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Key Points for Craig Harper

  • Craig Harper has an amazing perspective on life and living, a bloke who believes that success doesn't "happen to us' or fall on our head; we create it. A bloke who believes that success has nothing to do with fate, destiny or chance and everything to do with attitude, passion and action.
  • He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development. Working with hundreds of teams, companies and a wide variety of organisations over the last twenty years has given Craig a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables.
  • One of Australia's most respected motivational speakers and educators Craig has an ability to educate, inspire and make people laugh all at the same time.

Topics for Craig Harper

  • Motivation: what is it and how do we maintain it?  
  • From Mediocre to Amazing - creating our best life.
  • Defining, Exploring and Creating Success?  
  • Effective Goal Setting  
  • Exploring the Principles & Mechanics of Positive Change
  • Effective Communication 101 - at work, at home, in relationships  
  • The Relationship between Physical, Mental and Emotional health  
  • The Obesity Epidemic: why weãre so fat and what we can do about it right now  
  • What is Stress - and how do we manage it?  
  • Creating our Ideal Work Culture  
  • Getting the µPeople Stuffã right in Business
  • Time Management - why we waste so much time (and how not to) 
  • Effective management; managing me first  
  • Leadership - in business, in life  
  • Self Sabotage - getting out of our own way
  • Exploring our potential  
  • Overcoming our Stinking Thinking - winning the war of the mind  
  • The Relationship between Attitude and Outcome - creating a winning attitude  
  • Developing our Opportunity Consciousness  
  • Time-efficient Fitness  
  • Making Change a Forever thing 
  • The Destiny Myth - it's not pre-ordained, it's created
  • Destiny or decisions?  
  • The Seven(teen) Habits of Highly (In)effective People  
  • Excuse-ology; the Science of Excuse Making  
  • Energy Vampires and Dream Squashers

Testimonials for Craig Harper

Excellent - Craig was a fantastic speaker who held the audience captive for the length of his presentation.
Bayside City Council

Excellent. Craig was informative, entertaining and humorous
Clayton Utz

Very Good - Very confident, a great speaker and all round nice guy who spoke with a lot of passion about being motivated and healthy living!
Corporate Express

Excellent: The audience really enjoyed Craig's humorous and blunt approach to lifestyle, food and exercise
Timboon and District Healthcare Services