different lens, felt reinvigorated and back to looking at things beyond our crisis vantage point. Not your typical workshop, the fun and learnings were in-part equal and impactful. This will become an annual part of our calendar.
CMO Monash University
Australian Marketing Institute CMO of the Year 2019, CMO Magazine Top 50 CMO 2019-20

Alex has an uncanny ability to disarm his audience with his authentic and quirky nature. His passion is unwavering and his innovation is inspiring. A true creative genius and more importantly, a fundamentally kind human.
CEO and co-founder
Social enterprise HoMie
Young Retailer of the Year 2018, Victorian Young Achiever of the Year (Leadership) 2019