03 Jan 2024

Top mental health speakers in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Queensland

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Creating a more positive life often starts with our mental health and wellbeing. A great way to get the conversation started is with a professional leading the way. When it comes to finding mental health speakers, Brisbane is a thriving hub of talent. From helping you understand the quirks of your brain to providing practical strategies for resilience and self care, inviting a great mental health speaker to your event can do wonders for helping audience members better manage life’s challenges. As R U OK? Day 2024 draws closer, now’s a great time to think about inviting such a speaker to your event. It’s a great first step towards bettering ourselves and creating a more supportive environment in our workplaces and communities to open up and talk honestly about life’s ups and downs.

Here at ICMI, our speakers make discussing mental health and wellness engaging and accessible, tailored to your audience and event. From touching, down-to-earth storytelling to practical workshop-style presentations, they can help inspire positive change with presentations that inspire, engage and motivate. Access unique insights on how we can better face the challenges in everyday life while supporting our mental wellness. Here are our top mental health speakers from our roster who can share stories of their tenaciousness and resilience, leaving your audience feeling inspired to take action toward positive mental wellbeing.



Mark McConville

Mark McConville is unique in many ways. With a master’s degree in suicidology and fifteen years of lived experience winning the battle against depression, Mark has a wealth of knowledge about mental health ready to share with audiences at events in Queensland.

He’s also been a comedian for over 20 years and brings his wit and humour to everything he does. With his unique blend of funny and smart, Mark’s speaking style is engaging and insightful.

Find out more about Mark here




Dr Rebecca Ray

Dr Rebecca Ray is a clinical psychologist, bestselling author and speaker who helps big-picture-thinking people reframe their experience to reach their potential. Over the course of two decades of consultations, speaking events, books, and audio, she has encouraged thousands of humans making an impact on the world to live a life that’s fulfilling, unapologetic, and free.

Beck’s expertise as a professional zig-zagger sets her apart as one of Australia’s most in-demand and authoritative voices in the personal development space. Her science-backed, hard and heart truth approach is uniquely informed by her pivots from pilot to psychologist, from dating men to marrying a woman, and from being burnt out to bestselling author.

Find out more about Rebecca here



Dinesh Palipana OAM

  • Dr Dinesh Palipana is a doctor, lawyer, disability advocate, and researcher. Dinesh has been a strong advocate for inclusion, and is a founding member of Doctors with Disabilities Australia. Dinesh  is a senior lecturer at the Griffith University and adjunct research fellow at the Menzies Health Institute of Queensland, and a researcher in spinal cord injury.
  • Dinesh has worked with the Australian Medical Association to create first-of-kind national policies for inclusivity in medical education and employment, and was the 2021 Queensland Australian of the year. A true inspiration, he will change your life, like he has done for so many others.

Find out more about Dinesh here



Dr Kerry Maberly - mental health speakers Brisbane

Dr Kerry Maberly

Dr Kerry Maberly is a speaker like no other. Based in Queensland, she combines her expertise in cognitive and behavioural science with insights in business and leadership. This provides a unique perspective on why we do what we do in different circumstances. Kerry doesn’t just motivate her audience, she takes them on an educational journey of cognitive, organisational and positive psychology principles combined with behavioural economics insights.

With more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and leaders form better daily habits, she leaves audiences empowered to improve their mental wellbeing and resilience.

Find out more about Kerry here



When it comes to mental health and wellbeing speakers, Brisbane audiences have opportunities to engage with a variety of individuals capable of sharing inspiring stories. These speakers truly understand physical and mental struggle from a variety of vantage points, both personally and professionally. They bring years of experience to the table and will leave your audience feeling empowered and motivated to change for the better. Even better, these speakers only represent a small fraction of our versatile talent pool. Whether you’re looking for mental health speakers for schools, events or in the workplace, ICMI has a range of talent ready to share stories and actionable insights around mental health and wellness. From personal struggles to professional resilience, listening to their stories offer new ways to discover strength, determination and hope within ourselves.

The ICMI team can also help organisations find the specific speakers to meet the unique approach, theme or style of event you’re holding, whether you’re looking for a motivational speaker, men’s mental health speaker or women’s mental health speaker who can connect with and inspire your audience.


Explore our full roster of mental health & wellbeing speakers Brisbane




Article by Denise Flowerday.

Denise is an experienced management consultant with unique insights developed from working from both sides of the speaker engagement process. She also has a background in business coaching, presenting, mentoring, workshop development and training.



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