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Key Points for Marcus Pearce

  • Marcus Pearce is the host of the podcasts 100 Not Out: Mastering the Art of Ageing Well and Create Your Exceptional Life.
  • Owner of The Wellness Couch podcast network - an online radio station with over 20 shows, 2500 episodes and 9 million lifetime downloads.
  • Travels annually to Mediterranean longevity hotspots Sardinia and Ikaria (known as the Greek island where people forget to die) and shares his findings and teachings with audiences.
  • Was a featured wellness and longevity expert in The Longevity Film alongside Sebastien Terry, Mark Hyman, Ross Walker and Damian Kristof.
  • Creator of Mediocre To Magnificent - an online program Marcus gifts to all attendees so that they can begin to make empowering change ... long after the keynote has ended.
  • Former radio and TV producer (@ Channel 9 - AFL Footy Show, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2006 World Cup) who understands the importance of edutaining your audience.
  • Lives in the Byron Bay region with his wife and four young children.

Topics for Marcus Pearce

  • The island where people forget to die
    Each year, Marcus travels to the small Greek island of Ikaria - the longevity and ageing well epicentre of the world. Ikarians experience 25% less cancer, 50% less heart disease and 75% less dementia and next to no mental health problems.
    Their life expectancy is 90 (Australia’s is 83) and they have quality of life almost up until their last breath (Australians average 11 years of decline). What are their secrets and what do they do differently?
    In this captivating keynote, Marcus shares their secrets - how they eat, how they drink (and they love to drink), their attitudes, their social habits, their working habits, their family habits - all of which can be applied to our daily life.
    This keynote is mind bending on how you approach work/life balance, workplace and personal relations, mental health, attitudes towards the future and your relationship with time.
  • Mediocre to magnificent
    It’s scary how easily we tolerate mediocrity. What’s even more scary is how disastrous the consequences of average really are.
    Mediocrity in each area of life can lead to regret, dementia, isolation, disease, bitterness, boredom, financially broke and spiritually broken. On the flipside, magnificence in each area of life leads to inspiration, vitality, connection, energy, love, enthusiasm, financial independence and spiritual fulfilment.
    What path are you going down?
    In this keynote, Marcus lays down the path for rising from mediocre to magnificent in each area of life - and not just one - in order to experience what he calls Your Exceptional Life.
  • Secrets of the exceptionals
    As a journalist by degree, Marcus loves to research and interview others. It used to be sportsmen and women, and today it’s The Exceptionals.
    The Exceptionals are living legends and those who have left a legacy that still lives on today. From Florence Nightingale to Holocaust survivors who went on to become the oldest living human beings, Marcus has distilled their wisdom or ‘secrets’ into actionable lessons that anyone can apply.
    The Exceptionals include business leaders, professional and amateur sportspeople, war widows, war veterans, Holocaust survivors, everyday heroes you’ve never heard of, world-record holders, medical professionals, multi millionaires and subsistence farmers. They are cross-cultural and cross-generational, and they have a pattern of living and a treasure chest of wisdom that we can all absorb and replicate.
    The perfect presentation if you love stories, multimedia and learning by entertainment rather than death by powerpoint.
  • You are your culture
    The Simple Single Step Approach To Massively Improve Culture.
    Aimed at an audience who needs (and may or may not be looking for) a top-down exemplification model of culture. Drawing on the wisdom of longevity cultures that have survived wars and hardship, maintained their identity and culture and gone on to thrive, this presentation invites the audience to do the same; be it in the workplace or at home.
    This simple to understand, harder to apply message is often best coupled with an implementation workshop in order to really test if this romantic notion of a culture built on leading by example is achievable in your workplace. 
  • The inconvenient nutrition truth
    Why Nutrition Experts Die Prematurely (And How To Avoid Their Fate)
    To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. – Francois de la Rochefoucauld.
    Designed for an audience that pays either not enough or too much attention to their diet. Using examples of four diet gurus who died prematurely (through suicide, cancer and heart disease), this confronting presentation transcends the message of “you are what you eat” to invite the audience to master the art of eating intelligently.
    Drawing on Rouchfoucauld’s mantra, Marcus outlines that most of us have a mediocre food culture. He shares not only what longevity cultures eat, but how they eat, why they eat and who they eat with.
    Inorporating wisdom around responsibly alcohol consumption, limiting food waste and supporting the local economy, this keynote is littered with “a ha” moments and a game changer for raising attendees awareness and food lifestyle.
  • Create your exceptional life / exceptional culture - Workshop
    Attendees write scripts or blueprints for each area of life - career, movement, social life, nutrition, love and relationships, growth, wealth and spirit. Personalised, meaningful, actionable, and most importantly, attainable.
  • Your exceptional morning routine - Workshop
    Write the script of an incredible start to the day so that you truly bring the best version of yourself to work. Cultivate and commit to rituals that are meaningful and set you up for a truly exceptional day.

Testimonials for Marcus Pearce

You were part of a campaign to make people take control of their lives. Overall, for me it was perfect. One team member came up shortly after conference and said that you had changed her life. Thank you for an awesome 2 days. You really are infectious, genuine and fantastic.

Regional Business Executive
Southern NSW & ACT (NAB)

Brilliant Marcus. Your style is kind, welcome and enlightened. Nailed it!
Founder “On The List” Melbourne
Fox FM Presenter

Marcus’s message is like wisdom on steroids. Super growth, super fast, with side effects – all positive.
Wicked Homes

I am clearer how to work better in my role. I am less stressed about nutrition. I am much clearer on spirit/soul. I am going away with a belief that I will stop procrastinating and start doing.
Nicole S, attendee

I’ve learnt it’s about time I stop sitting around waiting for amazing things to happen and instead write my own script and create an incredible life! That I need to conquer my fear and get out of my comfort zone!
Anon, attendee

This presentation has been a good kick up the ass to be accountable in the essential areas of my life.
Jason S, attendee

Marcus presents a world and life view that is broader than the one I had been thinking. He provides a stronger foundation across the 8 areas of life, rather than just focusing on one such as career choice.
Andrew F, attendee

I am inspired to improve myself! Marcus's enthusiasm is so uplifting. He is welcome, honest & sincere.
Melissa T, attendee

You were part of a campaign to make people take control of their lives. Overall, for me it was perfect. One team member came up shortly after conference and said that you had changed her life. Thank you for an awesome 2 days. You really are infectious, genuine and fantastic.
Regional Business Executive
Southern NSW & ACT

We engaged Marcus for our annual Go Vita Conference in 2016. His passion for what he does and ability to engage his audience, together with his total commitment to the task at hand have ensured that we’ve engaged his services again for this year’s 25th Annual Conference!
Marketing Manager
Go Vita Distributors

Marcus delivers on all expectations. He is enthusiastic, confident and highly motivated.
Eddie McGuire – Host
The Footy Show (AFL) & Triple M Hot Breakfast

Of all the people I have worked with in my career, very few have come close to displaying the passion, commitment and energy that Marcus possesses. Marcus has a maturity in judgement beyond his years and has a meticulous eye for detail.
Head of Production and Programming
Channel Nine