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Key Points
  • Jordana is a social media strategist, presentation skills coach, author and humourist who has MC'd numerous events using comedy and storytelling to engage and connect with audiences, making each event memorable.
  • Author of three books: 21 Steps to Become an Awesome Public Speaker: Your 3-Week Pocketbook of Inspiration to Present Like a ProCapture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content; and You Are The Magic.
  • Performed two sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
  • Former News Corp Australia journalist.
  • Nova Entertainment: She got her groove on as their National Online Music Editor, Content Producer and Social Media Manager.
  • Has featured on Channel 10’s The Living Room, Nova 100, ABC Radio National, WIN News, Channel 31, and across the Herald Sun, mX, the Sunday Herald Sun, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Reignite your work mojo
    Finding inspiration, motivation and excitement in the new (new) normal

    As we recover from the turbulence of 2020, it’s hard to find the motivation to embrace this rapidly evolving world with excitement and grace. We’ve transformed and workplaces are different. While we’ve achieved an enormous amount, it hasn’t been easy. Returning to work seemed like a dream, but as we adjust to this new (new) normal, it’s challenging for employers and employees.

    When we worked from home, we wanted to be at the office. As we return to the office, we miss the couch. So how can you find the inspiration, gusto and drive to collaborate, connect and perform at an even higher level than you did in the past, when we still face so much uncertainty?

    In this fresh, fun and interactive keynote, we’ll deep-dive into how the workplace has shifted, the incredible benefits of the new hybrid world, and powerful strategies to embrace unexpected change with strength, resilience and enthusiasm. Importantly, we’ll cover tips and techniques to fill your cup internally which will fuel your work mojo. When we are enriched inside, it allows us to give more and grow more, helping us connect, collaborate, communicate, and create, in new and passionate ways.

  • Turning fatigue into fun
    Re-energise your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings with tips and tricks to learn to love connecting online

    We’ve all been thrown into a fast-paced and demanding 24/7 virtual world where connecting with our colleagues and clients on camera is essential for business success. However it’s not easy. Connecting through the screen, without human contact, brings new challenges and frustrations to the collaborating experience and things can get... complicated. This high-energy, entertaining and interactive session is designed to tackle the online fatigue we’re all experiencing in a way that helps us laugh together and learn to connect in new ways. This jam-packed session will arm you with a new set of tools to not only help you inspire and engage your teams, but importantly, to learn to have fun while collaborating and connecting digitally.
  • Build your leadership skills with a powerful presentation toolkit

    Powerful presentation skills are essential when developing your career, and building your leadership skills. Whether you head up meetings, present on camera, or connect daily with your clients, it's important to deliver your key messages with clarity and impact. However, many of us are afraid of public speaking and choose to stay out of the spotlight.

    In this high-energy, interactive and hands-on session, Jordana shares valuable techniques to help you turn public speaking fear into fun! You'll learn how to enhance your power of influence to deliver your key business messages in a truly memorable way.

    Jordana shares easy action steps teaching you how to transform fear into positive energy, use your body language and voice for maximum impact, use storytelling to inspire, how to showcase your unique point of difference, and importantly, to learn to love presenting: on camera, on screen, or in front of a crowd!

  • MCing with a comedy twist; Fun facilitator and host; Experienced interviewer

    Drawing on her stand-up comedy, public speaking and extensive media experience, Jordana brings laughs, fresh ideas and an innovative approach to the role of MC, Facilitator and Host.

    As an MC, Jordana creates an uplifting and energising experience, weaving an event together with customised comedy and witty observations, adding a playful and memorable point of difference for delegates. As Facilitator & Host, Jordana draws on her public speaking, journalism and comedy backgrounds to create a unique space where both guests and audience members feel at ease with her curious, creative and fun interviewing and storytelling techniques.

