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Key Points for Tenille Bentley

  • Tenille Bentley established a 7-figure tech company within two years through her innovative leadership.
  • She spearheaded a philanthropic program that positively impacted over 40,000 children across five countries.
  • Tenille received 14 awards for her symphony orchestra's collaboration with researchers to study the health benefits of sound.
  • She developed a global education project through ELMA Education, aimed at enhancing emotional intelligence and mindset.

Topics for Tenille Bentley

  • From receptionist to multimillion dollar business woman
    Tenille shares her journey from humble beginnings to leading a fast-growing company, providing raw insights into building a 7-figure business from scratch. Key lessons in leadership, resilience, and strategic growth are highlighted.
  • The neuroscience of leadership
    Explores how our brain impacts leadership abilities. Tenille shares insights from top leaders and discusses whether leadership is innate or learned, supported by neuroscience.
  • Behind the veil of success - A story to inspire & motivate
    Tenille shares her personal journey through challenges and trauma, demonstrating how she turned her life around. This session inspires and motivates, highlighting resilience and transformation.
  • Navigating difficult conversations with emotional intelligence workshop
    Focuses on handling difficult conversations with empathy and clarity. Techniques to enhance emotional intelligence and effective communication are shared.
  • Emotional intelligence for educators, schools and students
    A workshop designed to help educators and students develop emotional intelligence skills. Techniques for emotional regulation, empathy, and improved communication are discussed.
  • Optimise your day for success workshop
    Teaches wellness strategies to achieve personal and professional goals, including goal setting, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques. Helps improve work-life balance and performance.
  • Employee mental health & wellbeing workshop
    Addresses workplace stress and absenteeism with transformative wellbeing programs. Techniques to reduce cortisol and improve mental health are discussed, with a focus on sustainable changes.
  • Digital health workshop
    Examines the impact of digital overload on health and wellbeing. Provides strategies to manage digital noise and improve productivity and happiness.
  • Children's mental health & wellbeing workshop
    Shares insights from The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids. Focuses on emotional regulation, digital management, and life skills for children.
  • A busy mind, a busy life
    Guides participants through techniques to create more time and space in their lives. Covers the neuroscience of brain function and provides a relaxation method to reduce stress and improve clarity.
  • Stress reduction and brain wave sound therapy workshop
    Explore the science behind stress and learn techniques to reduce it through brain wave sound therapy. This workshop provides an experiential journey into using specific frequencies to alter brain wave activity, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. Participants will learn practical methods to incorporate sound therapy into their daily routines for improved mental health.

Testimonials for Tenille Bentley

Tenille offers insightful, thoughtful perspectives and suggestion throughout her book about how to use and manage the digital world to advance ourselves and humanity. Read with an open heart and enjoy what she caringly has to say. Let’s ride this digital wave together as one people, one heart, and one world.
Executive Vice President
HeartMath Institute

Let me thank you Tenille, because you are providing the world with great information that's necessary for evolution, and to me that's a service that is part of this whole evolutionary up-wising.
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
International Best Selling Author, Stem cell biologist

Wow inspiring Tenille, I loved your warm natured format, thank you for sharing your amazing platform.
Dr John Demartini
Human Behaviorist, Educator, Best Selling Author

Her professionalism and knowledge within the social media and digital space is outstanding and unmatched within this rapidly expanding market area.
Chairman iinet and Chairman of The Australian Institute of Company Directors

Tenille is like a breath of fresh air.. truly inspirational and educational. I would recommend Tenille to any organisation or group wanting to discover the latest in leading Business Technology and Marketing strategies. Plus.. mix this with her personal story and passion for philanthropy she is perfect for any audience.
Entrepreneurs Institute

I am a big fan of you and your community.
Jack Delosa
The Entourage

Inspiring speech that many in the audience found motivating.
Department of Local Government and Communities

Tenille was wonderful – she was relatable, knowledgeable and exceeded expectations. Our attendees at our Luncheon and Workshop connected with her and was able to take away something from her speech/workshop. Would highly recommend Tenille and happily work with her again.
The Business Centre Pilbara