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Key Points for Dr Rebecca Ray

  • Dr Rebecca Ray is a bestselling author of six books including Setting Boundaries and Difficult People.
  • Beck is seen regularly across Channel 9, ABC and Newscorp as a media commentator and educator.
  • She is a clinical psychologist with 20 years’ experience.
  • Beck helps unlock the transformational power of reframing, thereby cultivating a culture that embodies authenticity, fosters innovation, and champions people-driven growth.

Topics for Dr Rebecca Ray

  • The reframe reflex - Unleashing your power in an instant
    • Learn the art of reframing thoughts and feelings for personal transformation.
    • Discover practical strategies to shift perspectives from fixed to growth-positive and overcome obstacles.
    • Cultivate resilience to navigate life's challenges with courage and self-trust.
  • The authenticity code - Cracking the shortcut to transformative leadership
    • Align your actions and values, and purpose to inspire trust and integrity.
    • Use reframing techniques to activate resilient problem-solving and innovative thinking.
    • Cultivate authentic presence to enhance engagement and a collaborative work culture.
  • The empowerment effect - Driving success with self-determined teams
    • Shift perspectives to inspire ownership, initiative, and best efforts.
    • Boost productivity by establishing shared vision and purpose.
    • Create meaning to strengthen levels of engagement and sustained commitment to the organisation.

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