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Key Points for Jonathan Pain

  • Is a director of JP Consulting NSW Pty Ltd.
  • Has 33 years of international investment experience.
  • Is the author and publisher of The Weekly Pain Report.
  • Is a regular guest on CNBC and Your Money (Sky Business).

Topics for Jonathan Pain

  • Where are we going and are you ready for the new reality?
    In his presentation, Jonathan Pain takes his audience on a journey around the world from West to East, via the Middle East.

    He begins the journey in America and travels through Europe, stopping in Athens, London and Rome. We visit Cairo, to witness the winds of change blowing through the region, and travel to the Persian Gulf. Your trip includes stops in Chongqing, Ho Chi Minh and Singapore, before arriving in Australia.

    He  believes that the most significant and defining economic phenomenon of our lifetime is the rise of the Asian middle classes and that they will be a major force in shaping and defining our economic destiny here in Australia and the wider world.

    We have all been mesmerised by the motorisation, industrialisation and urbanisation of the world’s most populous nation and we need to understand that the developing Asian nations are home to 3 billion consumers. It is not, however, just a story about China, but India, Indonesia and countries such as Vietnam, which rise like a Phoenix from a brutal history.

    Where does the nation of more beach per person than any other, sit in this great new divide between the submerging and emerging?

    Do we not have the benefits of being both an advanced and developed country, whilst being underwritten by the fastest growing nations in the world?

    Jonathan will share his optimism for the ‘Lucky Country’ and why he believes we are so well placed to benefit from the tectonic shift in the global economic landscape and the insatiable appetite Asia has for our natural resources.

    The New Reality is a story about where the world is heading in the years and decades ahead and the key factors that will shape and define the journey ahead.


Testimonials for Jonathan Pain

Jonathan Pain is a fantastic speaker. This is the third time we have worked with him and our audience continually rate his presentations as ‘excellent’ and would definitely attend again. His knowledge and insights he has gained throughout his career make him a guru in this area. Also a pleasure to deal with.
Richard Lloyd Recruitment

If only I’d listened to the bears such as...Jonathan Pain and got out a year ago, or even six months ago, I’d be ok.
Eureka Report and Business Spectator, Eureka Report

Some saw the impending crisis, others claim they did...closer to home there was Jonathan every presentation in 2005 and 2006 Jonathan used the Robert Shiller chart of U.S house prices from 1890 to 2005 which showed that America was experiencing a housing bubble. In his January 2006 Pain Report, he wrote, the imbalances in the U.S are simply unsustainable. Why did no one listen and why were more not saying this.
The Road(s) to recovery