Ask about Mark Bunn
Key Points
  • Mark Bunn is a former 6 year AFL Footballer (Fitzroy, now Brisbane & Hawthorn) who understands high-level performance
  • Author of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health, a three times best-seller, published in seven countries and now available internationally.
  • Also author of the Healthy People Healthy Business Program - a 12 Month Online Health & Performance Program he value-adds for groups so every attendee gets a year of ongoing tips, support and motivation ... not just a keynote! 
  • Was a featured wellbeing expert in the international best-selling Millionaire Book Series.
  • A regular media contributor in Australia and India: ABC radio, 2UE, 2GB, 3AW, SEN, ABC National, Wellbeing, Good Health, Natural Health, Yoga Life, Management Today, Air India, The Statesman.
  • Mark understands that your event is about what 'YOU' want. He therefore guarantees you to be super flexible, friendly, fun and easy to work with. This is why Mark is one of Australia's most booked health and lifestyle presenters and is asked back by the same clients year after year.
  • Gamechangers - The elite performance wellbeing tactics reshaping business success
    In both sport and business, elite performers have a similar formula for success.

    Yet from Tiger Woods and Serena Williams to Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, the tools and tactics for winning the game of business (and life) are constantly changing.

    Are you and your team playing your best game? Are you using the latest science in personal performance? Would you like to play faster, smarter, happier and healthier?

  • Zest - Achieve your natural high
    High energy, low stress, life balance, work success.

    Being healthy, happy & productive is easier than you think.

    Mark’s research into the secrets of the world’s healthiest people, age-old Eastern health wisdoms (Ayurveda), and the latest modern science has unlocked the secret to simple, ‘time-friendly’ methods for living a healthy, high-performing, balanced work-life.

  • Zone - The daily habits of high achievers
    What separates the super-productive from those who simply feel swamped … how to do 30% more... in 30% less time ... with 30% less stress!

    What’s different between those who consistently achieve great results and those who are always ‘busy’ but not productive? Daily success habits.

    With the “cult of busy” in full swing most workers feel overwhelmed. And yet the most effective, high-performing business people in the world (think Richard Branson, Janine Allis, Tim Ferriss) do specific, simple things each day that allow them to do less but achieve much, much more.

    In this engaging, super-practical keynote or workshop, Mark teaches the 10 daily habits common to high achievers. The research shows that by incorporating these same practices anyone can transform their time-management, productivity, and bottom-line results. In fact, Mark suggests your team could do 30% more... in 30% less time ... with 30% less stress!

  • Zen - The happiness advantage
    Why happiness is the new key to work and life success and how everyone can be happier in minutes.

    We commonly think that being healthy and more successful will make us happy. We’ve turned the happiness goal into a hamster wheel we can never get off.

    What if we’ve got the formula all wrong?

    The latest research shows that by focusing on making people happier, every aspect of their health, work performance and life success skyrockets.

  • Mindspace - The Future of Health & Performance
    Win tomorrow’s business through total brain development and mind-body performance.

    Journey into the future of health and high-performance to discover how developing your MINDSPACE will ensure you’re winning in tomorrow’s business world. What we do now to develop our optimal state of personal wellbeing and business productivity, will determine our success in tomorrow’s increasingly competitive workspace. Focusing on the latest in neuroscience, mind-brain development techniques and loaded with actionable insights, delegates will leave with a step-by-step blueprint to maximising their health, happiness and high-performance while experiencing a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.

  • The conscious revolution
    From mindfulness to ‘transcendence’ … why consciousness is the next BIG thing and the key to ... everything!

    We’re always looking for the next big thing to improve human performance. We’ve had positive thinking, emotional IQ, mindfulness…

    What’s next? The Consciousness Evolution.

    Western science is just now glimpsing the almost infinite potential of human 'consciousness', a field that Eastern traditions have understood for thousands of years. The research is clear - develop consciousness and you promote global brain functioning resulting in remarkable improvements in everything from IQ, relationships, decision-making, focus, creativity, zone-states, mental health and everyday performance.

    Mark’s cutting-edge talk outlines the latest developments in neuroscience and how by utilising ancient technologies of the mind we can transform our business and life success.

