23 Feb 2022

Queensland’s best health and wellbeing speakers

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Few would deny that health and wellbeing are critical topics – not just for individuals but for companies, governments and entire societies.

These speakers get straight to the heart of health and wellbeing. They are knowledgeable, empathetic and passionate about supporting Australia’s collective health and wellbeing.


Mark McConville

Possibly the only comedian to also hold a Masters degree in suicidology, Mark McConville is dedicated to ending suicide and having a laugh while doing it. Mark balances humour with the seriousness of the subject to create content that is approachable and well-crafted.

His 15-year long career as a comedian means he resonates with audiences, and his passion for ending suicide is palpable. Mark has lived experience battling depression, which means he can truly empathise with those going through it.

Inspiring and engaging, Mark is the perfect speaker for this challenging topic.

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Kevin Humphreys

Kevin Humphreys’ career has traversed literal highs and lows. Kevin has seen it all as a helicopter pilot, first in the army and then as a civilian performing search and rescue operations. Throughout this varied and often extremely challenging career, Kevin has dealt with his own mental health challenges.

Appalled by the suicide statistics among veterans, Kevin founded Cor Infinitus. Its mission is twofold; To reduce the number of suicides among those who have served Australia and de-stigmatise mental illness and suicide.

Kevin’s work has brought a sense of closure to many families grieving a loved one, and he speaks with a deep conviction that suicide can be prevented.

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Dr Kerry Maberly

A cognitive and behavioural scientist, Dr Kerry Maberly understands the human brain. She has dedicated her working life to understanding why we humans do the things we do. In her 20+ years of experience in this field, she has worked with leaders across a broad range of industry sectors. Kerry helps leaders understand their mindset challenges and how their own brains may be holding them back.

Kerry’s presentations are informative and inspire audiences to understand the human brain’s mysteries a little better.



Marcus Pearce

Marcus Pearce is fascinated by the elderly. He believes that vast amounts of wisdom can be gained by talking to those who have achieved great age. He visits the Mediterranean longevity hotspots annually and has compiled much of what he has learned in his popular podcast 100 Not Out: Mastering the Art of Ageing Well.

Marcus looks at the social and economic factors that lead to very old age and studies the habits of those who have reached it. He brings the lessons he learns home to teach others how their habits may help them achieve old age. Marcus owns a podcast network and uses it to further his mission of wellbeing for everyone at any age.

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Petris Lapis

Petris Lapis is a results coach and mindfulness expert. She is passionate about helping individuals realise their true potential, and her real skill is seeing potential in everyone she meets.

With over 25 years of experience, Petris has worked with adults, teenagers and children, all of whom have reaped the benefits of her expert guidance. As a speaker, she is an unstoppable force and leaves audiences ready to put in the work to realise their potential.

Petris has consulted to the government and the private sector, and her experience is sought after by both. She is an experienced conference speaker and has provided training to some of Australia’s biggest corporations.

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Health and wellbeing are fundamental to living a good life. While being healthy may look different for everyone, it’s crucial to reaching your potential and following your dreams.

The speakers above are an excellent addition to any event program focusing on these important subjects. Contact ICMI to find out more.

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