23 Feb 2022

Health and wellbeing in a global pandemic: top Sydney and NSW based speakers for your next event

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Many factors form good mental and physical health and wellbeing. These speakers believe that good health and wellbeing makes individuals and workforces resilient, strong and productive. They harness the power of neuroscience, mindfulness, and their own lived experiences to advocate for good health for all Australians.


Anna-Louise Bouvier

Anna-Louise Bouvier’s take on wellness and health is refreshing. She is less about wellness woo-woo and more about getting in touch with your wobbly bits. Her approach is relatable, and she believes everyone deserves to feel well.

While she is often on TV and radio, her behind the scenes work is consulting with organisations dedicated to making their employees lives better. This is where Anna-Louise truly excels. She works in injury prevention and provides tailor-made solutions for the unique individuals that make up a workforce.

Anna-Louise’s insights into how stress affects the body are one of the many things that make her unique as a presenter. She is dedicated to her work and to making all Australians a little bit healthier.

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Chelsea Pottenger

Chelsea Pottenger teaches the value of the here and now. Chelsea teaches mindfulness and provides techniques for her audiences to address their stress cues to reduce stress, clear the mind, and calm the body.

Listening to Chelsea speak is not only inspiring but also fun. She brings a mix of humour, a deep knowledge of the science behind mindfulness and an engaging speaking style together to captivate audiences around the country.

Chelsea is trusted by big companies including IGA, eBay, Google and Woolworths to bring mindfulness into their workplaces. She is truly a game-changer in the world of wellbeing.

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Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton’s life changed irrevocably when he suffered a public psychotic episode in 2000. He went from being someone whose life was untouched by mental illness to being at the centre of his own mental health crisis.

This experience was extremely difficult for the respected sports broadcaster yet ultimately changed his life for the better. Today he is a sought after guest speaker, having spoken to audiences extensively about his experience.

From working with Beyond Blue, Lifeline and government departments to appearing on 60 minutes, ABC News Breakfast and more, Craig uses his experience to emphasise the importance of mental health.

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Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan is passionate about driving positive mental wellbeing change in the workplace. He is the founder of ‘are you ok at work’ day and a bestselling author. His motivation is around building resilience into workforces, supporting individuals to reach their potential and be mentally well as they do it.

He regularly engages with media in Australia and abroad, speaking on these critical topics.

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Gus Worland

Gus Worland believes strong relationships are the key to suicide prevention. His initiative, Gotcha4Life, was founded in 2017 after the death by suicide of a close mentor and friend. Gus’ approach is proactive, and he works hard to lower Australia’s appalling high suicide rate.

His presentation and people skills are second to none. He has spent ten years in breakfast radio and has appeared on multiple reality television programs. Gus’ public appearances have included the 2016 ABC series Man Up, which examines modern masculinity and its intersection with mental health.

Gus is out to save lives, and his passionate approach is infectious.

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John Brogden AM

John Brogden has lived his life in the spotlight. From the youngest person ever to lead a major political party in Australia to a public suicide attempt, the highs and lows of John’s life have played out in the public domain.

His own experience as a suicide survivor became a turning point in his life. It ignited a passion in him, and he has become a fierce advocate for better mental health for all Australians. As the Chairman of Lifeline, he has made a tangible difference in the lives of Australians living with mental illness.

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Kristin Hansen

Kristin Hansen believes that understanding how the human brain works is the key to wellbeing. Her NeuroTREAD framework, which stands for Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop, form the basis of her work. She explains the brain’s workings in a digestible and humourous way and leaves audiences feeling empowered to take control of their brains.

Kristin’s company, EnHansen Performance, has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies, including Deloitte, Google, Goodman, Arnott’s and more. She is regularly called on as an expert in this field and has been a speaker at countless events as well as a radio commentator.

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Osher Günsberg

Osher Günsberg has one of the most recognisable smiles on Australian television. With close to two decades hosting everything from Australian Idol to the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise as well as The Masked Singer, Osher’s presence on Aussie’s TV screens has made him one of the country’s most famous personalities.

More recently, Osher branched out into memoir writing and his memoir Back, After the Break became a bestseller. He is a mental health advocate and speaks openly and honestly about his struggles with mental health.

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Heidi Dening

Heidi Dening is a resilience expert, not least because she has needed quite a bit of resilience to survive what life has thrown her way so far.

A list of what Heidi has survived reads like a thriller: kidnapped at gunpoint, petrol bombs, a tsunami and a paralysing illness. She has survived it all and come out the other side stronger and more determined than ever to leave her mark on the world.

Heidi teaches resilience to everyone, from kids to CEOs and everyone in between. She believes in the power of education to change the world and empowers everyone she meets to make tangible changes to their lives.

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Two years into a global pandemic, Australians have been feeling the pressure. Lockdowns, restrictions and separation from family and loved ones have made these past couple of years extremely difficult.

Many have struggled with their mental health. These speakers are candid and refreshingly honest. They offer a mix of lived experience and practical tools to help everyday Australians take control of their wellbeing. Contact ICMI about booking these speakers for your next event.


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