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Key Points for Michael Weston

  • Michael Weston has 20 years of experience in the mining industry, with 16 years in Iron Ore Production and Export in the Pilbara Region.
  • In 2013, Michael suffered a severe incident that led to a diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury and other mental health conditions.
  • Michael overcame significant personal challenges and now shares his experiences globally as a Workplace Speaker, focusing on mental health and resilience.
  • Michael's story highlights the importance of mental health awareness and the power of resilience in achieving a better work/life balance.

Topics for Michael Weston

  • Head above water
    Lived experience story of great adversity to triumph.
    Import lessons you will take away include:
    • Mental health and wellbeing
    • Reducing stigma
    • Building resilience
    • Prevention strategies
    • Work / life balance
    • Core values
    • Health
    • Happiness
  • Building resilience towards a healthy mind
    Preventative measures and coping strategies for audiences of all levels.
  • Creating and embracing a mentally healthy team
    Positive work environment for leaders.

Testimonials for Michael Weston

Michael Weston was our inaugural Guest Speaker at our Ambitious Leaders Network held in Perth. Michael moved and inspired our audience with his life-changing and engaging speech Head Above Water. An important message for every Ambitious Leader.
Ambitious Leaders Network

Michaels story is very thought provoking and a wake-up call to many of us, not only how we manage our own work/life balance, stresses and pressures that come with them but also serves as a reminder to actively consider the health and well-being of the people we work with, those who work for us and those we work for. Our actions and influences can impact both positively and negatively. Thank you for the timely reminder Michael, much appreciated.
Operations & Compliance Manager

Thanks for the opportunity to hear from someone who has experienced it first-hand. It really makes you think what is important in life. Your story is truly amazing and I take my hat off to you for having the courage to share it with all of us.
Consultant to the Resources Sector

I had the privilege to work with Michael in the time leading up to his injury. He was a professional, driven, technically capable and inspirational people leader – refreshing to see within a cut throat industry at the time. Following his injury, I asked him to return to the workplace to speak with my team and I can honestly say his story changed lives – mine for one. Audiences relate to him and his journey and he has an ability to engage people in self-reflection on many levels. To this day I use “Michaels Story” very regularly to remind people of what’s truly important in life.
Services Manager Port Operations, Rio Tinto (pre-Michael’s injury)
Kumon Instructor (post-Michael’s injury and self-reflection journey)

Compelling listening, thought provoking and a revelation on what is actually important in life.
CERT Training WA

A story that tugged at you from all angles, it touched the heart and soul and made us ask the question – who is in control? A very real perspective.
Wife and Mother of 5