15 Feb 2022

Victoria’s must-have business speakers for your next event

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Victoria’s work landscape is rapidly changing. Over 200 days of lockdowns, working from home and significant changes to work-life dynamics means it might be time to re-think the very nature of work.

These speakers understand business, and they understand what makes businesses great. Not only that, but they know how to operate in disruptive environments. Futurists, entrepreneurs, and advisors, these speakers will leave audiences everywhere looking towards the future of work with excitement.


Anneli Blundell

Anneli Blundell understands human connection. She has made it her mission to humanise leadership and create a deep understanding of how social skills impact the way we work together. Her focus is on skills like collaboration and negotiation, and she is skilled at explaining how these ‘soft’ skills are critical to a highly functioning workplace that drives results. It’s with good reason she has been referred to as ‘the people whisperer’.

Anneli inspires her audience with her vision of genuine human connection and humanises the work environment in a compassionate manner.

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Carolyn Creswell

From a small and unknown labour of love, Carolyn Creswell built the Carman’s muesli and snack empire. A beautiful soul and a brilliant business mind, Carolyn shares the successes and failures of the Carman’s story candidly with audiences. Don’t just take our word for it – in 2013 Carolyn was recognised for her brilliance with the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award.

Her insight into creating a healthy work-life balance empowers audiences to do the same. This is becoming ever more important as the current climate brings work from the office directly into people’s homes and into their personal space.

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Gus Balbontin

Gus Balbontin is an adventurer, entrepreneur, former CTO and executive director of Lonely Planet. In this role, he led one of the world’s best-known travel companion brands through major disruption before shifting his focus to startups. Today, he is deeply embedded in startup scenes worldwide, where he invests, advises and supports.

Gus looks to the future with excitement, and his infectious storytelling skills leave audiences everywhere spellbound.

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James Dutton

James Dutton was inspired to launch eco-label Nutricare after his son had an adverse reaction to an everyday product. Now, Nutricare is one of the biggest brands in eco-friendly plasters and sports tapes.

A champion for meaningful change in the consumer cycle, James shows that business and leadership can come with a side of planet-hugging. From a garage bench to the international market, his success story will leave your audience inspired.

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James Kirby

James Kirby is a highly successful financial journalist, bringing the latest financial news to readers across the globe. His insightful style has seen him make a name for himself as one of the best experts in the Australian finance and investment sectors.

James takes complex information and distils it down into simple terms. This ability allows him to connect with audiences and put a human face to what is, to the everyday Australian, often a foreign world.

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Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke is known as the mind plumber. He’s the person that executives and founders turn to when they need their creative juices running on overdrive and can’t quite get there on their own. He works with clients in every industry on issues around creativity, leadership, management and more.

Jason’s quirky style means audiences love him, and his ability to weave humour into everything he does endears him further. He’s an excellent pick for all things Business.

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Kate Roffey

Kate Roffey has worked as a CEO and executive director across various organisations and companies. Specialising in sympathetic leadership, Kate aims to make the workplace a more human-centric place. She is an expert on the future of work, an especially relevant topic amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Currently the president of the Melbourne Football Club, Kate has a breadth of experience breaking glass ceilings and has proven she can drop into any organisation and make big things happen.

Kate’s speaking style is eloquent and warm, and she presents insights to her audience that will leave them intrigued and inspired.

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Peggy O’Neal AO

Peggy O’Neal is not only the first woman to ever serve as an Australian Football League club president, it was also under her leadership that her club, Richmond Football Club, experienced three Premiership victories in four years. This is an astounding victory for the American-born lawyer who specialises in superannuation and financial services law.

Peggy draws on a lifetime of exciting and varied experiences when she speaks to audiences. Her professional experience makes her an engaging speaker.

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Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths thinks about toilets a lot. As the co-founder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap? he leads one of the world’s biggest charitable toilet paper companies. His mission, and that of his company, is to build toilets in less-developed countries.

His unique approach of making an everyday essential an act of charity has seen Who Gives a Crap? turn into one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Australia. Simon continues to set the benchmark for how progressive startups gain traction and how modern companies are run, and his tales from along the way never fail to give his audiences new perspectives.

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Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino is one of Australia’s most celebrated speakers. His vision of the future as a space with potential for impactful change is inspiring. He empowers audiences to look at the future with excitement and wonder rather than trepidation.

In 2020, Steve spoke to over 100,000 people in 14 countries, connecting with his audiences through his sharp sense of humour and engaging speaking style. This futurist is a great pick for leadership and business events.

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Susan Alberti AC

Susan Alberti is nothing short of remarkable. A successful businesswoman and ambassador for the National Women’s Football League, Susan has made waves in industries and spaces typically dominated by men.

As a philanthropist and fundraiser, she has helped raise over $200 million, money that will go into research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. As a speaker, Susan brings her many years of extraordinary experience to the stage. Her story is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

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These exceptional business speakers bring years of unique experiences to the table. Employers and employees alike are often hesitant about what the future of work might bring, especially in these extraordinary times. These speakers are futurists and optimists, and if anyone can inspire your audience to think outside the box when it comes to the future of work, it’s them.

These speakers and more are available to book via ICMI. Contact us to find out how.

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