23 Feb 2022

The best NSW based speakers on Sustainability

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There is a growing movement of people interested in living sustainably. The ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic is leading many individuals and businesses to re-evaluate their priorities, and sustainability is coming out on top.

While plenty of people have the motivation to live more sustainably, many don’t know where to start. Events are a great way to bring together curious minds and the expertise of those making waves in the sustainability space. These speakers inspire individuals and business leaders to make positive changes for a sustainable future.


Dr Anika Molesworth

A passion for food politics has dominated Anika Molesworth’s life. Growing up on a farm in rural Victoria, Anika was in tune with the natural world’s cycles. Still, it wasn’t until prolonged disaster arrived that she understood all the factors. Her experience during the millennium drought from 2001 to 2009 made her take notice of the link between food production and climate change.

Anika speaks on agro-ecological climate resilience with a deep passion. She lives and breathes sustainability and has won numerous awards for her work.

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Costa Georgiadis


Costa Georgiadis is known in households across Australia for his incredible gardening skills. Costa’s infectious smile has graced Australian TV screens for many years, and he’s ignited a passion for the great outdoors in Aussies everywhere.

Costa’s love for planet earth is palpable in everything he does, and he spends his days in deep connection to the land. His understanding of seasons and cycles is unparalleled, and it’s impossible not to be inspired by him.

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Craig Reucassel

While many Australians will remember Craig Reucassel from his days on The Chaser’s War on Everything, his recent endeavours focus on ensuring the planet remains habitable. He is the presenter of the ABC TV series War on Waste and Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge.

Craig is passionate about helping Australians understand the climate impact of their actions. From the effects of food waste to fast fashion, Craig has been opening eyes to Australia’s sustainability challenges for many years. He makes audiences everywhere laugh and think, a winning combination for the planet.

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Jon Dee

A deep and enduring passion for sustainability led Jon Dee to found one of Australia’s best known environmental NGOs, Planet Ark. While such a legacy might have been enough for most, Jon’s desire to do good for the planet knows no bounds. He founded National Op Shop Week, One Tree per Child, and RockAid Armenia, raising funds for regions of Armenia devastated by an Earthquake in 1988.

Jon excels at bringing home the message that sustainability should be a key part of business practices. He hosted the Sky News Business Channel’s Smart Money for three years, explaining in depth how sustainable practices benefit businesses’ bottom line.

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Pete Ceglinski

If it can be done in the ocean, Pete Ceglinksi has done it. Free-diving, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and scuba diving ignited a love for the sea in Pete that gave his life direction.

Pete combined his background in product design and his love for the ocean to create the Seabin Project, a fleet of floating rubbish bins that collect rubbish, oil, and fuel. Over 800 seabins are floating through the world’s oceans, and they collect upwards of three thousand kilograms of waste every day.

Pete understands that ocean health is planet health and has made it his life’s mission to clean up our oceans.

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Dr Rebecca Huntley


As a social researcher, Dr Rebecca Huntley understands people. Currently the director of VoxPopuli, Rebecca is immersed in social trends. Previously, she was the director of The Mind and Mood Report, providing insights into Australians’ thinking and predicting social trends.

Rebecca’s unique insight into what everyday Australians are thinking and feeling is invaluable. Understanding the country’s mood is an absolute must when it comes to sustainability.

Rebecca explains how a nations’ mood and mindset can shift over time and how to utilise this natural flow to maximise results in the sustainability sector.

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Ronni Khan AO

Ronni Khan’s food rescue empire, OzHarvest, has humble beginnings. In 2004 she began rescuing good food and distributing it to people in need. It was a simple and selfless act that soon exploded into a movement. Today, OzHarvest delivers the equivalent of 25 million meals a year.

Ronni works tirelessly on two causes critical to environmental and social sustainability: ensuring that all Australians have enough to eat and minimising food waste. Her passion for her work is infectious, and she leaves everyone she speaks to inspired.


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Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Few individuals have made as much of an impact on industry sustainability as Veena Sahajwalla. She’s an innovative thinker and the 2022 NSW Australian of the Year.

Veena’s interest is finding new ways to turn waste into usable products. Early in her career, she developed a process that included recycled tyres in the steel making process. This product is called green steel.

Today, she’s working to combine old textiles with glass, a sustainable process that turns the two into hard green ceramics which can be used for floors and walls.

Her unique take on the role of waste is refreshing, and she inspires audiences to re-consider what is seen as waste.

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Mindy Woods

Mindy Woods believes that food is a gateway to culture, comfort and sustainability. A proud Bundjalung Widjabul Wia Bul woman, Mindy is all about connecting people to culture via the medium of food. The 2012 Masterchef Australia winner works extensively with native Australian foods to bring more sustainability to the figurate and literal table.

Mindy’s mission is to help all Australians form connections to the land through food. She is a life-long learner, gaining more skills and knowledge in bush food and horticulture. Through this, she hopes to protect native foods and the environment simultaneously.

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Sustainability is more than a buzzword. The speakers listed here prove that sustainability can and must be deeply embedded into every element of both businesses and society. Book these speakers and more through ICMI today.


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