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Key Points for Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

  • Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie is an award-winning creator, keynote speaker, researcher, innovation columnist, & Certified Facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play®.
  • Is the creator of SUPERCONNECT™, a playful method for rapidly creating human connection, trust and understanding and the CEO of Lovego®, a revolutionary dating method for unstoppable power women, powered by LEGO® bricks.
  • Has worked with companies like Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Deakin University, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Microsoft, Mozilla Foundation, the Australian Computer Society and the RAC (WA) and the Department of Finance (WA) to unleash their curiosity and empower their people. 
  • Is a SheEO Activator, investing in women-led ventures through a radically new investment model designed to support businesses led by women that are focussed on solving social issues and ultimately create a perpetual fund that supports female-led ventures for generations to come.
  • Is an MHFA Accredited First Aider through the internationally acclaimed Mental Health First Aid Course.
  • Has been honoured as the Australian Computer Society’s Digital Disruptor Professional Achiever of the Year and one of the Western Australian Business News’ 40 under 40.

Topics for Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

  • Getting curious about AI
    A few years ago, Elon Musk spent $10 million to prevent AI from becoming an "evil dictator" that would destroy humanity.
    Is AI an existential threat to humanity? Probably. But is it also a really useful tool for helping with everything from creating social media posts to writing emails to creating beautiful art? Most definitely.
    So how do we proceed? How do we prepare for a human future with AI? Will AI ever be curious and playful and compassionate? Will it ever be able to replace human connection?
    In this talk, Dr. Kate demystifies the current AI landscape, provides clarity around what skills remain uniquely human and provides hope for the future. She unpacks what generative AI, such as ChatGPT, can and cannot do.
    She explains the potentials of transformative AI and how it differs from AI's current capabilities.
    Drawing on the latest research, Dr. Kate explains how curiosity has become a key 21st century skill, not just because it is AI-proof, but because it provides a way for us to navigate uncertainty while seeing the future.
    This keynote is an empowering message of hope for a human-focused future that reminds us we humans are still in charge.
    • Learn what skills remain uniquely human, and why according to the research, curiosity in particular is a critically important skill for navigating and understanding the present and future.
    • Understand the current capabilities of generative AI, such as ChatGPT.
    • Understand transformative AI, and how it differs from generative AI.
    • Gain an overview of the current research on key future and AI-proof skills.
  • Igniting curiosity
    For fostering innovation, boosting creativity and sparking human connection
    In this powerful keynote and hands-on workshop, participants embark on a curious journey of discovery and connection, with themselves, and their fellow participants.
    The keynote focuses on the power of curiosity and play, which have been scientifically proven to supercharge engagement, collaboration and performance in the workplace. However, like all superpowers, curiosity and play can only be activated through action so the workshop is designed for participants to get minds-on and then hands-on through the magic of LEGO® Serious Play®.
    Audiences walk away with a deep understanding of how curiosity and play can support business outcomes, particularly around boosting creativity and innovation and creating shared understanding and connection.
  • Curious quotient
    Mastering the most significant soft skill in the 21st century.
    We live in a curious world, and humans are fundamentally curious beings. Why? Because curiosity has an evolutionary purpose. People had to be curious about what was happening around them. Without curiosity, they wouldn’t survive in a changing world.
    Today, that world is changing faster than ever before. Technological disruption calls us to learn more quickly than we ever have had to before. So how do we inspire, educate and activate curiosity as a driving force within organisations seeking to thrive today and into the future?
    In this keynote, Dr. Kate takes the audience on an adventure to unlock the art of curiosity. What is the science behind the curious mind? What tools can we use to enhance curiosity, creativity and purposeful playfulness? At the heart of this presentation is the unlocking of a curious mindset and as a strategy for life and business.
    Audiences will walk away from this presentation with tools, insights and experiences that will enable them to master The Curious Quotient and in doing so enhance the soft human skills that act as the foundation for innovation, creativity, collaboration and connection. After all, technology may be empowering the software, but human curiosity is what fundamentally creates and or changes the game.
  • Curious diversity
    Innovation through strategic inclusion
