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Key Points
  • James Dutton is a passionate leader and visionary whose career spans motorsport, building racing-teams, retail, publishing, carpentry and finance.
  • He worked alongside his forefathers in their century old family business, Dutton Garage (formally Dutton est. 1911). 
  • He is the founder of Nutricare, which since it's first product PATCH's commercial launch in 2017 has become one of the fastest growing brands with a global distribution network spanning more thank 35,000 retailers in 41 countries.
  • Awards include; 2nd place 1999 Australian Jet Ski Title world ranking of 5th in Sport class, 2018, Raced nationally in various motorsport categories from 2000-2004, including Carrera cup, V8 Brutes and GTP, Won the Australian ABA Australian Business Awards Eco Innovation award, 2018 Australian ABA Australian Business Awards Product Innovation, 2018 Australian ABA Australian Business Awards Product Excellence and in 2019 Won Telstra Victorian business of the year.
  • Media appearances include; Channel 9; Mentored; Seattle news; Channel 10; BBC world.
  • Box magazine co-publisher.
  • Previous and current clients include: Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, gulfstream, sunseeker, princess, Azimut, Ferretti, Pershing, Sotheby’s, Lloyds, Harrods, Woolworths, Coles, target, Walgreens, Walmart, amazon, chemist warehouse, API, Sigma, Symbian, Holland and Barrett, Albertsons, DM pharmacy, Thrive markets, wholefoods, London Drug Mart, CVS and many more…
  • Commences filming with Mark Bouris on his new Master Class Series in Sydney, March 2021. 
  • Patching up a big problem
    The Patch Journey from a Mount Eliza Kitchen, to a garage, to 41 countries distribution 3 years.
  • Global sales
    Understanding how to sell into different cultures tricks tips and technique.
  • Mindset - Building a global team
    How to grow a dedicated passionate team around the world.
  • Profit with purpose
    Effective sustainability, best practise and delivering on your promises.
  • Understanding the “why” and disconnecting your “brand ego”
  • Real corporate issues with start-ups - Navigating the business journey
    Power of human connection, commandeering a corporate take-over and finding your anchors to stay true.

James Dutton is an amazing speaker with an inspirational business story to tell.
I have had the pleasure of seeing James present on several occasions. Both as the keynote in front of an arena full of business executives and also in a more intimate setting with business owners. Every time he speaks you can feel his passion and wisdom come through. His stage presence would be summed up, for me, as transformational leadership through inspiration. That is what James does, he inspires greatness by sharing himself and the story of his journey in business... POWERFUL!
ColderICE Media

James is a dynamic entrepreneur and speaker who cares. His approach to building a great business and leadership is focused on authenticity and adding value to this world. He shares engaging and fun stories of his journey to build a company and brand that is disrupting huge traditional consumer companies and great lessons for leaders in business and life. James is an authentic founder who is making a positive impact in this world and on people.
DC based Forbes Top 50 non-profit that delivers over $400M/yr in goods to non-profits
Founding GM

James’ story on it’s own is captivating, but his storytelling and experience elevates Nutricare’s story to make it one of Australia’s great recent business successes. Chatting to James on The Mentor made it clear to me that Australia’s business community can find a wealth of insight and inspiration in his story.
Mark Bouris
Founder and Executive Chairman
Yellow Brick Road
Executive Chairman
TZ Limited

James is a hugely energetic, highly motivated, creative thinking individual who is an outstanding person to work with, full of good ideas and is highly enthusiastic and is passionate about his product and business. I would recommend him to anyone.
Hamish Mclachlan
Sports broadcaster
Seven Sport, Seven Network

Here at Unique, we simply love working with James. Not only is his passion highly infectious, his authenticity and sincerity is palpable from the moment you meet him. Coming from a place of pure love for his son’s health plight, James set about finding a solution for Charlie and in the process built one of the most innovative alternatives to a commonly used household item. I personally find him to be a man of integrity and a delight to partner with in business. A genuine “can-do” man.
Founder Managing Director
Unique Health Products

James is an incredible leader. His products are effective, beautiful and good for the environment. He is an inspirational speaker and the story of how he launched and grew (and continues to grow) Nutricare a true Aussie success story. I can't wait to see Nutricare products at every pharmacy and retailer across the world and know that this will be due to James' tenacity and amazing ability to tell his story.
Director, Investment
Australian Trade and Investment Commission
Australian Consulate-General, San Francisco

There is a famous saying about leaders that I hold very true to my heart: “When you leave a meeting with a manager, you learn how great he/she is. When you leave a meeting with a leader, you learn how great you are. James Dutton is a world-class leader who is passionate about leaving the world in a better place. I had the pleasure of getting to know James over the past 3 years through our shared affiliations with industry organisations that drive innovation and opportunities for Australian retailers. Most recently with Frontliners Australia where together with a group of likeminded individuals we were able to support the frontline workers dealing with COVID-19. James and the team at Nutricare provided much-needed bandages to frontline workers during COVID. Not only did James step out of his role and show up, he rolled up his sleeves and collaborated on strategy, messaging and problem-solving. James has outstanding knowledge and industry experience in distribution and a passion for delivering much needed natural and sustainable solutions to the healthcare market. I have watched in awe as Nutricare has literally taken their products around the globe and had unprecedented success in the natural therapy space.
General Manager
Aust. and N.Z, GoCardless
Startmate Mentor
Board advisor Brauz and Frontliners

I've known James from the start of the Nutricare journey and what's impressive is his ability to keep the same team around him through all the challenges of a global startup. He's a visionary and thinks in years not months but is able to translate that vision into a tangible reality for his team to keep the business moving. The very best leaders are those that can move quickly but also show a deep sense of care, empathy and trust and James has all of those qualities in abundance which is rare and why I believe he's so successful.
Co-Founder, Partner
Emu Search

I have had the great pleasure of knowing James Dutton for the past 20 years. He is one of the most talented, driven and hard-working executives I’ve ever met. And to say he is adaptive is an understatement. He created Nutricare Holdings, a totally new business, then during a global pandemic continued to drive its success. I commend him to you because to hear from a person with his business acumen is a rare gift.
Co-Founder, Partner
Newsflash Media Training Australia
Director of News
7 Melbourne
ABC Media commentator

James Dutton was headline Keynote at our 2019 conference with 1000+ retailers and industry leaders in attendance. James was ranked our #1 speaker for the event out of over 100 local and international speakers we present over the 2.5 days of the event. James is a great storyteller and speaks honestly about his business journey, bringing his audience with him. I highly recommend James Dutton for your next event.
Founder & CEO
Retail Global