26 Oct 2021

Five of the top Perth, WA Mental Health speakers to inspire and empower your audience

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Modern life can be fraught with mental health challenges. Burnout has become a growing problem and work-life balance is close to non-existent for many individuals.

These top five mental health speakers will empower your audience with their extraordinary stories of hope and survival in the face of adversity.


Michael Weston

Michael Weston’s extraordinary journey from iron ore miner to motivational speaker traverses many hardships. The stress of his professional life and poor work-life balance led to an acquired brain injury, the repercussions of which Michael lives with to this day alongside several mental health conditions.

Michael speaks about his experience in the hopes of inspiring others who have struggled with similar challenges. His key topics are mental health in the workplace and explaining the devastating impact that highly stressful work environments can have.

Find out more about Michael here




Tiny Holly

Tiny Holly has made a name for himself as a hugely successful auctioneer. Not only has he excelled professionally, but Tiny has also dedicated his career to various causes around Australia. He has donated thousands of dollars to Lifeline WA, a mental health resource he personally turned to when he was at his lowest.

Tiny’s personal journey has seen him wage a long battle with depression. Tiny now speaks from the heart about his struggles and the road to recovery.

Find out more about Tiny here



Tenille Bentley

Tenille Bentley’s mission is to break the generational cycle of trauma and provide avenues to healing for children and parents around the world.

A domestic abuse survivor, Tenille works tirelessly to help others. She has been a guest on numerous television and radio channels and is sought after as a speaker and educator. Her story of not only surviving but thriving in the face of adversity will leave your audience inspired and empowered.

Find out more about Tenille here


Russell Ord and Shanan Worrall

Russell and Shanan’s extraordinary story of friendship and survival will leave your audience breathless. The two became mates for life when Russell saved Shanan’s life after a dramatic wipeout in the surf.

These two men have seen a lot in their years in the ocean, from giant waves to huge great whites. Both turned to the ocean as a place of solace and calm when they began struggling with mental health challenges. Today, the two are avid surfers, divers and photographers. Their story of resilience in the face of both mental and environmental challenges will leave your audience inspired.


Find out more about Russell & Shanan here



Dr Jenny Brockis

Driven by her natural curiosity about the world around her, Dr.Jenny Brockis found what she thought was the perfect profession. She became a GP and board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, a path that allowed her to explore questions about the body and mind connection.

After suffering from burnout, Jenny found her true calling. She has made it her mission to create work environments free from burnout, allowing people to be their best selves both at work and at home. She is a published author several times over and will leave your audience empowered to better their work-life balance.

Find out more about Dr Jenny here


These speakers have been on some incredible journeys of self-discovery. They have faced struggles most can only imagine and found resilience and strength inside themselves in the process. Contact us today to book any of the above mental health speakers for your next in-person or virtual event.

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