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Key Points for James Kirby

  • James Kirby is a breath of fresh air on the Australian speaking circuit. Though he is a first class business analyst and commentator he also has the practical experience of running a business, which allows him to instantly connect with any audience.
  • He has addressed every type of audience as diverse as caravan park owners to Chief Financial Officers; From librarians to rural development associations.  He is always ready to tailor his presentations or MC style to the relevant audience.
  • With a wide array of weekly media appearances and a key role in the national newspaper James is absolutely up-do-date on the key issues and trends that will affect your business, group or organisation in the months ahead.
  • He is a favourite 'repeat' visitor at conferences he attends and is ready to offer a range of testimonials.
  • He is also the author of the best-selling 'Business Secrets' series of books profiling leading Australian entrepreneurs.
  • He was a co-founder and shareholder in the Australian Independent Business Media, which was taken over by News Ltd in 2012. As a result James has a clear understanding as to what it takes to create, build and run a successful business.
  • James is an experienced corporate speaker with a warm 'Irish' anecdotal style who captures the excitement of big business through an entertaining and highly topical presentation. He is always contemporary in content and relevant to current news and events.



Topics for James Kirby

  • The outlook for the Australian and global economies
  • The outlook for the Australian financial services sector
  • What economic development opportunities there are in Australia
  • The sustainability of the Australian housing market
  • Optimising opportunities in superannuation and SMSF’s
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Host
  • Facilitator

Testimonials for James Kirby

James has a great talent for isolating and explaining the key issues that are concerning his audience at any time.
Robert Gottliebsen

Very good speaker and presenter. Appreciated his openness to make most of the day and conduct interviews with non-for-profit community media groups.
Developing East Arnhem Limited

I would rate James Kirby as one of the greatest speakers we have had for our event, which focused on Major Projects and Investment into the state. I’ve had the pleasure to work with James on two occasions, with approximately seven years between both speaking engagements, and would highly recommend him as a speaker. The feedback we received from those that attended said that James was the highlight of event, and would be happy to hear from him again at future events. James is passionate speaker who delivered a concise and easy to understand presentation for all level of understanding.
Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy 

James Kirby’s presentation on the Australian economy, international outlook and regional implications was pertinent and of keen interest to our 100 strong audience which came from very diverse backgrounds. Key themes were well illustrated with headline data from Australia and elsewhere, and his informal style and ready capacity to quickly integrate local themes and information into the broader talk was greatly appreciated. A recommended  speaker!
DEEWR, Tasmania 

James is always professional and has excellent presentation skills being able to both read from a script or ad lib. He is an engaging, witty and intelligent presenter.
Acting CEO, General Manager
The Walkley Foundation