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Key Points for Simon Banks

  • Simon Banks understands that fueling your curiosity starts with truly seeing and understanding the world around you. By exploring famous artworks and uncovering their hidden details and stories, you can navigate biases and learn to notice what’s often overlooked. This journey encourages you to embrace curiosity and deepen your observational skills.
  • Reconnect with your innate creativity, the childlike wonder that sees possibility everywhere. By delving into the neuroscience behind creativity, you'll learn to embrace it as a powerful tool for innovation. This exploration highlights the importance of novel ideas in both personal growth and organizational success.
  • Modern challenges require new ways of thinking. 'Occupational Philosophy' offers practical wisdom from ancient thinkers to help navigate complexity. By asking better questions rather than seeking rigid answers, this approach fosters innovative thinking and equips you to handle life's and work’s uncertainties effectively.
  • Simon works with the notion that cultivating a culture of continuous innovation doesn’t need office gimmicks but a strategic approach. This keynote provides tools to kickstart and sustain your organization's innovative spirit, driving progress and delighting customers. Embrace the journey of innovation to stay ahead of competitors and foster a dynamic, creative workplace.

Topics for Simon Banks

  • Curiosity may kill cats, definitely not humans
    How do you fuel your curiosity? It starts with opening your eyes and learning to truly see. How will we do it? By diving into some of the most famous artworks of all time. Brace yourself for a journey beyond the surface, digging into hidden details and the stories behind them as we navigate our biases and learning to see the things that we so easily miss. Curious yet? You should be!
  • Creativity my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again
    Remember that kid who saw possibility and adventure in every corner? That was your creativity and it’s waiting to say hello with a very loud voice, if you’re willing to listen. As we explore the neuroscience of why our creativity makes us human, get ready to embrace it like a long lost bestie and kickstart your brain like never before - the world (and your organisation) need your novel ideas more than ever.
  • Occupational philosophy: The new compass to navigate uncertainty
    The thinking that led to the challenges we’re facing won't be the thinking that resolves those challenges. It's time to open our minds. Introducing 'Occupational Philosophy'! Philosophy isn't just for dusty bookshelves; it’s a compass for modern life. Inspired by ancient thinkers asking: "How should we live?" this renaissance of practical wisdom equips us to navigate complexity by ditching rigid answers for better questions and in the process, evolve our thinking to carve out innovative paths through life’s (and works) curveballs.
  • Leading with innovation: Now we’re talking!
    Leading a continuous culture of innovation may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. but it doesn't require gimmicks like bean bags or craft breweries in the office kitchen. unless, of course, that’s your jam. This keynote equips you to kickstart your organisation's innovative powers. Get ready to initiate an innovative culture, ride the wave of "aha" moments that propel progress, delight customers, and outpace competitors. All aboard the innovation express!
 Toot Toot!
  • The art of the story (or not sending your audience to sleep)
    Leaders are in a battle for cognitive real estate! How do we grab attention? With stories. Since the dawn of humanity, storytelling has been central to how we communicate and make sense of the world. In our era of information overload, we crave simplicity, substance, and engagement - the essence of compelling storytelling. Whilst technology can spice up storytelling, it’s the most basic human traits of human connection that drive a story and its ability to cut through and make meaning for your audience. Are you ready to deliver a message that people remember?


Testimonials for Simon Banks

I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday’s session! We had over 300 staff attend the live session and over 200 have registered for the webinar recording. I’ve received the feedback and it reflects what we saw during the session – that staff really enjoyed the topic, were engaged and loved your creative presentation style.
Australian Taxation Office

We loved having you as part of our DevFest events and Leadership Summits – thank you again for spending time with us and sharing your many talents. Your storytelling session was by far one of the most popular!
Organisational Development Consultant