  • Next generation communication
    Creating positive connections across the generations

    Four generations are working together under one corporate roof. Yikes. From the unique position of a Millennial, Jordana breaks down the qualities and traits that differentiate Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials), and Gen Z so that we can all learn to positively connect, communicate and collaborate.

    In this entertaining, educational and highly interactive keynote presentation, Jordana shares easy action steps to help managers decode, motivate and engage their young employees so that we can all work together to achieve the same business goals.

  • Build your brand with creative social media marketing

    In today’s noisy digital world, brands and businesses are fighting for attention. In this engaging, high-energy and insightful keynote, Jordana shares techniques to help you cut through the social media chaos.

    You’ll overcome social media fears, and gain easy-to-apply tools and techniques to develop a unique brand voice, generate captivating visuals and use powerful storytelling techniques to connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

    You’ll learn how to apply creative and innovative ideas to your content creation process in order to capture attention and create a compelling social media journey. Best of all, you’ll feel invigorated with fresh ideas, and have fun as you build your brand online.

  • Take charge of your personal brand so you’re in control of your narrative

    First impressions count – especially online. What does your personal brand say about you? In this high-energy and thought-provoking keynote presentation, Jordana uncovers the key principles you need to build a professional and compelling personal brand that promotes the heart of your business and highlights your unique point of difference.

    You’ll learn how to build a positive presence, online and offline, in order to attract more clients and enhance your thought leadership profile. Don’t miss the chance to write your own story.

  • 50 minutes of fun
    An uplifting virtual session filled with games, laughter and healthy competition

    Are you exhausted by back-to-back meetings? Do you shudder when you receive a new Zoom invitation? Do you dream of playing a Fun Friday game led by someone other than your boss? Welcome to Virtual Wonderland!

    In this 100% fun, joyful, and interactive session, Jordana will guide you through a journey of LOLs, guesswork, play and healthy team competition. You’ll be entertained with jokes, trivia, word games, magic tricks, Pictionary and other fun surprises, created to uplift, energise and treat your team.



Very well prepared, prepared brief and achieved agreed outcomes. Engaging and flexible with crowd participation. Presented well and extremely professional.   
Committee for Portland

Jordana was a keynote speaker at our Summit 2019. She is a highly engaging and entertaining presenter and her energy is extraordinary! She delivered an outstanding presentation that combined humour and great practical content about building a social media strategy and presence, specific to our industry.  Jordana was a dream to work with. From the very outset, we were impressed with her professionalism and easy going nature.  
Real Estate Institute of Queensland

Jordana was the perfect choice to MC and host the Pyrios Grand Luncheon event and fundraiser in support of Plan International Australia. Jordana expertly tied in the themes of the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne and the ICT sector, making up most of the attendee audience, delivering relatable humour that tapped into social psyche and fabulous banter. She’s authentic and draws on her own experience but importantly researched and prepared for the event to ensure she delivered our key messages, and invested significant attention to the feelings and emotion we wanted to achieve with people in the room. In this regard, she’s sensational. Our event also had a heavy theme, Ending Forced and Early Child Marriage – tough gig for a comedic personality to weave in, however she met this challenge and brought a lightness to the room ensuring everyone was connected and the event remained uplifting… No easy task! Her professionalism meant she could engage, set an atmosphere, build rapport with the crowd, have us laughing and keep us all to run sheet time! We’re thrilled to have worked with her for our event and would highly recommend booking her for any function, we have no hesitation in saying she will thoughtfully prepare and absolutely deliver an entertaining experience for all” !
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Plan International Australia team

Beyond Excellent – She was just so great. Our Guests feedback was brilliant, they all thought she did a brilliant job.

