25 Jan 2022

Australia’s top environment keynote speakers, guest speakers and experts for your next climate-centred event

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It is becoming more apparent than ever that the climate crisis is well and truly upon us. There is a renewed focus on what companies, governments and individuals can do to create a climate-friendly future for ourselves and future generations.

The speakers below have boundless expertise across activism, advocacy, climate change sustainability, renewable energy, sustainable development and more.

With Australia and other nations announcing plans to reduce emissions and reach net zero emissions by 2030, now is a great time to capitalise on this momentum by planning your next event around this theme. The speakers listed here will give your event authority and bring the theme to life.


James Chin Moody

James Chin Moody is the founder of Sendle, Australia’s first carbon-neutral package and parcel delivery service. Before this, he was a judge on ABC’s The New Inventors, motivating and inspiring everyday Australians to use their inventive minds to make the world a better place.
He is a leading Australian futurist in the areas of sustainability and innovation.

James’ varied career has given him plenty of material for engaging talks. He connects well with audiences young and old.

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The Hon. John Brumby AO

John Brumby was Premier of Victoria from 2007 to 2010 and has served many years in the political spotlight. He is currently the Chancellor of La Trobe University. During his time in government, he advocated for stronger protections for forests.

He has worked to improve rural and regional infrastructure in Australia and on medical biotechnology advances. This work saw him receive the Order of Australia in 2017. John is a formidable speaker with decades of experience behind him. He speaks with deep conviction and makes an excellent addition to any program.

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Jon Dee

Jon Dee works hard to make positive social and environmental changes and inspires others to do the same. He is the founder of Planet Ark, one of Australia’s most trusted environmental organisations. 2020 saw him awarded the Australian of the Year Award in New South Wales.

After an earthquake hit Armenia, John supported the RockAid Armenia initiative, work for which he received the Order of Honour from the Armenian president.

Jon’s passion for all things environmental and social will leave your audience inspired and motivated to make changes in their own lives.

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Jonathan Pain

Jonathan Pain is a highly respected economist and global futurist known for his accurate predictions and contrarian views. He is the author of the widely consumed weekly bulletin The Weekly Pain Report, where he gives insight into the state of the global and local economy. In 2006 Jonathan warned about the unsustainability of the American housing bubble.

A sought after speaker, Jonathan is a true expert. He appears regularly on CNBC TV and Sky Business TV and has a lifetime of experience speaking to a range of audiences.

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Paul Gilding

While Paul Gilding’s his work has spanned advocacy, economy, strategy and more, at his core, he is an activist working to make the world a more climate-friendly place. Paul has worked as a union organiser, an anti-nuclear activist and with Greenpeace.

Today he works with some of the world’s biggest companies to help them understand that sustainability must be at the core of everything they do, not just for social but also economic reasons.

Paul has more than a few stories to tell. His days as an activist often involved daring and dangerous stunts, drawing attention to some of the most significant environmental issues of the day. His humanity makes him deeply relatable, and he is excellent at finding the common denominator in a crowd.

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Professor Ian Lowe AO

Professor Ian Lowe AO has dedicated his academic life to environmental issues. He is an Australian futurist, and his professional life has centred around some of the critical environmental challenges of our time. These include the debate around nuclear power, which Ian believes is risky and will not solve Australia’s energy crisis.

With his teaching and professional speaking background, Ian makes a great addition to any panel focused on environmental issues. He is an excellent keynote speaker and inspires audiences around the country.

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Stephen Koukoulas

Stephen Koukoulas understands economics. In fact, few understand global and local economics quite as well as Stephen. As an independent economist not affiliated with any international organisation, Stephen presents his vision of Australia’s economic future fearlessly.

His speaking experiences range from the corporate world to school children, and he presents complex concepts articulately and simply.

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Tim Jarvis AM

Tim Jarvis is an adventurer, explorer, scientist and author. He understands the complex problems facing the environment today, and his many adventures to some of the world’s most remote locations have shown him first-hand how these problems manifest.

Tim is committed to finding pragmatic solutions to environmental issues, and his pragmatism makes him a compelling speaker on this topic. He leaves audiences feeling empowered and combats the sense of hopelessness that the climate crisis can create in people.

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These speakers, many of whom have contradicting positions on critical topics, nonetheless have one thing in common; a deep passion for creating a world in which economy, human life and ecology are brought into balance.

With many lifetimes’ worth of stories, fascinating insights and adventures between them, any one of these speakers would make an excellent choice as a keynote speaker or panel participant. Book these speakers and more through ICMI.

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