15 Jan 2024

Commemorate ANZAC Day 2024 With a Guest Speaker

Commemorate ANZAC Day 2024 With a Guest Speaker

ANZAC Day is one of the most important commemorative holidays in Australia. It’s a day where we reflect and celebrate everyone who serves or has served in Australia’s armed forces. Held on April 25 each year, ANZAC Day is an opportunity to thank our diggers and celebrate the qualities that exemplify their spirit – courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice.

Are You Organising an ANZAC Day Event? 


At ICMI, we’re proud to have a number of military speakers available for ANZAC themed events so you can hear inspiring first-hand stories from those who have served on this important day of commemoration.


  • Daniel Keighran VC (QLD) – Awarded with the Victorian Cross for intentionally drawing enemy fire to himself and away from his fellow soldiers, Daniel’s formidable bravery perfectly encapsulates the ANZAC spirit. A true war hero, his story of resilience and courage resonates with audiences everywhere.
  • Natalee Johnston (NSW) – The Navy’s first female pilot, Natalee’s 24 year career as a military helicopter pilot and leader was largely spent helping those in need through humanitarian aid and disaster relief, experiences she now uses to help guide organisations in developing better safety management systems.
  • Mark Wales (VIC) – An ex Special Operations Major, educational speaker, author and winner of Survivor in 2022, Mark is an impressive speaker that captures audiences with lessons on strength and perseverance.
  • Lambis Englezos AM (VIC) – An amateur historian, found WWI graves near Fromelles, France. He co-founded “Friends of the 15th Brigade” and helped publish Roy Kyle’s bestselling memoir, An ANZAC’s Story. Englezos honours the vanished diggers from Australia’s tragic July 1916 night.
  • Ollie Ollerton (International) – Star of TV show SAS Australia, Ollie is known for his unique, compelling and thought provoking stories of life or death experiences as a former Special Forces Operator.
  • John Schumann AM (SA) – Acclaimed for the Vietnam veterans’ anthem “I Was Only 19,” John is a unique artist blending a campfire voice with Australian storytelling traditions. 

Explore our complete roster of military speakers here.

Celebrating ANZAC Day in Modern Australia 


What began as a day to commemorate lives lost fighting for Australia during World War I has broadened to a day where we show gratitude to all current and past generations of Australians who have served in the armed forces. The commemorative date, April 25, is the date that ANZAC troops landed at Gallipoli, Turkey, in 1915, a campaign where over 8000 Australian soldiers were killed.

While many Australians today do not serve, or have a family member who served, ANZAC Day remains an important time for commemorating those who have made sacrifices while serving as well as supporting veterans who may be struggling. As ICMI speaker and former Australian Navy pilot Natalee Johnston puts it, veterans can often feel isolated and left with experiences that weigh heavily on them. 

ANZAC Day helps those veterans feel like they belong, that they matter. This can help reduce suicide rates and other negative life outcomes overrepresented in the veteran community. It’s one of the many reasons why the commemorative holiday continues to stay relevant 109 years after the allied landings in Gallipoli. 

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