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Key Points for Josh Reid Jones

  • Josh is the CEO and founder of the Just Be Nice Project. The only organisation in the world that identifies and manages impact opportunities for organisations and turns them into help for people in need. Josh is an expert in social impact, purpose, happiness, mental health and corporate social responsibility.
  • An enormously relatable speaker from the building site to the board room, Josh is a qualified carpenter as well as holding a university degree in Philosophy, English Literature and Media & Communications.
  • With 12 years of entrepreneurial success under his belt, Josh has successfully started and run businesses in Construction, Health & Fitness and Social Impact.
  • Through the work of the Just Be Nice Project Josh is responsible for positive impacts for thousands of disadvantaged people throughout Australia, Africa and Asia.
  • Josh has had work featured in many online publications, as well as The Collective Hub, 2SM, 97.3FM and even ZBC (Zimbabwean National TV, for work in Zimbabwe)
  • Josh has presented to a wide range of organisations, from schools, government organisations and international NGO’s, to Telstra, Australia Post, Metro Trains, Nova 100, BT Financial Group.

Topics for Josh Reid Jones

  • Overcoming adversity
    The keys to recognising adversity in the lives of others, while also building resilience and character building frameworks to overcome adversity yourself or as an organisation.
  • How to look after the mental health of you and those around you
    Building understanding on the nature of both excellent and poor mental health and how to live your life in a way that best supports the mental health of you and those around you.
  • Building Character; Resilience, opportunity and happiness
    How to build yourself into a happy, self-reliant and positive citizen, friend and peer. Steps to improve your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Purpose-Led organisations. How to create an organisation with purpose and maximise your impact
    Want to do good through your business? Josh discusses how to assess impact and build it into your business in a way that uses your own unique opportunities to move beyond simple charitable transactions.
  • The future of philanthropy and charity; how we can do better
    A practical guide to having exponential positive impact through philanthropy, covering impact assessments, goal setting, asset management and the state of philanthropy and charity now.
  • Where to start when starting your own social enterprise
    If you are interested in where to start when thinking about your own social enterprise, or how to start one, Josh talks through the essential ingredients to creating and managing effective social enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurial social impact thinking in schools and businesses
    How can we get organisations thinking more dynamically about the way they do business? While keeping an eye on long term outcomes, Josh discusses the way to start having scalable impact immediately inside existing organisations.
  • What is disadvantage and equality of opportunity?
    Covering one of the most misunderstood topics in social impact, Josh discusses disadvantage and equality of opportunity to help audiences understand the need for social impact and how best to identify it.

Testimonials for Josh Reid Jones

Josh was absolutely FANTASTIC!! The crowd loved him, he was well prepared, took initiative and was lovely to deal with. It was a real pleasure working with him on all levels, and we would 100% use his services again and recommend him to others.
Dental Health Services Victoria

Josh - you are a credit  to the JBN Project - you made it look so easy. So impressive. Your nature and your speaking style is - to name a few things - inspiring, engaging, emotional, relatable and down to earth. And funny too! You've got a great sense of humour while dealing with such complex material. We are just so happy with the whole event, and you and Lindy were central to it all.

Josh provided an engaging and valuable presentation for the projects team at Metro Trains on the topic of mental wellness. Communication was wonderful and there was nothing but positive feedback from everyone in attendance. The enthusiasm and passion shown really resonated with everyone and they have taken away a lot from the presentation. We would love to work with Josh again in the future.
Metro Trains

Josh Jones has been an R U OK? Community Ambassador since February 2017. An organisation most well-known for R U OK?Day, a national day of action committed to encouraging and equipping everyone to regularly and meaningfully ask “are you ok?”, of anyone who might be struggling with life. Josh is passionate about improving the lives of others with a strong dedication to supporting the less advantaged in the community. Through personal experience he has been inspired to give back and to bring positive change to those he meets.  He has given up his time to help deliver the R U OK? message on countless occasions throughout Melbourne; schools, workplaces and community events. His high energy, motivation and commitment shines through on anything he does and is a huge asset to our organisation.

Just wanted to say thank you again for presenting last Thursday. It was so well received and I myself definitely learned and have taken on board the things that you spoke about.

The boys are rarely so engaged by speakers and have thoroughly enjoyed your work. They have taken away a lot and the way you handled their questions was fantastic.
Melbourne Grammar School

Thank you Josh!!! You were so excellent.  I’ve had really positive feedback and I loved the way you talked about a topic that is often confronting to broach.
Nova 100

Josh has such fantastic engagement with the kids and delivers such practical and important information in such a digestible manner. With at-risk youth it’s important to be able to keep them interested, field difficult questions and deal with tough topics, no easy task, yet handled so well by Josh. He is a credit to the Just Be Nice Project and the fantastic work they do in community development and tackling real issues faced by at-risk youth.
Stonnington Council

One of the most inspirational speakers and people that I have ever met, Josh presented so wonderfully, opening my eyes to the possibility of impact and using my skills in a way that I had not thought possible. I have never had disadvantage and opportunity spoken about in a way that really challenged what I thought I knew and left me wanting to learn so much more. I wish everyone could have the chance to listen to him. 
Count Financial / The Next Step Financial

We had Josh Jones present at one of our Professional Development Days in Melbourne. Josh is a very inspirational and engaging speaker which made our audience not only think about their clients but also their family and friends wellbeing. This topic is always relevant and his guidance, ideas and subtle conversation techniques were key takeout’s for our audience on the day.
BT Financial Group