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Key Points for Callum Hann

  • Callum Hann's MasterChef stint began in 2010, earning acclaim as runner-up and winning the All-Stars edition in 2012, later returning for 2020's Back to Win, securing fourth place.
  • Co-founder of Sprout Cooking School and several other ventures, he expanded into hospitality with Lou’s Place and Adelaide's Eleven Bar and Olive Restaurant.
  • Callum's cookbook repertoire, including 'The Starter Kitchen' and 'I'd Eat That!,' reflects his culinary creativity and passion for cooking.
  • Beyond the kitchen, Callum's involvement with Brand South Australia showcases his commitment to promoting local produce and community engagement, emphasizing sustainable food practices.

Topics for Callum Hann

  • Cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, and food related activities
  • Teambuilding
  • Food
  • Healthy eating
  • Establishing healthy habits with children
  • Inspirational/Motivational 

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