25 Jun 2024

International Men’s Day 2024 Theme: Positive Role Models


Life as a bloke comes with big challenges. International Men’s Day (IMD) is an important time to offer support to men doing it tough. It’s also time to raise awareness around some of the issues men and boys face, from health issues to violence, suicide, homelessness and parental alienation. Taking place on 19 November, there’s a number of ways your business, school or community can get involved and start planning ahead for an IMD event.


Getting Involved This IMD

Men from diverse populations across Australia deal with many challenges in terms of their health, wellbeing and livelihood. Australia is one of the healthiest countries in the world but men here still die an average of 7 years before women. This disparity in health and lifespan is highlighted in how men are overrepresented in various health stats, including: 

  • 75% of suicides
  • 80% of heart disease deaths under 75
  • 75% of alcohol-related deaths
  • 96% of workplace deaths
  • 75% of road deaths
  • 70% of overall deaths in young people aged 15 to 34

Improving these outcomes for men offers benefits to all of society. It’s something last year’s theme – “healthy men, healthy world” – highlighted. 


Positive Male Role Models – International Men’s Day Theme 2024

One of the six pillars of IMD is to promote positive male role models. This goes beyond just movie stars, online influencers and sporting icons to champion every day, working men who live decent, honest lives. In light of this, the International Men’s Day Theme 2024 is ‘Positive Male Role Models’.

Positive male role models show other men and boys how to live life with integrity, hope, optimism, compassion and determination. This includes working hard for themselves and others while transcending barriers and eliminating stereotypes to embrace vulnerability. Championing positive role models and embracing healthy concepts of masculinity are essential to building a world where men live longer and happier instead of being overrepresented in adverse physical and mental health statistics.


International Men’s Day Guest Speakers

At ICMI, we’re proud to host a diverse range of speakers who can function as positive male role models. From championing mental health awareness to reinforcing the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity, these speakers touch on different facets of men’s issues by sharing touching personal stories or providing eye-opening, informative, fact-based presentations. Your audiences come away inspired with a new appreciation of positive male role models, including those in our everyday lives.

Browse our complete roster of International Men’s Day guest speakers here at ICMI


Joe Brumm


Joe Brumm

Bluey is a hit kids TV series that has shattered records and raked in numerous awards, including 2 Logies, an Emmy, and a Bafta. Meet Joe Brumm, the mind behind the series, and how he put together a show for 4-6 year olds that ended up resonating with a passionate base of parents, grandparents and adults with and without children across the world. From leading young talent to nurturing creativity and innovation, Joe has plenty of insights to share with all kinds of audiences.

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Dylan Alcott AO

One of Australia’s most successful and well recognised Paralympians, Dylan Alcott AO is a revered figure on and off the court. His sporting achievements include winning the Australian, French, Wimbledon and US Open Championships, along with a gold medal from the Tokyo Paralympic Games. He also established the Dylan Alcott Foundation in 2017 to help young Australians with a disability achieve their goals in the workplace, on the sporting field or at university. Dylan is an inspiring role model and incredible speaker who engages audiences with stories about overcoming extreme adversity, taking risks to achieve your goals and the importance of social inclusion.

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Ian Thorpe AM

With 9 Olympic medals, 11 World Championship titles, 10 Commonwealth Games medals and 22 broken world records, Ian Thorpe AM is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most successful sportspeople. has ever produced. Beyond his extraordinary accomplishments in swimming, Ian Thorpe is a role model and eloquent speaker, who brings personality, compassion, intelligence and strength of character to every event as he touches on everything from perseverance to human rights, fairness and justice

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Kurt Fearnley AO

Three-time gold medal winning Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley AO is one of Australia’s most successful and respected marathon athletes. A champion of sheer determination, he has also crawled along the Great Wall of China and the Kokoda Trail as well as being a winning crew member of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. His involvement in various charities also showcases his passion for uplifting others. As a speaker, he tells stories in a way that’s incredibly moving, engaging, unique and human.

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Craig Foster AM

Former Socceroo, broadcaster, author, human rights activist and adjunct professor of sport & social responsibility, Craig Foster AM is a remarkable and inspiring character. His career has ranged from captain of the Socceroos to  award winning commentator. Craig has also done significant work in the sphere of social justice through programs with refugee and indigenous children, using football to provide life opportunities.

His continued advocacy for vulnerable people, gender equality in sport, indigenous rights and social justice makes him an outstanding presenter who is deeply passionate and positive.

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Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM

CEO and Founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM’s commitment to community service as a lawyer, social worker, author, teacher and advocate has earned him numerous awards and made him a powerful storyteller. Inspired by his family’s journey as migrants and refugees, Kon founded the ASRC at 28, transforming countless lives. As a speaker, he always fascinates and entertains with his diverse expertise spanning leadership, motivation, inclusion, food, health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

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Jahin Tanvir

Award-winning advocate for young people, diversity and inclusion Jahin Tanvir is an impressive entrepreneur, social commentator and speaker. He’s a Board Director at the Adolescent Health Association of Australia, a UNICEF Young Ambassador and Movember Ambassador. He’s also made 3 TEDx appearances and regularly appears on TV as a commentator. Jahin also founded Breathe., which provides public speaking education and coaching to young people, and marginalised communities around Australia. As a speaker, he offers powerful new perspectives on young people’s issues as a Gen Z leader.

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Gus Worland

Beloved television and radio host Gus Worland is passionate about building the mental fitness of all Australians. He founded Gotcha4Life after losing a very close friend and life mentor to suicide. Gus realised he had the ability and networks to make a difference through the power connection. He’s a champion of proactively building mental fitness and the resilience required to better face the challenges life throws at us. As a speaker, he empowers audiences with positive strategies to seek support and social connectedness.

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