    If we want to ignite innovation within an organisation, we must also build diverse and inclusive cultures that act as the fuel for curious explorations. It is through a different set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds… and a curious mind… that we can develop new ideas. A diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to enhance collaboration, foster creativity, and guide business strategies.
    To ignite innovation within an organisation, we must also build diverse and inclusive cultures that act as the fuel for curious explorations. It is through a different set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds that we can develop new ideas. A diverse and inclusive workforce is necessary to enhance collaboration, foster creativity, and guide business strategies.
    So where do we begin in getting curious about the power of diversity, and intentional about the application of diverse innovation processes? In this presentation, Dr Kate breaks down the role of diversity in the modern workplace, with a particular focus increasing the involvement of women. She offers mastery, insights and experience with regards to how organisations can work together to problem solve and to create shared narratives that bridge gender divides.
    Audiences will walk away from this presentation with a higher level of self-awareness and tools and strategies they can immediately implement to support diversity while enhancing innovation. They will develop tools to open up to diversity in culture, creativity and thinking. This, in turn, creates a more inclusive and connected culture, enhancing collaboration and igniting the kind of curious creativity that exists within the world’s leading innovation companies.
  • SUPERCONNECT™️ Speed networking
    Sparking human connection - Keynote Add-on
    In the wake of social distancing and everything going virtual in 2020, everyone is craving real human connection. But with the world speeding up again, who has the time?
    Introducing SUPERCONNECT™️, the speed networking session that is short on minutes and big on impact.
    Powered by my SUPERCONNECT™️ method this event combines speed networking with customised curious questions and the magic of LEGO® bricks.
    Participants are matched in rotating pairs, speed networking style. Together they build and share the answer to questions that are scientifically proven to create connection between people.
    This is the networking event we all need right now - SUPERCONNECTED, fun, and full of surprise.
  • Curious intelligence
    Build it your way 
    In a world that is constantly changing, curiosity is fast becoming one of the most valuable forms of human intelligence.
    Curiosity empowers us to respond proactively to change and fosters resilience around uncertainty and unpredictable outcomes.
    Throughout history curiosity has helped humans adapt and survive but in recent times we traded the power of questions for the gathering of information.
    Now, as we face unforeseen challenges and constant disruption, it’s time to reignite our curiosity advantage.
    This workshop uses the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology to supercharge curiosity and enhance innovation, creativity, collaboration.
    Participants will be invited to use LEGO® to explore a specific theme or response to a critical challenge and activate their curiosity to build pathways to new solutions.
    The LEGO® bricks work as a catalyst – and when used for building metaphors, they trigger a process that enables clarity of purpose, enhanced communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving and engaged connection.
    Research shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities. This workshop can be paired with any keynote, and as the participants build the outcomes, the workshop by its very nature is highly customised to meet a specific brief.
  • Curious and connected teams
    Supercharge your team 
    To cultivate an innovative, collaborative and inclusive workplace either in-person or remotely, you have to begin by SUPERCONNECTING your team.
    This session supercharges team building with a fresh, fun and evidence-based approach that combines customised curious questions with the power of LEGO® Serious Play®.
    The combination of curiosity and play is the foundation of my SUPERCONNECT™️ method that has been scientifically proven to foster trust and understanding.
    By using LEGO to build answers rather than say them, participants feel safe to open up, share deeply and think differently about themselves and each other.
    This session creates a judgement-free, safe environment where connection and innovation thrive.
    Participants have reported feeling a greater sense of understanding and connection with colleagues, even ones they’ve known for a long time.
    Most importantly, everyone walks away with a huge grin and a renewed spark of curiosity that will keep igniting connection after the session has finished.
  • Solutions Builder
    Build a new way forward, together
    Imagine if your team could access new perspectives and solutions to the really sticky problems with ease? Imagine if problem-solving could be, well, more fun?
    Through the magic of LEGO, this workshop enables your team to visually build and rebuild a problem together so it can be seen in a new way and unlock new solutions and opportunities.
    By using LEGO as a shared language, everyone in the room can contribute their knowledge and experiences regardless of differences in communication style or hierarchy.
    This process ensures psychological safety and empowers deep connection, collaboration and creative outcomes.