  • Conscious living mind-body workshop - Mindfulness, Meditation and Peak Mental Performance
    This stand-alone workshop (or perfect complement to a keynote) is the perfect way to...
    • energise a conference or rejuvenate your workplace health
    • have your team learn how to thrive amidst ever-growing work demands
    • improve resilience, mindfulness, mental health & stress-free work success

Combining yoga, meditation and Mark’s two decades of research in both modern western and ancient eastern science, this fun, interactive session, teaches a number of simple, user-friendly practices for minimising stress & maximising calm (getting ‘more zen’) – while elevating business performance.


Mark is an excellent presenter and our team enjoyed Mark’s presentation immensely.  We hope to have Mark return in the future.
Mentone Grammar

Mark was excellent!!! We would use him 10 times over and listen to the same message it was so good. He was funny, insightful and fresh in all that he presented. Love his work.
LJ Hooker

Mark was invited to speak to some of our staff on World Mental Health Day. He tailored his presentation for our unique audience and overall the information presented was very well received. His engaging style and humour quickly won over a pretty tough crowd and his messages were relevant and practical. I believe there were many useful tips that everyone may apply in their own personal and/or professional lives to improve their health and wellbeing.
Department of Defence

Mark's presentation was informative, lively and certainly thought provoking to such a point that participants are changing the way they eat, think and move. Mark delivered some very powerful messages in a way that made people feel empowered and not guilty. Really well done.

Great presentation, perfect for our requirements.
Leishman Associates

… inspirational
National Australia Bank

In the 12 years I have been doing this I have never had such a positive response to a presentation as I have had with you!
Pedders Suspension 

Brilliant. Fun, engaging and made learning entertaining.
Event Chair
YPO – Young Presidents Organisation – Pan Asia Chapter

Amazing session!
Premium Partnership Manager
Westpac Banking Corporation

Mark is one of the best speakers I’ve heard in a long while. My Management team and I got so much out of his presentation.
Qantas Credit Union

Brilliant, thought provoking and entertaining seminar – ideal in any workplace and for any audience.
Employment and Workplace Relations
Department of Education 

Mark Bunn was electric!
FMG Insurance New Zealand 

That seminar was one of the best sessions on health and well-being I have ever seen.
Amanda Gore
Internationally Renowned Speaker and Expert on Health & Wellness 

A breath of fresh air
Team Leader
Advice Services MLC

It’s over 3 months since I attended Mark’s seminar and I still remember how much fun it was & all the fantastic tips.
Financial and Risk Management
Commonwealth Bank

Your talk was the door opening for me in terms of improving my health & wellbeing, and I have certainly walked through it.
Head of Service and Innovation
St George Bank

Finally a no BS approach
Various Participants
KMart Australia

…energetic, engaging and insightful.
P&C Business Partner
National Australia Bank

Mark is an excellent presenter who brings a very practical lens to a critical topic for managers – their staff’s health.Interesting, informative and challenging
BT Financial Group

That bloody Mark Bunn, I took his book home and my wife has read it. I’m up at 6 in the morning walking and staring into the sun and having nothing for dinner! It’s like an Army Camp!
Compensation Authorities Staff Division (CASD)

Even after three weeks following your session, everyone is still raving about it!
Strategic Brand Manager

Entertaining, thought-provoking, perhaps even life-changing and surprisingly logical. I can’t wait to apply the learnings to both the business and my personal life.
National Franchise Manager
Resi Home Loans

Charming, funny and a real eye-opening experience. Thank-you.
FMG Insurance New Zealand

I am expecting a HUGE lift in productivity in Finance over the coming weeks.
Chief Finance Officer
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Your session was fabulous and really got the fortnight of activities off to a flying start.
Human Resources Manager
Victorian Electoral Commission

With boundless energy, passion and lots of humour, he delivers easy to follow practical advice to achieve better health.
Conference Co-ordinator
The Gawler Foundation

Mark mumbles, doesn’t eat his broccoli, and he is not as funny as he thinks he is, but he’s very lovable and I think you should book him.
Mark’s Mum