23 Feb 2022

Health and Wellbeing speakers you can’t go past for your next event in Melbourne and Victoria

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As we head into the third year of a global pandemic, most people will agree that some additional wellbeing couldn’t hurt. Australia’s biggest east coast cities have endured months of lockdown, while Western Australia has been cut off from the rest of Australia for a seemingly endless period.

These speakers cut through the buzzwords and straight to the heart of wellness – what it means to be truly well. They are experienced, inspiring, and have many practical tips and knowledge to share.


Clare Desira

If there’s one thing Clare Desira is good at, it’s sniffing out wellness spin. Clare has a refreshing take on all things wellness and resilience, and she approaches both with a no-nonsense attitude. Rather than platitudes, her audiences get real, proven, hands-on tips on how to make their lives better every day.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has seen demand for Clare’s insights soar, and she has consistently helped individuals across organisations of all sizes. Her 91% rebooking rate shows her strategies work as her clients continue coming back for more.

Clare’s approach is warm and empathetic, and she gives audiences the tools to tackle stress and anxiety with confidence.

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Craig Harper

Craig Harper has been part of Australia’s fitness and health landscape for more than 35 years. In that time, he has worked in every role imaginable, from consultant and speaker to university lecturer, exercise scientist, writer, business owner, TV presenter and AFL conditioning coach, to name a few.

He founded and ran one of Australia’s most successful health and fitness companies, Harper’s Personal Training, and his experience in this field is unparalleled.

Nobody understands the role of fitness to the wellbeing of the individual better than Craig does. He’s dedicated to making Australian’s fitter and healthier, and he’s certainly seen a lot of success in his time.

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Emma Murray

If it’s the body you want to train, you head to the gym. But if it’s the mind that needs work, you turn to Emma Murray. She’s a highly talented mindset coach with a background in psychology.

Her deep understanding of the human mind has made her a successful mindfulness and meditation expert, a hypnotherapist and a NLP master practitioner.

Emma’s work is considered the secret weapon that sealed Richmond Football Club’s three AFL premiership wins in four years.

Her work helps everyone, from Olympic athletes to executive and their staff, who want to inject a bit of mindfulness into their lives. Her goal is to help people reach their potential and keep reaching.

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John Toomey

John Toomey never stops speaking. That’s because he’s in extremely high demand as a conference and workplace speaker. He delivers presentations on mental wellbeing, workplace wellbeing, fatigue prevention, and mindfulness to thousands of people every year.

John’s background is in elite athlete preparation, and it’s given him a behind the scenes glimpse into the inner workings of some of Australia’s toughest individuals. The grit and determination required to make it at an elite sporting level is a testament to John’s work. He sees deep inside of people and works with the strength and resilience they already possess.

John inspires like nobody else. Hearing him speak is a privilege, and his work has benefited countless individuals.

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Josh Reid Jones

Josh Reid Jones is determined. Determined that help be made available to any person who needs it at the time they need it. Josh understands the power of appropriate support from his own difficult childhood. Growing up in poverty, Josh now runs the Just Be Nice project, which helps people to help others.

Josh’s positivity and optimism about our collective ability to be kind to each other are infectious. His work makes the world a better place, and he leaves everyone he talks to inspired to be the change they want to see in the world.

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A headshot of Lauren Burns OAMLauren Burns OAM

Lauren Burns’ CV is a seemingly unending list of achievements. From winning the first Taekwondo Olympic medal in 2000 to executive-level coaching (and everything in between), Lauren has dipped her toes into many unknown waters.

She’s always up for a challenge, and her go-getter attitude inspires people to follow their dreams.

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Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn is no stranger to success. The former AFL star moved into the world of corporate seminar speaking and never looked back. Since then, he’s made audiences everywhere laugh, contemplate, re-assess and laugh again.

He brings together the best of ancient wisdom and science from both eastern and western cultures. His workshops give his audience the power to change their lives. Audiences take away the skills and knowledge to create meaningful and sustainable change for the better, and they’ve usually had a good laugh in the process.

Mark is a not-to-be-missed speaker who enlivens any stage.

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Ray Good

Ray Good has been busy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, his services have been in higher demand than ever before, and he’s touched the lives of a huge number of people over the last few years. Ray is a mental health advocate and founder of The Good Place, an organisation with a powerful mission – to help end the global mental health crisis.

Ray’s teachings are grounded in neuroscience, and his audiences benefit from his extensive knowledge in this area. He teaches mental fitness and coaches work teams to create better working environments for their colleagues.

Audiences love Ray’s hands-on approach to mental wellbeing and his deep understanding of the human brain.

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Dr Sally Cockburn

Dr Sally Cockburn isn’t squeamish. As a GP, she’s seen it all, and as a health advocate, she believes we should be talking about all our health troubles a lot more. She talks about sex, relationships and the great mystery that is the human body and mind.

Sally is excellent at explaining the more complex concepts behind our physical and mental wellbeing. Known as ‘Dr Feelgood,’ she’s been on TV, radio and presents at many conferences, turning medical gibberish into plain English that anyone can understand.

Dr Feelgood empowers people to become advocates for their own health.

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Stan Alves OAM

Stan Alves has lived a life on the sporting scene. With over 200 AFL games under his belt for Melbourne Football Club, Stan has since moved into the world of business, becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Today, Stan speaks on a broad variety of topics. He is an excellent communicator and speaks eloquently about the intersection of sport and mental wellbeing. He is the patron of several community initiatives and has dedicated much of his life to helping others succeed.

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Tom Boyd

Tom Boyd did something deeply courageous and career-defining at just 18 years of age. He turned down a $2 million contract to play AFL for the Western Bulldogs, choosing instead to focus on his mental health.

Tom is young, but he has lived a whole life’s worth of ups and downs, both of which he speaks about with openness and honesty. His willingness to put his mental health first and be true to his passions is inspiring.

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Wayne Schwass

Wayne Schwass found his passion in AFL. His career spanned 14 years and well over 200 games, and since retiring, he has found a new calling: mental health advocacy. Wayne has channelled the drive he once felt on the AFL field into his social enterprise, Puka Up.

Puka Up is a suicide prevention initiative that provides education about mental health and suicide. As its founder, Wayne passionately believes that suicide is preventable, and his driving passion to support those living with mental illness are commendable.

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The past two years have been a struggle for many people. Now more than ever, the skills of the speakers on this list are critical to getting Australians through the pandemic. Talk to ICMI about how to book the speakers above and bring true talent to your next event.

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