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Key Points for Jaquie Scammell

  • Jaquie Scammell is a leader in customer centric culture.
  • She has worked with thousands of leaders in public and private sectors for over 20 years developing a service mindset where the result is to serve people in a very human way.
  • She has intentionally spent most of her corporate career living at the intersection of employee and customer.
  • She is the author of  Service Mindset and Service Habits, with her next book Service Culture to be released shortly.

Topics for Jaquie Scammell

  • Service Mindset
    Jaquie creates an experience for audiences that has them asking: what would it feel like to be on the receiving end of my unique service style?

    Her approach is simple and humanistic. She takes the view of the ‘whole person’ in the workplace. She transforms mindsets for people to view how they serve themselves, their teams and, ultimately, how an organisation serves its customers.

    At the very least, her talks instantly spark greater self-awareness and deeper empathy, and people take with them clever ways to break down the walls between each other.

    Jaquie has helped thousands of people develop their emotional and social intelligence so they can perform at their best as professionals in the business of service.

    She has studied organisations that have adopted a service mindset and reveals in her keynotes the behaviours and conscious habits needed to create the greatest service outcomes.

  • Extraordinary Presence = Extraordinary Service
    A deep dive into practising presence is not only good for a leader’s wellbeing, it’s powerfully good for your culture, community and humanity.

    Jaquie has long been driven to understand the most important qualities of being present to others. She believes that the foundational service habit of maintaining presence is the very definition of leadership.

    During times of heightened levels of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, people are feeling more fragile and vulnerable than ever before.
    Now is the time for leaders to serve themselves and develop practices that support their best professional selves.

    Organisations that thrive have leaders and teams practising being present and encourage people to bring their whole selves to each and every moment.

    Jaquie unpacks the process by which present–minded leaders thrive when interacting with others, which ultimately impacts the effectiveness of their communication styles, the way they create connections with people, and their level of calm and care displayed throughout a day.

    Having studied meditation with monks, worked alongside world leading spiritual mentors and teachers, and dedicated time to her own daily practice in mastering presence, Jaquie has the skills and strategies to unlock your limiting beliefs, teach you to be OK with what is out of your control, and help you learn simple tools to self-regulate and maintain an energy of calm among chaos. During these extraordinary times, we need extraordinary service from leaders and the key is for them to have extraordinary presence.

  • Serve Yourself
    When we are in alignment with our bodies and minds, and our emotions and spirit, we start to feel better; we feel more harmony in our day and we are better to be around (at least that’s what others would say). When leaders serve themselves by committing to practices and routines that make them better than yesterday, they are doing good not only for themselves but for their teams, the business and community.

    Tap into the four intelligences (Physical Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence) by accelerating cohesion in life that feels effortless.

    Learn how mindset, beliefs, personal rituals and the habits of great ones are what you need to integrate for you to grow and realise your full potential as a leader.

    Give your leaders an insight into how it feels to be fully in the drivers seat of their lives and impacting others as they intended.

  • Meditation for Elite Performance
    We are all at risk of bypassing perhaps the most important thing that the world needs right now – being present for a peaceful mind and community with other humans.

    The busy professional often says the reason they don’t meditate is there is ‘not enough time’. Ironically, meditation is anything but a waste of time; in fact, it buys you time.

    Meditation helps you be more effective as you release your addiction to a scattered mind.

    As you observe the energy of the current day in our society, you may be feeling the need to support your team like never before. Through some form of mental training you can help them gain:
    • Better self–control
    • Improved concentration
    • Mental clarity
    • Enhanced emotional intelligence and empathy

Jaquie uses a combination of guided meditation, breath work and awareness activities. This workshop will shift people into a calmer, focused and sometimes energised state. It is perfect for straight after lunch or at the end of the day. (Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners and anywhere in between).

  • Reset Your Service Culture
    How to make Purpose and Values real and meaningful at work.

    Values are what shape who we are and how we handle situations. They affect how we act and how we make decisions. In a service environment, Purpose and Values can be the obvious missing link to creating a more consistent service culture. Learn how to make your Purpose and Values MORE REAL for your employees, suppliers and customers … take them down off the wall and really use them.
  • Conscious Service Leaders
    Dive into three foundational pillars that make up a conscious leader (Strengths, Values, Mindfulness).

    Warning: this is only for those who dare to be honest and brave, and who are ready to step up and get out of their heads.

    We must be leaders of people, not results. Everything you need to be the best leader for yourself, your team and your organisation is already within you. You just need to get out of your own way. Really. You need to get out of your own head, stop reading the rule book and remember the one thing you are here to do is to serve.

    This is a self-assessment of your leadership on steroids.

  • Skills of the Heart
    Develop devoted employees and lifetime customers.

    Softs skills such as Emotional and Social Intelligence are now in the top three key work skills and capabilities needed. For leaders, this means the business world is looking for leaders who have the ability to connect with people in a deeper, more meaningful way (staff or customers) enabling them to get things done and solve complex problems, despite the abstraction of technology. A critical skill for the future.

  • Embedding New Service Habits
    Tactics for rewiring new habits in busy service environments and making them stick.

    It takes 66 days to rewire a new habit. Whether you want to create an implementation plan for your teams or you are wanting to rewire some of your own habits that are limiting your growth and development as a conscious leader, you need to learn how to commit to what you want your new normal to be.

    With perseverance comes growth, both in skill and confidence.



Testimonials for Jaquie Scammell

Jaquie lives at the intersection of strategy, people and customers, transforming engagement, cultures and bottom line results for everyone she works with. And Jaquie herself is completely congruent with her message - she loves life and business, and her energy is infectious. She’s one of my favourite people, and your world will be much better for having her in it.
Thought Leaders

Thanks Jaquie Scammell for the talk today at CSIRO Business Development Connect. You helped remind the high IQ staff about the importance of ‘trust’ being the centre of doing business, whether you’re selling Science....or Burgers! EQ and ‘Good Business’ is about building on the human connection.

Your keynote was incredible, and really resonated with the audience. You inspired lots of people.
Ashton Media