From the very first briefing call Jordana has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.  In fact, like no other.  She really engaged and learned about our group which was evident on the day.  Her energy is a breath of fresh air, although her request for me to capture a photo proved difficult.  She doesn’t stand still long enough!  Getting down amongst the audience is something that particularly works well to keep the group engaged. She was wonderful and I’ll be thinking of ways to have her back in the future, even if on a smaller workshop level. 
National Mortgage Brokers

Jordana was a brilliant keynote speaker choice for our WYNnovation Summit. I knew this from the moment we engaged her. She was enthusiastic about the event, eager to learn everything she could about our purpose, vision and audience, and really embraced the opportunity. Jordana presented confidently and in a way that was interesting, keeping the audience’s attention throughout. Jordana was also incredibly generous with her time, staying for the duration of the event chatting to delegates throughout the breaks and answering any questions they had. Taking it upon herself to do some research before the day enabled Jordana to feature businesses that were in the room in her presentation, providing a personalised experience and REAL examples to cement her key messages. As an event organiser it’s a relief when you engage an enthusiastic, well-prepared and organised speaker and that’s exactly what Jordana is, highly recommended!
Economic Growth Projects
Wyndham City

Jordana was a pleasure to work with. She was super organised and did a lot of pre-work to ensure everything ran smoothly on the day. She was an engaging and entertaining MC and able to adapt on the day as plans changed. 

Jordana delivered an inspiring presentation to a very broad travel industry audience at our annual conference. Through her energy on stage, combined with her sense of humour, the session was very engaging. Feedback from our delegates was extremely positive. They felt they were walking away with new gained knowledge and motivation to start working on their social media strategy straight away. Thanks Jordana.
Marketing Manager, Australasia
Cruise Lines International Association

Once again Jordana more than exceeded our expectations! Her workshop “Elevate Your Influence” was funny, engaging and educational and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our After 5 event was a massive success, making it the best one yet. We also received a lot of positive comments, including “I wasn’t going to come but I am so glad that I did!”.
The Business Centre Pilbara

Jordana brought a fantastic energy to The Marketing Conference MC role. Her quick wit and ability to summarise and articulate insights from the day kept the audience highly engaged. Completely nailed the brief, thank you!
Conference Manager
The Marketing Conference, Brisbane

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker with energy and pizzazz, Jordana Borensztajn is your lady! We were fortunate enough to have Jordana present at the AGPAL and QIP 2018 Conference; delegates hung off her every word while she educated the audience on how to engage and lead Millennials. My only regret was not engaging her as a Plenary Speaker!
General Manager - Marketing and Communications

Jordana’s presentation was inspiring and motivating. She captured her audience through energetic discussions, fun activities and witty anecdotes. Every member of the team took something valuable away. Jordana was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.
Training Development Manager
Customised Training
Jordana’s high energy and fun workshop was not only a practical way to help increase the confidence of team members who are required to present to groups both large and small, it was also a great team building activity. The combination of tips borne of experience and the chance to practice what we were learning meant that the 4 hours just flew. And even the most nervous of participants enjoyed their chance to have one of the sparkly microphones in their hand!
Ardoch Youth Foundation
Jordana’s amazing enthusiasm and energy throughout the day really allowed our team to leave our comfort zone and explore our real potential. Our entire sales team benefited from the workshop and had an absolute blast while doing so.
Jordana was amazing. She really put thought into tailoring the presentation for our specific audience and consulted us along the way. The presentation itself was active, engaging, funny and informative. I would highly recommend her.
State Manager Victoria
Australian Podiatry Association
Jordana inspires and delights! I was blown away by her commitment to learn about my business before our workshop and this made all the difference in a tailored strategy for the team and I. Jordana’s attention to detail is unbelievable. Thank you Jordana!
Performance Medicine

The audience was actively engaged due to Jordana’s dynamic speaking ability and interactive presentation style. Jordana gave our audience immediately useful steps to take-away. True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited and motivated.
Vet Development Centre

Jordana was awesome. She hit the brief spot on and took Day 2 of our conference to the next level. Jordana is a very funny lady, had the audience laughing and achieved everything we expected plus more. I would highly recommend Jordana for her passion, attention to detail and most of all her great sense of humour.
Credit Union Australia

