10 Oct 2022

James Dutton: Out and About

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There aren’t many people that can say they’ve taken on some of the biggest Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies in history and won. Yet James Dutton can, and he’s excited to share both his story and his sales tactics. A champion of the ‘shop-wisely’ movement, this community superhero is a highly celebrated entrepreneur with a heart of gold, an astounding resume and a list of accolades that could almost fill a small novel. While he’s best known as founder and CEO of Nutricare, he’s also a passionate innovator, visionary and Profit with Purpose business leader whose career also spans across motorsports, retail, publishing, carpentry and finance. As a speaker, he consistently inspires greatness in any audience by sharing himself, his conscious authenticity and the story of his journey in business. What can’t this guy do!

In 2016 James Dutton found a gap in the marketplace after his son had an adverse reaction to a common wound dressing. This gap, it turned out, affected a significant portion of the global population as roughly 25% of the market were experiencing similar reactions to that of his 2-year-old son. With sheer will to make a positive impact in this somewhat stagnant marketplace, James Dutton took on some of the biggest companies in history in pursuit of making a truly ‘better for you, better for the planet’ alternative.

As Nutricare quickly became one of the most recognised eco-brands of this age (and even awarded the top 5% of Bcorp enterprises in 2022!), James found he had a global multi-million-dollar business on his hands just years after the launch of its first product ‘PATCH’ in 2017. He’s now employed by everybody from Woollies and Walmart to Porsche and Pershing, and has been repeatedly applauded and awarded for his socially conscious business know-how and Profit with Purpose mindset. This year James’ incredible work was recognised with the International Gold Award winner in The 19th Annual International Business Awards® for Entrepreneur – Consumer Products. He even had the honour of judging the 2022 National Telstra business awards for the Sustainable category!

A firm believer that it is the consumers that will ultimately steer the course of change into the future, James Dutton has helped to set a new, and refreshingly conscious, path for consumerism. While his sales and marketing know-how is unmatched, it’s his ability to back major profits up with deep purpose that really sets him apart. Naturally, he’s a wealth of wisdom when it comes to conscious creativity, innovation and sustainability, but he also has an incredibly inspiring business story to tell. As a specialist in disruptive retail, James is keen to share how you too can navigate the challenges of the industry to effectively build a great business that remains focused on authenticity and adding value to this world. It truly is an honour to hear and share James’ passion as an educator, dynamic entrepreneur and speaker who really cares deeply for this planet and its people. We are so inspired by everything James has already done, and can’t wait to see what comes next!


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