Ticket to Ryde was our first all staff conference to be delivered over 4 days – and we knew we had to create a memorable and high energy event with impact! Simon was a true professional. From our first conceptual brainstorming session, Simon worked closely with us until we moulded the prefect blend of information, fun and connection into our program. We went into the event knowing Simon would deliver and engaging, thought provoking keynote and he went above and beyond in facilitating our workshops with high energy and purpose. With 4 keynotes and 16 workshops facilitated over 4 days, it was a huge thankyou to Simon for inspiring our staff to be curious, creative and imaginative – bringing our ideas to life!
Organisational Development and Capability Lead
City of Ryde

From the outset of our engagement with Simon, it was very clear how he could help our team to better solve business problems by avoiding tunnel vision thinking and improving the ROI of our most valuable resources, our people. His design thinking approach has helped accelerate our team development journey and has already started to produce great outcomes by making sure that the team focus on ready-to-use outcomes which are equitable, enjoyable and most importantly useful. Guaranteed, I would love to work with Simon again.
Director, Professional Services, Asia Pacific & Japan

The keynote was awesome. Your presentation style rocks. You have made the most of doing talks remotely, your drawing and visuals are such a clever adaptation to this new environment. I really enjoyed spending time with you.
Head of Continuous Improvement and Innovation – International Visitors
nib Health Funds

Simon Banks hosted the noumi Executive Strategy Session Roadmap to 2025 recently. Simon was engaging, innovative and kept the two days of presentations and discussions on time and focussed. Simon’s intelligent and witty summary of each session was topped only by his outstanding illustration of each session, which captured key points of each workshop and presentation in a picture. I would recommend Simon to anyone who values a friendly, flamboyant, creative and professional conference facilitator, who brings much more than organisation to your company’s professional event.
Group General Manager Nutrition
Freedom Foods Group Nutritionals

Thank you Simon for your outstanding work! You bring life and energy to the room and engage the audience from start to finish. You go above and beyond when investing in the set-up, resources and creative planning for the session. Your inclusive and collaborative approach makes you an absolute delight to work with and we can't wait to have you back to influence and impact the next cohort of the Australian Rural Leadership Program!
Manager, Learning
Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

As MC for EDA’s flagship event, the National Economic Development Conference (NEDC21), Simon Banks steered us through this virtual 3-day event with expertise and creativity. Simon kept delegates engaged in the virtual world, reminding attendees to tap into their creative thinking and facilitating great discussion and thought. Simon’s attention to detail and professionalism is evident in the way he prepared for the conference, ensuring he had strong program content knowledge so he could engage with expert speakers and delegates successfully. We look forward to working with Simon again, hopefully to experience all he can offer in a face to face environment!
Chief Executive Officer,
Economic Development Australia

What a cracking event yesterday. Everything was superb. Everyone’s still talking about it. The vibe in the office is charged, as it was at the event also. Absolutely nailed the brief and got everyone excited about our new brand. Thanks for keeping so cool under pressure and a huge thanks to your team for being so wonderful and helping us during the madness that was the room set up. YOU’RE AMAZING!!!
Senior Internal Communications & Events Specialist
REST Industry Super

I wanted to write to you personally to say thank you on behalf of myself and our CEO Louise Harland-Cox, but most importantly a thank you on behalf of every single one of our members. With you, we were able to create an event that truly commemorated the creativity that drives our industry, unpacked the curiosity that underlies every great idea and celebrated the power of storytelling in every way.
Every single attendee that I spoke to was inspired by the power of the insights that you shared, and your transparency in doing so. We all walked away motivated to grasp, shape and fulfil the potential of our industry - and to do so together. We wouldn't be able to do any of this without your energy, enthusiasm, transparency and most importantly - time – so, Thank You.
Public Relations Institute of Australia

Simon recently facilitated at our Senior Leaders Workshop - he was fantastic at keeping the group motivated and is very adaptable. He reads people extremely well so can quickly adjust the flow on the day to deliver the right outcomes - and ensures energy levels never wane. His visual creations of the day / session add another valuable dimension to any event.
Head of Internal Communications

Simon and his team have worked with our organisation throughout the years to help design and facilitate a variety of wonderful activities and workshops for our entire leadership team of over 200 leaders. He always brings such amazing energy to our events, and engages our leaders in a practical way. Not only does Simon provide excellent facilitation, but he also provides a visual representation of our organisation’s cultural journey.
Organisational Culture Specialist
City of Canterbury Bankstown

