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Key Points for Ray Good

  • Ray has helps Australia’s biggest companies look after their team’s mental fitness and emotional wellbeing: the Victorian Government, Tourism Australia, Tennis Australia, RACV, Mercy Health, Macquarie bank, and Nova Entertainment to name a few.
  • He completed mindfulness facilitation training with Monash University and is an accredited mindfulness and meditation practitioner.
  • Ray is invited to speak at many large scale events and conferences including Pause Fest, alongside speakers from NASA, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
  • Ray has had a 30 year career as a trail blazing and visionary entrepreneur across a diverse range of industries - and was even voted one of the world’s top 100 DJs in 1993!

Topics for Ray Good

  • The resilient mind
    Our minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy: you’ll never have a more important relationship than the one you have with yourself. In this captivating keynote, you’ll learn to stop overthinking, gain better control of your thoughts, quit the negative self-talk, reduce stress and anxiety, and learn how to perform under pressure. By learning the science, strategies, and tools you need to regulate emotions, you will improve your mental fitness and resilience and learn how to deal with whatever life throws at you.
  • Peak performance mindfulness
    In the face of disruptions, competitive pressures, global uncertainty, and increased demands at work and at home, research shows we’re more stressed and burnt out than ever before. And yet as individuals and companies, we’re still under enormous pressure to perform. Through Ray's unique transformative approach, you will learn that the only thing standing in the way of achieving peak performance is yourself. Using real-life tools and strategies backed by neuroscience, you'll learn how to step beyond your limits and into greater potential, performing and feeling your best at work and home.
  • Mindset to lead
    This keynote is all about developing leadership skills, starting with learning how to lead yourself. By cultivating the three pillars of mindful leadership: self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-compassion, you will build your emotional intelligence and resilience, communicate more effectively, be more focused and productive with your time, manage stress, remain calm under pressure, and be the best leader for your team.
  • Inhale, exhale, repeat
    Breathe life into your team in this energetic and interactive keynote. By simply manipulating your breathing, you'll have the power to improve your mental state, regulate emotions, lower stress, boost focus, and increase energy. Find out why breathwork Is being adopted by everyone from elite athletes, corporate CEOs, the military, medical and mental health professionals and schools, to help them find calm fast, perform at their best, and supercharge their health and wellbeing.
  • Find your good place: The science of happy
    Happiness is a state of mind. According to neuroscientific and positive psychology research, happiness and contentment can be cultivated through connection, compassion, kindness, and gratitude. These practices release the brain’s feel-good chemicals, boosting our mood, reducing stress, improving sleep, and increasing our resilience and emotional wellbeing. This uplifting keynote will leave you inspired and with tools and techniques that will help you train your brain for positivity and happiness, setting you on the path to your Good Place.

Testimonials for Ray Good

Ray Good was amazing. He told us about his past which had the team intrigues, and then gave us some quick examples of mindfulness that we can practice during the day. All feedback l have received has been positive. Now to implement the changes!

If you are looking for someone to come into your business and inject high and positive energy whilst supporting and providing your team with the right tools, Ray's the man for you!
Senior Manager
People & Culture
Eric Insurance

Brilliant session. Super relevant and practical. I loved it!
Tourism Australia

News Flash! The Good Place exists and with Ray guiding us over the past 4 weeks we all felt as though we were shown how to get there and given the tools to continue to make time in our day & lives to remain in 'The Good Place'. The impact Ray has had on our staff has been fantastic and the feedback each week has been glowing and grateful. His ability to connect with us all even though it was via zoom is a credit to him personally & professionally. I cannot recommend Ray highly enough.
Executive Assistant
Cummins and partners

Message Media engaged with Ray Good to facilitate the High Performing Mind Series – a 4 week virtual program on mental health and emotional wellbeing in Aug/Sept this year. Not only was Ray engaging in his delivery, the sessions were informative and provided us all with knowledge on the tools and techniques around mindfulness and resilience. The feedback I received from the business about Ray was overwhelming and I can’t thank Ray enough for providing us with the skills to manage our mental health during these challenging times. I highly recommend Ray.
HR Business Partner

I've worked with Ray in a one-on-one coaching capacity and Corporate Team Session work across this year and couldn't be more of a supporter. His approach, his professionalism, his perspective and overall kindness set him apart in his field to be a true leader in the health and wellbeing space. Personally, I was a sceptic leading into this coaching with Ray, however the benefits of putting his teachings into practice quickly changed my view. The ability to handle stress effectively, be more focused, more efficient, resilient and productive have all been skills I've taken away with me. Ray's teamwork is inclusive and accessible for all work groups, however truly beneficial to high performing teams. The immediate benefits from the first session were evident with my team's drive, focus and mindful approach to their work. They all loved it! Can't recommend Ray enough!
Business Director
Nova Entertainment

Resoundingly the team LOVED you and the session which was practical, science-based, and readily do-able, In particular, the feedback was that they loved the quick and convenient micro-practices to adopt into their daily habits.

Lovely, warm, and genuine. Also funny.

Ray's ability to deliver complex content in a digestible way is a skill not many have. He backed up themes with research, justified outcomes with science, and helped build behaviors in me that will hopefully change the way I approach life.
International Brand Lead