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Key Points for Ray Good

  • Ray Good has spoken at many large scale events and conferences including Pause Fest, alongside speakers from NASA, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
  • Has worked with Tourism Australia, The Victorian Government, Tennis Australia, RACV, Westpac, Gelato Messina, Carsales and Nova entertainment to name a few.
  • Completed mindfulness facilitation training under Dr. Craig Hassed at Monash University, is an accredited meditation teacher and member of Meditation Australia.
  • His meditation practice spans 30 years, taking him on a journey travelling the globe and learning from the world’s leaders in mindfulness, meditation and neuroscience.
  • In 1993, was voted one of the worlds top 100 DJs alongside luminaries such as Carl Cox, Sash, Paul Oakenfold & Frankie Knuckles.
  • 30 year career as a trail blazing and visionary entrepreneur across a diverse range of industries.

Topics for Ray Good

  • The good place program
    The high performing mind - a virtual 4 week program
    These 4 x 40 minute sessions will empower your team to manage their mental health and emotional wellbeing and learn how to improve productivity and efficiency, whether working remotely or returning to the office. The sessions include education, coaching, experience and practice Q&A. 
  • Mindset
    • How to create a calm and focused mind to perform at your best.
    • Why mindfulness is being embraced by the world’s top thinkers, performers, organisations and teams.
    • Micro practices - your new super power to help you reset & recharge fast.
    • How to meditate and establish your own daily practice.
  • Resilience
    • Learn to manage stress, burnout and build resilience.
    • How to bounce back from setbacks and respond instead of react under pressure.
    • Breathing technique to quickly manage stress and feel calm fast.
    • Master sleep.
  • High-performance
    • How to manage constant distraction, information overload and stay on track.
    • Get more done in less time: we’ll teach you how to effectively gain an extra day a week in productivity.
    • Learn practical tools & strategies to make technology work for you, rather then against you.
    • Improve team communication, collaboration and relationships.
  • Happiness
    • The science of happiness and the secret of the world’s happiest man.
    • How to train your brain for positivity.
    • How gratitude makes us happier, healthier & improves our mental health.
    • The 5m Journaling hack to boost your emotional wellbeing.
  • Lead
    • Why self-leadership is the new self-care and critical to success.
    • Walk away with strategies and tools to master communication and manage conflict.
    • Learn why E.Q is the fastest growing must have skill for business leaders, and how to build it.
    • How to develop greater empathy and compassion, essential attributes for today’s leader.

Testimonials for Ray Good

Brilliant session. Super relevant and practical. I loved it!
Tourism Australia

Resoundingly the team LOVED you and the session which was practical, science-based, and readily do-able, In particular, the feedback was that they loved the quick and convenient micro-practices to adopt into their daily habits.

Lovely, warm, and genuine. Also funny.

The immediate benefits from the first session were evident with my team’s drive, focus, and mindful approach to their work. They all loved it! I can’t recommend Ray enough!
Head of Direct
Nova Entertainment

Ray's ability to deliver complex content in a digestible way is a skill not many have. He backed up themes with research, justified outcomes with science, and helped build behaviors in me that will hopefully change the way I approach life.
International Brand Lead