Testimonials for Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie

Mind-expanding… captivating insights.
Bonfire Media

A brilliant morning learning about a fascinating topic.
Deepdale Group

A truly thought-provoking discussion on AI.
WA Marketing Association (WAMA) AI
Breakfast Attendee

Loved your keynote!
Department of the Premier and Cabinet, WA

A thought-provoking take.
WA Marketing Association (WAMA) AI Breakfast Attendee

Entertaining, bold, and clever. Those are just a few of the words you can use to describe Dr Kate. She has more talent and skills at keynote event facilitation featuring Lego than [Lego Masters’ hosts] Will Arnett and Hamish Blake combined. As the star attraction of my organization's virtual AGM, Kate kept the audience entertained and intrigued with her presentation and accompanying workshop. A truly memorable and inspiring presenter!
Internal Auditors Association, Toronto Canada

Loved using LEGO to explain what's happening in my brain. Fantastic... a great blend of research and play. Highly recommended! A different way of looking at things, wonderful!
Workshop Participants
AIME (Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event), Australia

Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie lives in the intersection of creative curiosity and credible contribution. As a speaker and business influencer, Kate lives on the edge of the future, translating the vast, expansive and ever-evolving world of emerging technology. She has a sharp focus on amplifying curiosity as the number one skill for leaders and organisations seeking to navigate an unknown world with clarity and forward momentum. I highly recommend booking Dr. Kate as a speaker.
Future Crunch Australia

Kate is an exceptionally genuine person who is generous with her time and expertise. Kate spoke at our recent Connect Expo and was a joy to work with in the lead up and execution of the event. I am happy to say that I will keep Kate top of mind for further opportunities to collaborate and suggest others do the same.
General manager Disruption
FST Media Australia

Kate is a great speaker who mixes informative and evidence-based research with an engaging and thought-provoking presentation. Her research and understanding of the future of the classroom, and the future of work, makes her a great speaker to hear. She directly influenced the direction of one of my articles.
Editor and Program Designer
QS Quacquarelli Symonds, Singapore

We recently invited Kate to be our opening speaker on the second day of our annual flagship event, the Women in Focus Conference, Big Thinkers and Change Makers. To say she was outstanding is an understatement. Knowledgeable, professional, engaging, on point, and captivating. Her keynote was exactly what we were looking for, completely fitted our brief, and theme, the audience was enthralled. I would highly recommend Kate for pretty much anything.
Community Engagement Specialist (Women in Focus)
Commonwealth Bank Australia

LSP Connect Conference, UK

I had lots of fun (I word I never thought I would use to describe networking) and met some truly lovely and interesting people!
Management Consultant, Australia

It was unusual because it created a really quick way of connecting. Working with the LEGO was a really efficient way of connecting deeply within that group scenario.
Creative Director, Australia

It really encouraged the networking side... this was a really awesome way for someone to engage, particularly when we have new people at our event. Everyone had a great time.. It was really refreshing and everyone left with a smile on their face.. I can’t get mine off because I had a really great time.
LinkedIn Local Perth, Australia

I haaaaate networking but the LEGO made it heaps easier!
Social Media Consultant Australia

Everybody enjoyed it, they learned something about themselves and made a new friend/connection.
LinkedIn Local Perth, Australia

I laughed a lot, and loudly... I had such a fascinating conversation...I feel energised... for LEGO to bring something that deep is really gorgeous, but also doing it in such a fun and engaging way... I felt like there were no barriers... and I feel like [my speed networking partner] is someone I’ve known for a while, and you don’t get that very often!
Keynote Speaker and TEDx Speaker Coach, Australia

Kate introduced us to Lego Serious Play brilliantly, focusing us on ourselves with amazing energy and enthusiasm. We each took something personal away from the experience and quickly learnt something new about each of the participants. The group took away various impressions from the experience, describing Lego Serious Play as a mindfulness tool and Johari window. A great approach to running visioning workshops, quickly getting on the same page or gelling as a team.
Department of Finance, WA

Kate is a remarkably capable, inspiring and thoughtful person… I was particularly impressed with her abilities as a coach. I was presumably not the easiest speaker to work with, carrying a mixture of nervousness and fixed ideas to the event, and can attest to Kate's patience and consideration. There is no question that she is one of our best and brightest.
Author, TEDx Speaker and former Senator for WA

Kate is a top class thinker, leader and facilitator. She ran a games/XR workshop for me at Deakin a while back which got rave reviews from colleagues. She is handson and effective, not a “lecturer” but a leader to new ideas.
Head of School, School of Communication and Creative Arts
Deakin University, Australia

It was my pleasure to invite Kate to join me with three other VR/visualisation experts on a panel on '3D Graphics in the World Wide Web' at this year's International World Wide Web conference, held in Perth in April. Kate provided thoughtful insight and clear strategic thinking that provided enormous benefit to a room of researchers and practitioners. I would recommend Kate as someone qualified to talk to professionals around these emerging topics in a clear, articulate and engaging way.
Futurist, Podcaster and Inventor of VRML (Virtual Reality Mark Up Language), Australia

We were very fortunate to secure Kate as a Keynote Speaker at the 2019 WA Education Summit that was held at Optus Stadium earlier this year. Her engaging and energetic talk discussed leveraging games as a culture to help prepare for the future of work and education, and what a response it had on our audience! We broke Twitter, yes, we broke Twitter! OK, we trended second nationally with our hashtag #WAES19 while Kate was talking; not bad at all! Twitter aside, the feedback on her talk was incredible. Her message about the Power of Play was thought provoking and powerful, and the delegates embraced it. Thanks again Kate for helping to make our event such a success!
Marketing & Communications Manager
Solutions IT, Australia