I would like to thank you for your role as facilitator and MC at the Department of Transport and Main Roads DG Customer Led Innovation Challenge. Your role was integral to making the day a success and was greatly appreciated by myself and all the participants.
Director General
QLD Department of Main Roads

What a cracking event yesterday. Everything was superb. Everyone’s still talking about it. The vibe in the office is charged, as it was at the event also. Absolutely nailed the brief and got everyone excited about our new brand. Thanks for keeping so cool under pressure and a huge thanks to your team for being so wonderful and helping us during the madness that was the room set up. YOU’RE AMAZING!!!                                                            
Senior Internal Communications & Events Specialist
REST Industry Super

We called on Simon Banks to help us with an internal event we held recently. From the outset he was brilliant, from thoroughly understanding our needs through to fulfilling his role as MC. Simon was able to engage the audience, inject energy and keep everyone entertained. The feedback from attendees was exceptional and left the crowd wanting more.
Agile Coach - Digital
Commonwealth Bank

Simon Banks facilitated our inaugural innovation event in September 2016 in Melbourne, where over a dozen teams participated. He brought great energy to the session, engaged the teams very well, coached us along the way, and made the event fun. Simon is a great presenter and facilitator and I would recommend him for other organisations looking to run innovation sessions, hackathons, or similar events.
Head of Insights

Simon Banks recently facilitated at our Senior Leaders Workshop - he was fantastic at keeping the group motivated and is very adaptable. He reads people extremely well so can quickly adjust the flow on the day to deliver the right outcomes - and ensures energy levels never wane. His visual creations of the day / session add another valuable dimension to any event.
Head of Internal Communication

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for work at the conference last week, the day was excellent and the feedback we are receiving about you and the overall day is the best ever! I think you were a great addition both years, you kept the exercises different each time which certainly helped and I think staff were all really happy, particularly the way you managed the event.
Manager Marketing and Media Marketing and Sales

Simon Banks supported me in a bid for new work. His creative skills and imagination helped us communicate our proposition in a highly effective way and I believe this helped differentiate us from our competition. He was very professional, organised and flexible which helped us meet a very tight deadline. I look forward to working with him again soon.
Executive Director
Ernst and Young

I tasked Simon Banks with the job of MC and session facilitator at a national conference for accountants - Not the easiest of audiences, yet Simon’s unharnessed energy ensured the room remained engaged for the entire 3 days. Simon’s is fun, dynamic and forces the listener to move outside their comfort zone (in the right way). I have had the pleasure of working with Simon on numerous occasions and would personally recommend him to anyone seeking a speaker with a difference.
Practice Manager
Hayes Knight (SA)

Everyone absolutely LOVED the experience. They were still talking about and referencing their experience on Friday! After 9 years – I’ve finally topped the best event!! Everyone was so engaged, Friday night was beyond hilarious. The laughing from everyone, cheering – was just incredible! Thank you again for making it such a tremendous success.
HR Manager Australia & New Zealand

You were a breath of fresh air after a long day of travel and content-heavy presentations. You obviously have a gift for what you do! Loved the “breaking the ice” activities, which loosened everyone up, and the activity itself really got participants outside their comfort zones, thinking differently, networking and having fun all at the same time!
Sponsorship Advisor
Suncorp Group

Simon Banks is a man passionate about a topic critical to Australia’s future: people and creativity. How grateful can we be that he has taken his wealth of knowledge and condensed it in an easy-to-read book that is fun, cuts to the chase and contributes in a thousand little ways. The ‘answer’ may be rarely that simple, but Simon leads the way to finding it and I would recommend this book to anyone at any level. It is a superb read.
Louise Mahler
Leadership Influencer, International Keynote speaker, Author and Coach

The feedback has been nothing short of fantastic. Again thanks Simon for pulling off what will be a memorable night and of course now the bar for next year’s conference is set very high. Great job and really enjoyed working with you.                                                     
General Manager Small Business Programs & Services