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Key Points for Graeme Cowan

  • Graem Cowan advocates actionable strategies for navigating workplace challenges.
  • He is the founding Board Director of R U OK?, driving impactful change.
  • Graeme hosts The Caring CEO podcast, amplifying compassionate leadership.
  • Battling personal adversity, Graeme champions resilience and well-being.

Topics for Graeme Cowan

  • Resilience for moments that matter
    Small steps, remarkable results
    In times of change and frantic activity, it can be easy to forget self-care. Adopting tiny habits can help you enjoy the direct link between self-care, resilience, and growth. These small steps are the secret to being prepared for moments that matter at home and at work. You will learn:
    • How to identify your mood vampires through Graeme’s science-based 15-point Self-care Snapshot.
    • How to embed ONE new small habit to boost your mood, influence, and productivity.
    • 3 ways to bounce back faster from set backs.
  • 3 Secrets of Great Teams
    Care, robust, and growing
    Are we connected? Do we have a shared future? Are we safe? These 3 qualities are central to better team performance in a volatile world. A future ready leader's #1 priority is to build more caring and resilient teams, who enjoy growing together. You will gain simple, actionable steps, including:
    • 3 ways to build a more caring, trusting, and connected team.
    • How inspire team psychological safety (#1 of predictor of team innovation).
    • How to embed a growth mindset and reduce risk.
  • Building an R U OK?365 Culture
    Stopping little mental health problems getting bigger every day
    The CSIRO has identified rising work stress as a mega risk to productivity. Setbacks can happen any day, so having a sustainable and caring culture is critical. You will learn how conversations are the key to:
    • Identifying and supporting someone who is struggling.
    • The 3 elements of a high impact R U OK?365 launch.
    • Australian workplaces embedding an R U OK? culture every day.
  • From Purpose to Impact
    Thriving on change with meaning
    Purpose is increasingly being seen as the key to navigating the rapidly changing world we face today, where strategy is ever changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong. Graeme Cowan has seen R U OK? rise from an inspiring purpose to achieve huge impact. He reflects on this case study, and many others (individual and work) to show:
    • How to reflect on your proudest moments and passions to uncover your purpose.
    • How to translate your purpose to action each week.
    • How to link your personal purpose -and impact -to team impact.
  • eLearning Solutions
    Whilst really enjoying educating leaders and teams to be more resilient, Graeme Cowan is also aware of how knowledge fades over time. Research shows people need ‘refreshers’ and the opportunity to apply the lessons on the job.
    This led to Graeme Co-Founding a social enterprise called FactorC, which is dedicated to using digital solutions to help create more caring and mentally healthy teams.
    He also helped to develop the WeCARE training campaign (in consultation with industry), to help employees, employers, and R UOK? It is a 20-minute eLearning course which is accompanied by a poster, guidebook, and wallet card.
    In pilots recently completed with the University of Sydney and Ernst & Young, and 53 other people from 21 organisations:
    • 94% said they were more confident they could help a mentally distressed colleague, and;
    • 96% rated it 7/10 or above -in how likely they would recommend it to a colleague or friend (Net Promoter Score).

Testimonials for Graeme Cowan

I’ve used Graeme Cowan three times to help my leaders focus on what they can control. We walk away with tools, activities, and stories that we can use for ourselves, our teams, and in our personal lives. He cares and is definitely someone to work if you value your team’s resilience & wellbeing.

Graeme Cowan is at the forefront of research around what is needed to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work. Our clients often engage Graeme beyond the event, to continue the conversation. He has his finger on the pulse of what business needs today.
EMG Events

I cannot recommend Graeme Cowan highly enough. All participants felt energized and focused on putting his ideas into action.
People, Safety and Culture Director

Graeme Cowan is the consummate professional. He was always onsite ahead of time, and never any fuss. The delivery of his keynote is extremely touching, and very relevant in today’s world, and the proof was in the Q&A’s post presentation when the audience opened up in the same way Graeme was open with them.
National Australia Bank Limited

I have used Graeme Cowan three times to work with my team to engage and educate on resilience, mental health and well being. The fact I’ve used Graeme three times is evidence of his quality. He is real, shares his own experiences and is passionate about everyone being the best they can.  Graeme delivers presentations and workshops that help teams and people leaders focus on what they can control to thrive through change.  My team walk away with tools, activities and stories they can use for themselves, their teams and in their personal lives.  Graeme cares, he takes time to understand your needs, he builds content around this and he follows up.  Definitely someone to work with when investing in your team around these critical issues.

Excellent, very genuine and humble and very easy to listen to with very good examples and life experience.
National Australia Bank

Graeme Cowan is an eloquent speaker and responded thoughtfully and respectfully to all the questions.  He was also incredibly generous with his time on the run-up to the event, helping us ensure that we had the right balance in the questions.  He was also very generous donating signed books as door prizes – an extra bonus!
Katrina Enos

Graeme Cowan provided a simple and accessible framework for valuing ourselves and our teams. Staff at the conference were engaged and responsive.
TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute

Graeme Cowan delivered one of the most compelling presentations I have seen. He and his message are relevant for any workplace experiencing change, and have had a lasting impact on my group. Highly recommended.
National Australia Bank

Graeme Cowan's story allowed us to talk about what was once considered a taboo topic – how stress and change fatigue can compromise effectiveness. His message helped create some light bulb moments for my team. It was highly relevant for increasing productivity and living a more purposeful life.
Medibank Private

Feedback included ‘fantastic presentation’ , ‘outstanding’, ‘very inspirational’, ‘powerful’, ‘very moving’ and ‘I wish I could get Graeme to speak to my staff’. The client was delighted.
Managing Consultant, ICMI

Graeme Cowan is quite simply a thought leader. He has utilized the lessons gained during a personally horrific time to guide, teach, inspire and coach millions of Australians.
Mental Health Association of NSW

Graeme Cowan is a true force of nature in the mental health sector and his ability to get things done second to none.
R U OK? Day (1968-2011)

Graeme Cowan is very engaging. People listen to every word he says. You could hear a pin drop
Financial Services Council

Extraordinarily practical advice on how to turn problems into opportunities
Australian Financial Planners

Graeme Cowan is very engaging. People listen to every word he says. You could hear a pin drop
Investment and Financial Services Association

Extraordinarily practical advice on how to turn problems into opportunities 
Managing Director
Sentinel Wealth

You could have heard a pin drop as Graeme Cowan opened the morning session with a harrowing account of his battle with the black dog… he received a thunderous applause.
Wyeth Conference Newsletter

I am both inspired and empowered by your concept of Bouncing Back and Thriving. Simply wonderful! Everyone needs to hear your message.
Discovering Uniqueness

Inspirational! Refreshing! AUTHENTIC! Humble – fabulous. Congratulations Graeme – a brilliant message authentically delivered.
E & S Saxton

WOW! You are so inspiring and your principles touch on the core of what the whole of life is about. Immaculate, fluent, & brilliant. Thank you.
Dr. Helena Popovic 

Very compelling – amazingly engaging to share such personal experiences. Really applicable to everyone everyday.
Ambition Consulting

Mesmerising, heart wrenching - you captivated the audience.
Michelle Bowden

Your presentation to our national sales team was authentic and very impactful. It also reinforced to us the potential of turning every adversity into an opportunity. Thank you.
Managing Director
Lundbeck Australia