18 Oct 2021

Best motivational guest speakers and conference speakers in Melbourne & Victoria

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Victorians are a different breed- although we used to complain about four seasons in a day, it’s now more like four lockdowns in a year. Sourcing local business speakers for corporate events has never been more important, so our expert consultants have compiled this list of Melbourne motivational speakers they recommend to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Though this list primarily focuses on motivational guest speakers to get your team, business or organisation back in a strong headspace, many of them wear other hats and can further help with mental health presentations, business workshops or leadership talks.


Dylan Alcott OAM

One of the most sought after conference speakers in Australia, Dylan Alcott’s reputation as a grand-slam winning/Gold medal winning Paralympian precedes him – but his personal journey is less well known. To survive a tumour wrapped around his spinal chord was one thing, but to make it through brutal bullying to become a bold risk-taker, takes a different kind of person.

Dylan isn’t afraid to call out injustice where he sees it and spreads a positive message of disability awareness wherever he goes.

More on Dylan here




Gus Balbontin


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Gus Balbontin is one of them. He’s an investor, entrepreneur, founder and explorer who has spent two decades helping businesses adjust strategies, products, services, culture and individuals to better deal with rapid and regular changing markets.

Gus is an energetic and engaging speaker who has a preternatural ability to take your audience on a journey that is both entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Find out more about Gus here



Simon Griffiths

Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap, a profit-for-purpose toilet paper company that uses 50% of its profits to build toilets in the developing world. He took something that everyone needs and used the proceeds to help people in need, and in five years has been able to donate $1.9 million to help build toilets. In 2020 Who Gives A Crap’s donations reached $8.3 million.

Simon is a genuinely funny man with a brilliant story to tell – without a doubt, the number one speaker for number 2s (and everything else). He’ll make you feel like anything is possible.

Find out more about Simon here



Mick Malthouse

Mick Malthouse is an inspiring, entertaining and highly motivational speaker. He is recognised for his ability to relate his sporting experience and success to life and business.

In his 27th year in charge at the highest level, Malthouse’s total VFL/AFL games coached is 639 (up to and including Grand Final 1 and 2010 Premiership). This puts him second currently on the all-time list behind Jock McHale. Although since the 1990 name change, Malthouse has coached the most AFL games of all time.

Find out more about Mick here





Cathy Freeman OAM

Cathy Freeman OAM is a proud Kuku Yalanji woman, an Olympic champion and was awarded Young Australian of the Year in 1990 and Australian of the Year in 1998.
Cathy was the first female Australian Aboriginal to win a gold medal at an international athletics event.

Today, Cathy dedicates her time to supporting Indigenous children experience their potential in school and beyond through the Cathy Freeman Foundation. The Foundation which delivers four educational programs designed to inspire 1,600 children to realise their own gold medal journey.

Find out more about Cathy here



Jelena Dokic

A former world number 4, popular tennis commentator and best-selling author of her autobiography ‘Unbreakable’, Jelena Dokic’s rise in the ranks of tennis was meteoric, reaching the quarter finals at Wimbledon at the age of just 16. With a steely nerve, she fought off opponents with the same gutsy zeal she used to fight off poverty and racism, bullying, discrimination, injury, depression – and the greatest fight of her life – the physical and emotional abuse she suffered for over 20 years at the hands of her tyrannical father and coach.

Jelena’s courageous story has captured a massive worldwide following. Her raw honesty will leave you in awe. She embodies hope and strength and perseverance and will leave any audience mesmerised.

Find out more about Jelena here




Rhiannon Tracey

The word inspirational is so frequently overused, it’s almost lost its meaning. However, when it comes to describing Rhiannon Tracey and her incredible life, it really is an understatement. Already doing more in her first few decades than many hope to achieve in a lifetime, Rhiannon is a motivational speaker, wellness advocate, model and lifestyle influencer with a beautiful point of difference.

While many may let a life-changing injury hold them back from living their dreams, Rhiannon has used it as further motivation to create a life she loves, helping and inspiring thousands along the way.

Find out more about Rhiannon here


Kate Roffey

Kate Roffey is a highly experienced Chief Executive and Non-Executive Director with high profile organisations and is a respected leader in sport, business and infrastructure.

Kate is also the president of the Melbourne football club, a popular media personality and an accomplished public speaker.

Find out more about Kate here




Carolyn Creswell

For close to 30-years, Carolyn has been chipping away at this labour of love which has seen Carman’s become a pantry staple across Australia.

The proud mother-of-four knows that saying yes to something, means saying no to something else, which has help her strike a healthy work-life balance.

Staying true to the brands ethos of real food, made with real passion she revels what it really takes to create Australia’s favourite muesli brand.

Find out more about Carolyn here




Emma Murray

Emma Murray is a master of mindfulness and a peak performance mind coach for top AFL teams and elite Australian athletes. She is considered the “secret weapon” behind Richmond Football Club’s history making 2017, 2019 and 2020 AFL Premierships.

From world and Olympic winning performances to helping the everyday person shift their focus off the fear and doubt and onto their best strengths and attributes, Emma helps facilitate real and lasting change in people.

Find out more about Emma here




James Dutton

In 2016 James Dutton found a gap in the market after his son had an adverse reaction to a common wound dressing. From grass roots starting in the home garage, he has grown this simple concept into a global multi-million-dollar business, created one of the most recognised eco-brands of this age and helped to set the path of change for consumerism.

James champions the ‘shop wisely’ movement in belief that ultimately it is the consumers that will steer the course of change into the future.

Find out more about James here




Gabby Leibovich

Gabby Leibovich along with his brother Hezi are an incredible Australian success story.

Gabby’s book Catch of the Decade tells the extraordinary story of how they revolutionised the retail, services, food and travel industries with their iconic businesses including Catch of the Day, EatNow/ Menulog, Scoopon and Luxury Escapes. Within 13 years they built, sold and/or merged these brands for more than a $1 Billion.

Gabby shares how he used grit, determination and chutzpah to go from a small market stall to business exits worth over a billion dollars.

Find out more about Gabby here



Olivia Carr

Olivia Carr has built more than a business: she’s forged a brand that’s synonymous with inspiring people and changing lives. She’s the catalyst behind SHHH Silk, a movement/brand that’s redefining world beauty, wellness and sleeping standards.

As an expert on philanthropy, female empowerment, social change and resilience, Olivia will change your world- like she changed the lives of countless women and men already.

Find out more about Carolyn here


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