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Key Points for Heidi Dening

  • Heidi Dening is the author of an amazon best-seller: Her Middle Name Is Courage - How Self-Leadership Transforms Pressure into Performance, Chaos into Clarity and Rage into Resilience.
  • Heidi has insights rising above real-life adversaries such as paralysing illness, gunpoint kidnapping, tsunami terror and narrowly escaping being burnt alive.
  • Media appearances as a resilience expert, including Channel Nine’s Weekend Today, a full-page article on the mental health pandemic, plus dozens of radio and podcast interviews.
  • She offers science-based facts from her health education degree.
  • She has over 25yrs of experience educating organisations and their people with performance-enhancing programs
  • Heidi’s clients are often going through a lot of change, hence why she is often brought in by organisations such as Westpac, Metcash, MLC Wealth, AON, to provide strategies for challenging times.

Topics for Heidi Dening

  • Obstacles into opportunities: The courage to R.E.B.U.I.L.D.
    In today’s business environment, our greatest professional skill lies in embracing change and using our challenges to our advantage, enabling us to adapt and evolve.
    Adversities may come in all shapes and sizes, but so do opportunities. When we find the courage to embrace our inner leader, we gain razor-sharp clarity on the most beneficial way to maximise these opportunities.
    If your audience needs a fresh perspective on how to lead their team, their business or themselves through what appears to be unmanageable, this presentation is for them. They will learn how to R.E.B.U.I.L.D. their own path ahead after obstacles disrupt their goals, their plans, their teams’ culture and/or their expectations at work.
    This R.E.B.U.I.L.D. formula will drive meaningful and measurable change because it will result in audience members becoming more energised, engaged, and productive, resulting in improved performance and a more vibrant work environment.
    In this powerful keynote, audience members will learn practical techniques for:
    • Adapting and thriving in change
      By reshaping mindsets and learning how to nip negativity in the bud they can bring their most productive and optimistic selves to work. This contributes to the establishment of a psychologically safe workplace where change, connection and innovation are embraced.
    • Resetting priorities
      How to effectively let go of unhelpful beliefs and unrealistic targets that no longer serve them so they can focus on relevant solutions when they are struggling to make progress.
    • Driving performance
      When using the concept of micro-wins to acknowledge the small milestones that are accomplished, they will break through performance limitations and start to achieve significant goals that have previously felt unobtainable.
      This presentation is based on the business strategies that Heidi herself learned from a catastrophic cyclone, including how to pick ourselves up, rebuild our dreams and expectations, and persevere when everything we have worked towards gets turned upside down.
  • Tough times don't last. Resilient professionals do
    To have a resilient organisation we first need resilient leaders and teams.
    This presentation has a unique perspective (one you have not heard before) on how your attendees can replenish their professional resilience resources so they can better deal with the curveballs and cannonballs that they can’t control.
    Whether they are experiencing change fatigue, financial challenges, disengaged teams, or feelings of overwhelm, this impactful keynote will empower them with relevant, uplifting strategies that they can immediately implement. This will lead to an increase in productivity, more self-accountability and better clarity on how to persevere during challenging times.
    As a result of this uplifting keynote, audience members will learn about:
    • High-performing habits
      The number one daily habit they need to prioritise to be able to safeguard themselves against performance pressure and an inability to switch off. This will lead to them being able to adapt more easily and deal more effectively with this ever-changing business environment.
    • Tough times tolerance
      When there are stressful projects, difficult colleagues or constant organisational change it is important to recognise the warning signs that indicate a lack of tolerance for tough times. This could be behaviour shifts, diminished productivity, or changes to physical and mental health.
    • Power of perseverance
      How to proactively replenish their resilience resources with Heidi's signature 5-part formula that will help them to persevere and take action even if they feel like they have hit rock bottom or got close to it. This will mean they’ll be able to bend rather than break during high-pressure times.
      This inspiring presentation is based on the resilience and perseverance insights Heidi learned from hitting rock bottom after petrol bombs were thrown at her room while leading a team in The Pacific, with the intention to burn her and her colleagues alive while they slept.
  • Thriving teams: A unique recipe for high performance
    Creating a culture of high-performance does not come by accident. It requires the right ingredients and a commitment to improvement from an individual and team perspective.
    In this presentation, I will share how we can create a workplace where individuals feel more connected, heard, supported and valued, which leads to better performance and engagement within our teams.
    During this enriching presentation, attendees will learn about the following three ingredients that create a recipe for high performance:
    • Courage
      The social, moral and emotional courage that we need at work and how we can create a more connected, energised and equitable team environment by having a diverse collection of these types of courage.
    • Wellbeing
      We can’t work at our fullest potential nor make a difference to the bottom line of our organisations if we are physically and mentally depleted. This 3-part wellbeing formula will show your attendees how to safeguard themselves against overload when they are in the midst of demanding work projects.
    • Amplification
      When we learn how to genuinely amplify the good contributions of our team members, we make them feel seen and heard, and when we feel seen and heard, we feel valued. This results in an environment where everyone works more effectively and efficiently together.
      The performance outcomes that your attendees will take away from this presentation will not only make a difference to their professional future, but it will also give their organisation a competitive edge.

