03 Jan 2024

The top mental health speakers in Sydney, NSW

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Low mental health is at an all-time high. When it comes to mental health speakers, Sydney is fortunate to have an extensive resource of talent who can provide inspiring stories of resilience. Their lessons go beyond great storytelling, equipping audiences at your event with practical insights on how we can all face challenges in life head on and improve our overall mental health and wellbeing. Whether due to the stresses of work, school, cost of living or global affairs, people need support more than ever. With our mental health and wellness speakers, Sydney-siders can discover new options for managing their mental wellbeing.

These impactful speakers have had unique experiences navigating and overcoming mental health challenges. They bring a mix of hands-on tips and stories of their own resilience and strength to audiences everywhere.


Kath Koschel - mental health speakers Sydney

Kath Koschel

Kath Koschel is truly a survivor. Her extraordinary journey to recovery has seen her break her back twice and lose a close loved one to suicide. Rather than let these experiences break her, Kath was inspired to see the kindness in the world. She founded The Kindness Factory, with a mission to make the world a kinder place, one small act at a time.

Her resilience and tenacity are inspiring, and her journey of turning tragedy into triumph will leave your audience empowered and motivated. Based in NSW, Kath shares her deeply personal story of overcoming adversity and accepting change with grace and dignity.

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John Brogden - mental health speakers Sydney

John Brogden AM

John Brogden has been many things. Local NSW politician, opposition leader, suicide survivor, husband, and father. His career has seen him live life in the public eye, a difficult position for someone struggling with mental health issues behind the scenes.

Today, John is the Chairperson of Lifeline, a suicide prevention initiative. John speaks with bravery and raw honesty about his experiences with depression and suicidal ideation. He leaves audiences moved and well-informed on how to maintain their own mental health and be a positive influence on those around them.

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Chelsea PottengerChelsea Pottenger

Chelsea Pottenger is on a mission to change the world, one breath at a time. She teaches hands-on coping strategies that allow her clients to manage stress better and feel better. Working out of NSW, Chelsea links mindfulness to productivity and works with big brands such as eBay, Uber and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few.

Chelsea is an ambassador of The Gidget Foundation and R U OK? Day 2024. She is known for her warm energy, her ability to connect with any audience and leave hearts and minds changed for the better.

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Gus Worland

Gus Worland is an Australia television and radio host, and passionate advocate for Building the Mental Fitness of all Australians. Gus founded Gotcha4Life in 2017, following the success of the ABC series Man Up and losing a very close friend and life mentor to suicide.

Gotcha4Life believes in the power of connection and champions the idea of proactively building the resilience required for the challenges that life throws at us. Gotcha4Life funds educational workshops and training programs that build mental fitness to activate strong, open and binding relationships.

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Marlee Silva

Marlee Silva, a dynamic young leader hailing from Gamilaroi and Dunghutti ancestries, has left an indelible mark. With bestselling book ‘My Tidda, My Sister’ illuminating Australia’s pioneering women and helming Aboriginal youth suicide prevention at Cultural Choice Association, she radiates impact.

NRL commentator and ABC Sport radio host, Marlee evolved from co-CEO at AIME Mentoring. A captivating speaker, her media footprint spans NITV, ABC, and Today Extra. Committed to advocacy, she champions causes, sits on charity boards, mentors Indigenous youth, and shines as a NRLW commentator on Wide World of Sports.

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Leanne Faulkner

Leanne Faulkner works at the intersection of small business ownership and wellbeing. She understands the people who work well in small business produce a business that will also work well. Leanne Faulkner was the founder of the skincare brand Billie Goat Soap.

She is an engaging and authentic keynote speaker who has the ability to connect with audiences of any size. She is an experienced host who understands the nuances of presentations. Her recent clients include Xero, CommBank, American Express and CPA.

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These are just some of our talented mental health and wellbeing speakers Sydney based organisations can book to provide audiences at your event with not only inspiration and confidence, but also practical tips they can use in their everyday lives. From tips on how to look out for one another and ask if someone is okay to inspiring personal tales of resilience, these speakers can reinforce the importance of sharing our challenges with mental health. ICMI have a diverse roster of talent suitable to events of all kinds, whether you’re looking for mental health speakers for schools, in the workplace or for a community event.

Find the perfect individual to fit the theme, audience and style of event you’re putting together a women’s mental health speaker to a men’s mental health speaker or a more general motivational speaker who can connect with and excite your audience with inspiring tales that highlight the ups and downs of life. Great mental health and wellbeing starts with open conversations, and our speakers are here to help you break the ice.

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