07 Dec 2023

Australia’s Significant Dates To Remember in 2024

Australia's Significant Dates To Remember in 2024



As a marketer or someone who organises events, strategic planning around significant national holidays and days of significance is essential for delivering a memorable and well-attended event for your audience. These occasions provide a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a deeper, more emotional level. National holidays, such as Anzac Day or Christmas Day, evoke strong sentiments and a sense of shared identity. Aligning your marketing efforts with these moments allows your brand to tap into the collective consciousness, making it more relatable and memorable.

Moreover, tying your marketing initiatives to significant events can also be a powerful way to contribute to societal progress. For instance, leveraging International Women’s Day or World Environment Day aligns your brand with important social causes and showcases a commitment to values beyond profit. This approach helps build a positive company culture, demonstrating to both customers and employees that your business is socially responsible and engaged in the wider community.

Integrating your marketing strategy with these occasions allows you to create campaigns that resonate with the values and inspire your audience. Whether it’s promoting diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, or social justice, aligning with significant days provides a platform to amplify your message and contribute to positive change. Today, there is a greater need for brands to demonstrate they are contributing to the betterment of society. An ICMI speaker can be a great way to provide insights into your event’s cause, talking from experience and leaving your audience inspired to take action for positive change. Below are some of the 2024 dates of Australia’s significant events to help with your planning.


2024 Australian Significant Days Calendar




1 Jan New Year’s Day
26 Jan Australia Day*
21Jan End of School Holiday’s (QLD)
28Jan End of School Holiday’s (SA)
29 Jan End of School Holiday’s (NSW, NT, VIC)
30 Jan End of School Holiday’s (ACT, WA)


7 Feb
End of School Holiday’s (TAS)


3 Mar
Clean Up Australia Day
4 Mar
Labour Day (WA)
8 Mar
International Women’s Day
11 Mar Adelaide Cup Day (SA)
11 Mar Canberra Day (ACT)
11 Mar Labour Day (VIC)
11 Mar Eight Hours Day (TAS)
29 Mar Start School Holiday’s (QLD, VIC, WA)
29 Mar Good Friday
30 Mar Easter Saturday
31 Mar Easter Sunday


1 Apr Easter Monday
2 Apr Easter Tuesday (TAS)
6 Apr Start School Holiday’s (NT)
12 Apr Start School Holiday’s (TAS)
13 Apr Start School Holiday’s (ACT, SA)
14 Apr End School Holiday’s (NT, QLD, VIC, WA)
15 Apr Start School Holiday’s (NSW)
22 Apr
Earth Day
25 Apr
Anzac Day
26 Apr End School Holiday’s (NSW)
28 Apr
World Day for Safety and Health at Work
28 Apr End School Holiday’s (ACT, SA, TAS)
29 Apr – 3 May Small Business Week (SA)


Queensland Small Business Month
6 May
May Day (NT)
6 May
Labour Day (QLD)
12 May
Mother’s Day
26 May
National Sorry Day
27 May
Reconciliation Day (ACT)
27 May: 3 Jun
National Reconciliation Week
28 – 30 May
SmallBiz Week (VIC)


3 Jun
Western Australia Day (WA)
3 Jun
Mabo Day
5 Jun
World Environment Day
10 Jun
King’s Birthday (ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, VIC)
22 Jun
Start School Holiday’s (NT, QLD)
29 Jun
Start School Holiday’s (VIC, WA)
30 Jun
End of Financial Year


2 – 9 Jul
6 Jul
Start School Holiday’s (ACT, SA)
7 Jul
End School Holiday’s (QLD)
8 Jul
Start School Holiday’s (NSW, TAS)
14 Jul
End School Holiday’s (VIC, WA)
15 Jul
End School Holiday’s (NT)
19 Jul
End School Holiday’s (NSW)
21 Jul
End School Holiday’s (ACT, SA)
24 Jul
End School Holiday’s (TAS)


5 Aug
Bank Holiday (NSW)
5 Aug
Picnic Day (NT)
14 Aug
Royal Queensland Show Day (QLD)


1 Sep
Father’s Day
3 Sep
Australian National Flag Day
14 Sep
Start School Holiday’s (QLD)
21 Sep
Start School Holiday’s (NT, VIC, WA)
23 Sep
King’s Birthday (WA)
28 Sep
AFL Grand Final Day
28 Sep
Start School Holiday’s (ACT, SA, TAS)
29 Sep
NRL Grand Final Day
29 Sep
End School Holiday’s (QLD)
30 Sep
Start School Holiday’s (NSW)


NSW Small Business Month
6 Oct
End School Holiday’s (NT, VIC, WA)
7 Oct
Labour Day (ACT, NSW, SA)
7 Oct
King’s Birthday (QLD)
11 Oct
End School Holiday’s (NSW)
13 Oct
End School Holiday’s (ACT, SA, TAS)


5 Nov
Melbourne Cup Day (VIC)
11 Nov
Remembrance Day
19 Nov
International Men’s Day


3 Dec
International Day of People with Disability
13 Dec
Start School Holiday’s (WA)
14 Dec
Start School Holiday’s (NT, QLD, SA)
18 Dec
Start School Holiday’s (ACT)
20 Dec
Start School Holiday’s (TAS)
21 Dec
Start School Holiday’s (VIC)
23 Dec
Start School Holiday’s (NSW)
24 Dec
Christmas Eve
25 Dec
Christmas Day
26 Dec
Boxing Day
31 Dec
New Year’s Eve


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