Ask about Stephen Koukoulas
Key Points
  • Stephen Koukoulas is an Independent Economist whose views and analysis are presented without fear or favour.
  • He has real-world experience from his roles in the Federal Treasury, as Chief Economist of Citibank, Head of Global Research for TD Securities in London and as Senior Economic Advisor to the Australian Prime Minister.
  • He regularly appears on TV and radio and regularly contributes articles to The Guardian, Yahoo 7 and The Constant Investor and is the Author of several books.
  • Is the go-to economist for many businesses, investors, fund managers and the media.
  • The Kouk’s Outlook
    • Where the economy is going
    • Which sectors are strong? Which are in decline?
    • What are the economic opportunities in the near term or over the next few years?
    • Local and international market forces

  • The Kouk’s Influencers
    • Financial markets and stocks
    • The Aussie dollar
    • Interest rates
    • General and specific taxation conditions (including the effect of the Carbon Tax)
    • The effect of politics on your business segment

Stephen presented on what can be very technical, dry themes in a highly engaging manner that resonated with a broad audience. A number of our attendees said it was the best presentation they had seen from an Economist on the current market.  
Grant Thornton

One of Australia's most influential economists.
The Australian Financial Review

The Prime Minister's Office has placed a premium on economic and policy advice recruiting high-profile market economist, Stephen Koukoulas.
The Australian Financial Review

I've only heard great things about your presentation at the breakfast – so thank you. Clients and staff all raved about you – how engaging, thought provoking and entertaining you were. You made the content come alive.
Head of Communication