26 Oct 2021

Five of the top mental health speakers in Queensland, Gold Coast & Brisbane

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The past 18 months may not have been as challenging for Queenslanders compared to the long-term lockdowns in other states. However, the flow on effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are certainly being felt in the nation’s sunny north.

The threat of Covid-19,border closures and separation from the rest of the country have led to a sense of collective anxiety. For those with existing mental health conditions, this has been particularly difficult.

These top five mental health & wellness speakers are tenacious and resilient, and their stories will leave your audience feeling inspired to take action toward positive mental wellbeing.


Mark McConville

Mark McConville is unique in many ways. With a master’s degree in suicidology and fifteen years of lived experience winning the battle against depression, Mark has a wealth of knowledge about mental health.

He’s also been a comedian for over 20 years and brings his wit and humour to everything he does. With his unique blend of funny and smart, Mark’s speaking style is engaging and insightful.

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Brooke Hanson OLY OAM

Brooke Hanson has dedicated her life to greatness. A phenomenal and iconic swimmer, Brooke represented Australia at several international competitions including the 2004 Summer Olympics where she took home a gold medal.

Now a motivational speaker, master of ceremonies and television and radio presenter, Brooke speaks from a place of deep compassion and empathy. Her resilience and bubbly personality are infectious, and she will leave your audience motivated and inspired.

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Alastair Lynch

Alastair Lynch lives and breathes AFL. The former AFL captain of the Brisbane Lions saw his team to victory in 2001, 2002 and 2003, cementing them as one of the best AFL teams of all time. Alastair is an AFL Queensland ambassador and writes a newspaper column in Brisbane and Hobart.

Today, Alastair is in high demand as a corporate motivational speaker. His experiences both on and off the field give him the tools to relate to the challenges facing corporations today. Alastair motivates others with his deeply personal story of overcoming severe medical challenges to reach AFL greatness.

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Julie Cross

Julie Cross is a speaker like no other. She both inspires and entertains with her unique style.
Julie doesn’t just motivate her audience, she touches their hearts and inspires them to take their journey into their own hands.

Julie brings more than 20 years as a self-described ‘inspirational entertainer’ to the table and leaves her audience empowered and inspired.


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Paul Spinks

Paul Spinks spends his time thinking about and asking big questions about mental health and wellbeing. In his presentations, Paul delivers tools to help individuals take control of their mental wellbeing. To do this he draws on his many years of experience as a trauma counsellor and advanced care paramedic.

This experience has left him deeply uneasy about the state of the country’s collective mental health. With suicide being the leading cause of death in those aged between 15 and 44, Paul wonders if it’s time to re-think some fundamentals.


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These speakers truly understand physical and mental struggle. They bring years of experience to the table and will leave your audience feeling empowered and motivated. You can book any of the above mental health & wellbeing speakers for your in-person or virtual event by getting in contact with us here.

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