The Marketing & Events team at Puffing Billy Railway thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of Jordana’s workshop. The training was engaging, fun and above all, it was tailored to meet the needs of our business. The team have left feeling inspired and motivated, implementing their social media learnings into a strategy straight away. We can’t wait to excite our audience with humour and fresh content.
Puffing Billy Railway

Jordana was engaging, energetic and delivered the information in a fun and entertaining way. We have received excellent feedback.
Yarra Valley Water

Jordana went above and beyond for our event. She was energetic, relatable, funny and involved which our attendees really responded to. 100% would recommend Jordana, she is fantastic.
The Business Centre Pilbara

Jordana engaged, educated and entertained with her high-energy and inspiring thinking. With great takeaways, delivered in a humorous and enthusiastic style, Jordana’s keynote on creativity and content was a memorable part of the event!
ShareThePoint Ltd

Jordana came into my office and conquered. Her insightful and witty observations had my team in stitches; agreeing and even questioning their social media habits. She’s full of life, engaging, personable and delightful.
Sportsmate Mobile

Jordana was the highlight of our recent conference. Her presentation ‘Decoding the Next Generation’ was enlightening, entertaining and extremely funny.
Hotondo Homes' Women in Business Conference

Jordana was an absolute please to work with. She was willing to assist where possible and was extremely flexible and organised. She formulated her presentations with insightful, relevant and useful information for our members to take away. I would highly recommend her as a social media/digital speaker.
Master Electricians Industry Association

Thank you for your presentation. Your energy, information and fun made for an excellent end to three days of conferencing and networking. We loved your presentation.
Hotondo Homes

Confident, clever, thought-provoking, poignant, lots of laughs.
Herald Sun

Warmth, charm, confident, polished, funny, professional, well-paced, delivered with heart, thrums with individuality.
Australian Stage

Jordana presented ‘Social Needia – for Schools’ to our students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Her brand of humour, story­telling and important messages, delivered in the students’ own language and with clear resonances with their own experiences, was very successful. Students reported that they enjoyed the session, and would be reflecting on the key ideas. Thank you Jordana!
Mount Scopus Memorial College

When it comes to the egotistical world of social media, no-one can turn the comedic blowtorch on our conceits and vanities like Jordana Borensztajn. Her one-woman show Social Needia was ‘a laugh a minute’. Full of self-deprecating, acerbic one-liners, the audience couldn’t help but be swept along by Jordana’s impeccable timing and razor sharp observations that are not only true, but very, very funny. Highly recommended.

Rising star… Ridiculously good.
Dave Hughes, Nova 100’s Hughesy & Kate

Her tone is spot-on and self-deprecating in all the right places... Lots of laughs… One to watch.
Herald Sun

Jordana's like a bolt of electricity. She's enthusiastic and her material has real substance. She has the ability to communicate to people that understand social, as well as those that don't. Even my Mum would understand the jokes."Plus it was really diverse. It wasn't just about social media; it was about life - and the fundamental shift we've made over the last five years. "She actually made me cry tears of laughter. It had been a long time since I'd had one of those laugh-cries. #winning
Thinktank Social, on Social Needia: The Epidemic during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

Jordana is an exciting, relevant and dynamic performer. Her skill and knowledge of all things social media provides some essential learning for any audience wanting to connect digitally... AND... she's funny!
Humour Australia (HA!), on Social Needia: The Epidemic during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

Witty, highly entertaining, completely relatable, irrefutably honest, up-to-the-minute comedy.

Jordana has captured the silliness of the social media obsession with hilarious insights. With style and a clever script, she uses a multimedia approach to highlight some of the bizarre things we do with Facebook and our mobile phones. It’s a whole new way of communicating - without having to speak or look at who we’re talking to. She bases her clever observations on herself, so if you are embarrassed, it’s because she opens your eyes to yourself. Wonderful.
Kevin McQuillan, Journalist and social media lecturer