Testimonials for Heidi Dening

I see a lot of speakers and every now and then one stands out and you remember them. Heidi is one of those standouts.
Mortgage Choice

What really stood out was her ability to bring fun and engagement as well as practical takeaways.
Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy

Heidi’s passion and energy are contagious, and her content is well-thought-out, engaging and practical.
Financial Services Institute of Australia

If you want to lift up a crowd, Heidi is your person.
Institute of Public Accountants

Best presenter we've ever had.

Rare combination of professionalism, authenticity and practicality.
Rural Fire Service NSW

Most inspiring and engaging speaker l've seen in years.
EA/PA summit

Brilliant and engaging.
Institute of Public Accountants

Absolutely amazing.

Tailored context and content.
Insurance Council Australia

Really researched our industry.
Cruise Line International Association

Authentic and inspiring.
WWF Australia

Entertaining, educational and inspiring.
Real Estate Institute of NSW

Goes out of her way to tailor a keynote
Heidi gave keynotes over 4 days for our event at Service NSW. The experience with Heidi was amazing. From the initial contact to the actual keynote at our events, everything felt so personal. Our employees loved Heidi's energy, her story and the very practical tips she shared. She clearly cares about her clients and will go out of her way to tailor a keynote that works for you. We are so grateful for Heidi at a time when resilience is key.
Engagement Advisor and Events Service NSW

I’ve never seen a more engaged and inspired audience!
Heidi hosted a presentation for our staff, and honestly, I’ve never seen a more engaged and inspired audience! During a time where staff needed respite from the array of COVID-19 challenges, Heidi was a shining light - so authentic and genuine in her delivery and sharing her story with such warmth and vulnerability. Thank you Heidi for sharing such timely messages and inspiring our staff to pause and take some time to care for themselves.
HR Strategy and Development
Deakin University

Uplifting and Positive
BSI Learning engaged Heidi to deliver a virtual session on Resilience to all our staff nationally on RUOK Day. She was kind enough to spent time prior to her presentation understanding our background, the outcomes and our ways of working so she could contextualise the session. Our people found her session very relatable, fun, interactive and learnt so much about coping strategies that they could apply both personally and professionally. The session was also uplifting and positive which was an important objective for us to achieve on the day. I highly recommend Heidi for any sessions on resilience and mental health.
BSI Learning

Let’s be honest there are many a speaker out there, but I assure you there is no one like Heidi.
Haworth Australia & NZ

Heidi is an inspiring and engaging storyteller who has turned her extraordinary experiences into practical, clear strategies which we can all immediately implement into our corporate lives. Her stories are incredible and as I looked around the room, I could see everyone was completely spellbound.
Marketing Manager
Real Estate Institute NSW

You could have heard a pin drop in that room. Heidi’s unique stories and lessons are gifts for everyone in the audience because they lead to lifelong impact. I’m in awe.
Sydney Event Network

Heidi's leadership resilience presentation to our financial services members was one of our highest positively rated webinars for 2020!
Financial Services Institute of Australasia

Heidi’s ethos is to transform habits long-term. Her content comes from well-researched data, it applies to all sectors and is thought-provoking and meaningful.
International Conferences Management Services Australasia

Heidi’s presentation skills and abilities to command a room are world-class. Her deep expertise and practical strategies is a much needed and welcome change in this modern business environment.
Law Society of Sutherland

Vibrant and engaging on stage, equally amazing in a virtual environment, Heidi is the master at helping individuals and organisations build resilience.
Hands Group